Arcadia and ZipZapDeals Launches Campaign to Reach out to the College Students of Amity University

New Delhi, May 2018: Arcadia, a bowling alley located at Noida sector 125 inside Amity University launched campus marketing campaign with ZipZapDeals, India’s first student-centric lifestyle platform to reach out to the college students of Amity University. Under this campaign, ZipZapDeals rolled out Brand Ambassadors program to increase brand awareness of Arcadia amongst Amity students & Staff as well as promote Arcadia membership card. The highlight of the campaign was the ‘Selfie Contest’where the students took part in a big way and the winners received prizes like free meals, value cards etc

The campus campaign commenced for 15 days with ZipZapDeals successfully hiring900 Amity students for walking billboard & flyers activity distribution. In addition, student VJ’s promoted‘Arcadia Valued Card’amongst the students and distributed free physical coupons. With their expertise in college marketing, ZipZapDeals ran online campaigns on social media platforms of campus like regular posting, live snap, brand awareness and engagement campaign with the influencers&VJs around the campus.

In the words of Siddharth Sharma, Founder – ZipZapDeals, “Campus campaign is a tool for brands to reach out to campus students. Adopting different strategies for each brand is our strength which is not only impactful but also delivers pertinent results for the brands.”

He further added that “Our campaign helped us in reaching out to more than 900 students that resulted in increasing the sale of membership cards.”

In the words of Partyush Singh – Founder, Arcadia, “The entire campus campaign at Amity university helped us in increasing the footfalls that almost doubled and we realized how such strategic campaign with millennial benefitted us.”

The Ambassador team ran a registration contest for Arcadia Value Card and compiled a database with hundreds of campus consumers interested in Arcadia Gaming Zone. The intensive and multi-pronged with 10 days offline & online campaign thus created lasting impressions on college campuses. Nearly 900 students bought Arcadia Value Card along with their membership benefitting the brand
The creatives from design printing to execution was handled by ZipZapDeals Team. Extensive brainstorming with the students was undertaken who gave additional impetus on the entire campaign.

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About ZipZapDeals:

Established in 2016, ZipZapDeals Internet Private Limited is India’s first and only college student-centric online platform. This innovative platform brings vendors (small vendors & merchant establishments) and big brands under common platform & help them to connect with the students. The company has been incubated at Amity Innovation Incubator Centre at Noida that provides support, both in terms of equity participation and invaluable guidance. The startup has brought is in a hyperlocal segment which brings small vendors near college hangouts i.e. Salons, Small food joints and big brands on the other hand like Cafe Coffee Day, The Junkyard Cafe, Gold Gym etc. under ZipZapDeals platform to communicate with today’s prospective college students. Through this unique way, the vendors & brands aim to build customer loyalty amongst the students.

About Arcadia Bowling Alley:

Indulge in Twilight Bowling at UV-lit bowling alley of Arcadia at the opened Amity University Noida is a world-class immersive and interactive sports entertainment zone. Enjoy your visit to Arcadia Noida which beautifully combines sports, music and dining experience.
Foodie in you can munch on the finger food from Mighty Small Cafe which everyone in Noida is raving about lately. Enjoy a game of bowling, experience the immersive VR (virtual reality) of a physics-defying roller coaster ride Finger Coaster, try your hand at popular exciting simulator games or simply play video games at the arcade. Students do feel relaxed here since the heavy pressure of academic is just relaxed out.


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