Anthony Keyvan: Wiki, Biography, Personal Life, Education, Age, Career, Net Worth and Many More

Anthony Keyvan: Wiki, Biography, Personal Life, Education, Age, Career, Net Worth and Many More
Anthony Keyvan: Wiki, Biography, Personal Life, Education, Age, Career, Net Worth and Many More
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Anthony Keyvan, one of the popular American actors, had started his career in acting as a child actor for the entertainment industry. He was in the limelight of the industry and widely recognized after he portrayed the role of Rahim in the Hulu series named “Love, Victor.” He was thankful and obliged to work in this series. He brought the character Rahim to life. 

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According to resources and research, the birth name of Anthony Keyvan is Anthony Cyrus Keyvan. He took birth on 13th August 2000. According to the year 2023, the age of Anthony is 23 years old. He was born and brought up in Long Beach in California, in the United States. He had a passion for acting from his childhood, which has set the stage for his present career and many more projects to work on in his profession. 

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Personal Life

Anthony Keyvan is also a piano artist. He loves to play piano. He even used to take piano classes. He plays piano in his leisure time. The nationality of Anthony Keyvan is American. The religion followed and believed by Anthony Keyvan is Christianity. Anthony Keyvan’s ethnicity is mixed, i.e., both of Filipino and Iranian descent. He started his acting career at the age of 5. 

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Anthony Keyvan Wiki

Real NameAnthony Cyrus Keyvan
Popularly Known as Anthony Keyvan
Date of Birth13th August, 2000
Age23 years old 
Place of BirthLong Beach, California, United States
Current AddressLong Beach, California, United States
Parents Mother: Joyce Candelaria KeyvanFather: not known
Sibling(s)Jared Keyvan (brother)
Ethnicity Filipino-Iranian Descent 
Nationality American
Zodiac SignLeo 
School Orange County Private School
Education QualificationGraduate 
Profession Actor, Model 
Years Active2008 – Present
Hobbies/ Interests Swimming, Playing musical instruments, bike riding, soccer, boxing, snow skiing
Net Worth Ranging from $750K to $1 Million USD (approx.)

Physical Appearance

Anthony Keyvan is young and good-looking with a charming personality. He maintains his physique with a balanced Vegan diet. The height of Anthony is 6 feet (183 cm). The body weight of Anthony weighs around 79 kg (175 lbs.). Anthony has captivating and blistering brown eyes. The hair color he has is of black.

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Height In feet and inches: 6’ ft. 
WeightIn Kilograms: 79 kg
Hair ColorBlack 
Eye ColorBrown 


Joyce Candelaria Keyvan, the mother of Anthony Keyvan, is from the Philippines and holds Filipinos origin. The father of Anthony is from Iran. His father holds the ethnicity of both American and Iranian heritage. The name and occupation of his father is not known. Jared Keyvan is Anthony Kevyan’s brother. There aren’t any details about Anthony’s parents’ profession to date. 


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Anthony Keyvan has completed his school academics at Orange County Private School. There isn’t any information about his college academics as the details are not provided by him. According to one of his Instagram posts, it is clear that his education qualification is graduate. He is fluent in some languages, such as Farsi, English, and Spanish. 

Anthony Keyvan A Vegan


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Anthony Keyvan keeps his diet and lifestyle as a Vegan. In one of the interviews, he had raised the concern and environmental harm of the cattle industry. According to him, the cattle industry produces a lot more greenhouse gas emissions than the transportation of the world combined. He adds that a Vegan has the ability to cut off carbon dioxide emissions by about 35 percent. 

Relationship Status 

Anthony Keyvan is currently single. He is not dating anyone either inside the industry or outside the industry. He keeps his relationship private. He is currently focused on his profession and looking forward to working on many more projects both in movies and television series. He is looking forward to working with other famous personalities. 

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Social Media 

Anthony Keyvan is found to be frequently active on his Instagram account with 1 Million followers. He has a Facebook account, but he hasn’t been active on it for the last two years. The account has only 242 followers. Anthony does not hold any Twitter account. 

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Twitter Anthony does not hold any Twitter account. 

Skills and Talents 

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Apart from his acting profession, Anthony Keyvan is skilled and talented in various activities. He is one of the most talented singers. He is skilled in Piano. He is skilled in various sports including soccer, boxing, snow skiing as well as swimming.

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Anthony Keyvan started her acting career at the age of 5. He has been called the Vector actor of the industry. He is popular for portraying the role of Rahim in Love, Victor which is one of the Hulu Television series. 

He has also portrayed different roles in different television series, including:

  • Nathan in Alexa & Katie (2018)
  • Pablo in Generation (2021)
  • Diego de La Cruz in The Rookie (2021)
  • Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013)
  • Chris in Fresh Off the Boat (2015 – 2020)
  • Young Sayid in Lost (2004 – 2010)

Some of his best movies are:

  • The Space Between (2010)
  • Amexica (2010)
  • Mossadegh (2012)
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Anthony Keyvan started his acting training at an acting school from an early age. Within the five months of his training, he acted in his first commercial, which was a TV spot in Disneyland. After that, he was seen in a guest role in Lost, which was from the ABC production. It was his first theater audition. He was seen in the role of the major guest star in “Law & Order: SVU”

He acted in many other projects, such as:

  • Schooled for ABC production
  • NCIS and Bad Teacher CBS production
  • Twisted for ABC Family 

Anthony Keyvan, being a child actor, had worked for various television shows and networks which included: 

  • HBO
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Netflix
  • TNT
  • Nickelodeon
  • Hulu 

Anthony works with his talent and dedication towards all television series and movies. He works according to the needs of the role he portrays which brings out the emotions, authenticity as well as depth in the characters. 

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Throughout his career, Anthony Keyvan has portrayed the roles and brought them to life filled with emotions. He is committed to his work, may it be just a guest appearance or a lead role. By his commitment, he has shown and proved that he is able to work for any role and would provide his best potential to portray that character. This quality of Anthony Keyvan makes him totally different from other personalities in the industry who are working with him as co-stars as well as the whole film industry. Very few personalities are absolutely like Anthony Keyvan. 

Anthony Keyvan falls under those personalities who eventually embrace the changing environment as well as the changing entertainment world. In this digital generation, Anthony Keyvan has proved himself as the perfect fit for acting with dedication to the ongoing development of OTT platforms and the growing need for engaging content in digital streaming platforms. 

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Anthony Keyvan in Alexa & Katie 

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The Netflix series “Alexa & Katie” has been the breakthrough in Anthony Keyvan’s professional career as an actor. The series portrays the lives of two best friends navigating high school, but one of their friends is fighting against cancer. In the series, Anthony Keyvan portrayed the character of Dylan. He portrays the character as a high school student. He is also found to deal with the problems faced during his adolescence and friends. His performance by him was outstanding and mesmerizing. He received praise from famous personalities, the team itself, as the global audience.  

Anthony Keyvan in Love, Victor 

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In Love, Victor, Anthony Keyvan portrayed the character of Rahim. The character is a gay in the television series. The series “Love, Victor” mainly served as the sequel to the successful movie “Love, Simon”. The series explores the experience of a young gay (LGBTQ+) student. The character Rahim is also funny and an unrestrained student. Anthony Keyvan also added a lot of charm and depth to the character as well as to the series. 

Anthony Keyvan in XO, Kitty 

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Anthony Keyvan portrays the role of Q in XO, Kitty which is a Netflix series. He portrays the role of a gay student in the school. The school is named KISS. Kitty is played by Anna Cathcart who plays the role of a protagonist. Anthony (Q) helps Anna (Kitty) navigate the social hierarchy of the school and have a “heart of gold” in the series. 

The cast members of XO, Kitty include: 

  • Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Sunny Oh as Mihee
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison
  • Han Bi Riyu as Eunice
  • Trina as Sarayu Blue
  • Daniel Covey as John Corbett
  • Regan Aliyah as Juliana
  • Peter Thurnwald as Alex 

Anthony Keyvan A Mental Health Advocate

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Anthony Keyvan, a down-to-earth person, is humble and helpful by nature. He has advocated for several charities since the year of the Pandemic COVID 19. He also advocates for those people who need mental health stability and peace. 

Anthony Keyvan says, “I just feel that, as someone with a platform that can reach a lot of people, it’s important to use that influence for good and raise awareness for topics that need attention. I think if you have the power to help those less fortunate, you should.”

Anthony Keyvan is also found to participate in various philanthropic activities and endeavors.


YearTitle Role
2004 – 2010LostYoung Sayid
2013 Once Upon a Time in WonderlandJafar 
2015AmexicaAnthon Keyvan: Boy Look-alike
2015The Space BetweenOmar 
2015Grey’s AnatomyMiguel Aranda
2015 – 2020Fresh Off the BoatChris 
2016Alexa & Katie (Television series)Nathan 
2017Twisted (Television series)Danny 
2018Bella and the Bulldogs Tanner
2021Generation (Television series)Pablo 
2021The Rookie Diego de La Cruz
2021 – 2022Lover, Victor (Television Series)Rahim
2022Student BodyEllis Azad
2023 XO, KittyQ

Net Worth

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According to the year 2023, the net worth of Anthony Keyvan is estimated to be in the range between $750K to $1 Million USD. He earns his honorarium from his profession as an actor. He even earns from brand sponsorships and magazines.  


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Anthony Keyvan is one of the rising stars of the industry. He will succeed in his life with many more projects ahead in the future. He is humble and gentle by his nature. He loves to enjoy with his friends and family at his leisure time. He gives his best to the industry while acting. He brings out the emotions that are to be portrayed by the characters of any television series as well as movies. 

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