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The application can be made totally on the web, and will be sent by email following permitting. You simply need to print it out and go on it with you on your trip. Which visa type do I want? In the event that you are going to India for a vacation or work excursion, you can utilize the electronic visa.

Online eVisa Application for India

Legislature of India has sent off electronic travel authorisation or e-Visa for India which permits residents of 180 nations to venture out to India without requiring a physical stepping on the identification.

Starting around 2014 worldwide voyagers who need to visit India never again need to apply for the customary paper Indian Visa to make the excursion and subsequently they can stay away from the problem that accompanies that application. INDIAN VISA APPLICATION ONLINE, As opposed to going the Indian Government office or Division, the Indian Visa can now be procured online in an electronic plan.

Aside from the simplicity of applying for the Visa online the e-Visa for India is additionally the speediest method for entering India.

Qualification Prerequisites for Indian Visa On the web

INDIAN VISA APPLICATION ONLINE, To be qualified for the Indian e-Visa you really want

  1. to be a resident of any 1 of the 165+ nations whose residents are qualified for the Indian Visa.
  2. the reason for your visit to be either the travel industry, business, or clinical.
  3. you should have a visa substantial something like a half year from the date of appearance in India. The visa should contain something like 2 clear pages.
  4. while applying for an Indian Visa On the web, the subtleties gave should precisely match those referenced on your identification. Any disparities might bring about disavowal of visa issuance or defer in visa handling/issuance/passage to India.
  5. to enter the country simply through unambiguous supported Relocation Check Posts which integrate 28 air terminals and 5 seaports.
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Indian Visa On Appearance

INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL is another electronic visa which permits the likely guests to apply just for the Visa without a visit to Indian International safe haven. Indian Traveler Visa, Indian Business Visa and Indian Clinical Visa are presently accessible on the web.

At the point when the Public authority of India just began to change its Visa strategy it presented another Indian Visa (eVisa India) that it called the Electronic Indian Traveler e-Visa on Appearance (eVisa India Vacationer) which permitted residents of a not very many nations to apply for the INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL on the web assuming they were anticipating visiting the country as vacationers to tour and diversion. Be that as it may, after a total upgrade of Indian Visa strategy the INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL starting around 2015 has been reached out to guests coming to India for the purposes behind business and clinical treatment too on Indian Business e-Visa and Indian Clinical e-Visa. This New INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL or the Indian e-Visa, as it is generally known, can be applied for on the web, is accessible to a lot more nations, and is the least demanding and most helpful method for visiting India. You can apply for the New Visa on Appearance for India or Indian e-Visa online here without there being any need to visit your neighborhood Indian Government office to get something very similar.


You ought to apply for the New Visa on Appearance for India or the Indian e-Visa no less than 4-7 days before your flight or date of passage into the country. Much of the time, it shouldn’t require over 4 days for your Visa application to be supported however now and again it can require as long as 7 days.

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