An Honest Review of Kior Laser Hair Removal Device

An Honest Review of Kior Laser Hair Removal Device

Right after puberty, both men and women start experiencing heavy hair growth. But to our surprise, women are shamed for it quite often than men. That is exactly why Roe, the owner of the Kior laser hair removal device, came up with this innovative idea. His daughter was bullied at school for being hairy, and when she arrived home feeling under-confident in her skin, Roe decided to create something that would benefit all the young boys and girls facing such issues. 

The product is called Kior Laser Hair Removal Device.

Now, the real question!

Does Kior at home laser hair removal device live upto the hype? Let’s find out… 

Kior Laser Hair Removal Device – An Overview

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Even though there are various other options available in the market for hair removals, like shaving or waxing, that can prove to be quite painful if not done right. In the case of a laser hair removal machine, you can simply get rid of the hair forever, and that’s the beauty of it! 

How Does Kior At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device Work?

Kior laser hair removal device gives off a light that the pigment (melanin) in the hair can catch and then process. Once the light energy is transformed into heat, the hair follicles, which are responsible for hair production, are damaged. 

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In addition to that, Kior laser hair removal device uses a wavelength of 650nm, which is longer than most of the devices currently available on the market. This ensures that during the process, the skin remains as such and is not damaged at all. 

What Does Kior Handheld Laser Hair Removal Device Claim?

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The #1 Laser Hair Removal Device

So far, according to the market surveys and customer reviews, the Kior Laser hair removal device is at the top. It is specifically designed for hair removal for delicate skin. 

Tried and Tested Laser Hair Removal Machine

This hair removal device is made after a long process of research, development, and testing, so it will definitely not disappoint the ones who decide to invest in it. 

Return Policy and Guarantee 

It also offers a return time of two weeks on the refurbished version, which comes with a warranty of 1 year at a lower price. As far as the original edition of the laser device is concerned, it still comes with a two-month return policy.

Satisfied Customers 

Kior laser hair removal device has over 50,000 satisfied clients who have given a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot, which is quite a lot! Moreover, the use of OPT technology amplifies the effects of each pulse, providing you with the same level of intensity that is typically only available in aesthetic centers. 

Effective for All Body Parts

In addition to that, this method is effective for removing hair from all parts of your body, including your face, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, and private parts, except for the region around your eyes. 

Kior Laser Hair Removal Device – Key Benefits:

Perfect for Both Genders

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What makes Kior laser hair removal device unique is that it is appropriate for both men and women, as well as for teenagers. But please avoid using it on your pet. Pfff!

Quick and Permanent 

It is the only hair removal option available in the market which is quick and permanent, leaving the skin hair-free in just a matter of eight weeks. Isn’t that amazing? 

One Step Procedure 

Moreover, the whole procedure only requires one step, and you won’t need any gels, creams, or ice packs to soothe your skin afterward as you would in the case of shaving and waxing. 

Pocket-Friendly Laser Hair Removal Machine

With Kior, you don’t need to book appointments at high-end clinics for laser hair removal sessions, which would cost you thousands of dollars because this is a one-time investment. 

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Once you get your hands on this at-home laser hair removal device, you can do these sessions yourself at your own ease anywhere and anytime. 

Long-Lasting Effects 

This IPL laser hair removal device is not only going to remove your body hair in a risk-free manner, but it will also be a long-lasting effect making it a relief for you!

Kior Laser Hair Removal Device – Limitations

Since Kior Laser hair removal device works by detecting the melanin in the hair/skin thus, individuals with dark skin or very light hair will not witness effective results.

What Are The Prepping Steps Before Using Kior Laser Hair Removal Device? 

First of all, you need to make sure that your skin is clear of all the dirt. There’s no need for skincare before using the laser hair removal device. Moreover, you only need to shave your skin, not wax it, so that the laser light can easily detect the hair follicle and destroy it. This treatment should be repeated for several weeks for visible results.

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What Sets At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device Apart From In-Clinic Treatment Options?

What Sets At Home Laser Hair Removal Device Apart From In Clinic Treatment Options

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that in-clinic procedures are much more powerful and can reduce hair growth in fewer sessions at a much faster pace. But for people who cannot afford these costly sessions, Kior laser hair removal device is the perfect option for eradicating excessive hair growth. 

Moreover, you can use this handheld laser hair removal device in the comfort of your home at any time you like without scheduling appointments.

Is Kior Laser Hair Removal Device Safe?

Kior laser hair removal device is typically safe to use as long as it is used in the correct manner; nevertheless, you need to make sure that you don’t run the device over pigmented areas like moles, tattoos, and genitals, etc. If you have dark skin, you will need to look for a product that is designed specifically for your skin tone; otherwise, you can significantly damage your skin or cause hyperpigmentation.

Should You Trust Kior Laser Hair Removal Device?

The short answer is…yes!

With so many features and key benefits, we believe this little hair removal device is nothing less than a power tool with which you can get rid of all your unwanted hair in no time. 
Plus, Kior laser hair removal device comes with a 60-Day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if after purchasing from the official Kior online store, you discover that you are unhappy with the device for any reason, you can let them know and take your money back.