Are Window Shutters Good for Home Security?

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When you think about it, anything that places an additional obstacle between your home and unwelcome guests can only be a good thing. When it comes to home security, it is often the smallest things that make the biggest differences.

Window shutters are renowned for creating cosy and comfortable interiors, with their energy-efficient properties and fantastic looks. They can also be great for increasing light control, reducing noise pollution and maximising ventilation.

But what is often overlooked is how window shutters can also bolster home security in a big way. Research suggests that at least 20% of all break-ins happen through windows. Hence, it stands to reason that anything you use to reinforce your windows will contribute to your home’s safety and security.

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Durable and Robust

High-quality window shutters place a physical barrier between your home and the outdoors. Manufactured from premium timber or aluminium, window shutters can be surprisingly capable where blocking intruders is concerned.

Shutters can be manufactured with a variety of built-in locking mechanisms, designed specifically to take home security a step further. Where robust and durable shutters are used in unison with a locked window, they can effectively block access to the home as a whole.

An Effective Deterrent

It is important to remember that the vast majority of criminals are opportunists, and thousands of burglaries that take place each year are unplanned. Intruders almost always set their sights on poorly-protected properties on a fairly random basis, taking advantage of evident security gaps.

This is where an additional deterrent or two can make all the difference. Like burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and motion-activated lights, security shutters can be great for discouraging would-be burglars from targeting your home. The more difficult you make it for them to gain entry; the less likely they are to attempt to do so.

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Privacy from Prying Eyes

Window shutters feature adjustable slats (louvres), which can be tilted up or down with pinpoint precision. This means that at all times of day or night, it is possible to completely obscure the view into your home from outdoors. The slats can also be closed completely, making it impossible for anyone outside to see in.

Again, this can serve as an effective deterrent for anyone who may have set their sights on your home. As they cannot see into your home – even upon close inspection – they have no idea what to expect, should they attempt to break in. They also have no idea what type of property you have in your home, or whether it is worth targeting in the first place.

Cost-Effective Home Security

As an added bonus, premium window shutters can be a hugely cost-effective home security improvement. Simple and affordable to install, shutters bring homes the kind of curb appeal that translates to improved property values.

Long-term, your shutters could potentially make you more money than they cost to install in the first place.  All with the priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is a safer place for you and your family to enjoy.

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