Award-Winning Physician and Renowned Movie Director, Dr. Savoy Brummer, Helps Save a Patient’s Life Mid-Air

Dr. Savoy Brummer
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Every doctor hopes to have an interesting story about saving a patient’s life in the most challenging and precarious circumstances. Saving a patient’s life in mid-air with no tools or medical devices arguably triumphs any other story doctors could share. Still, it’s also a situation they never want to be in because it’s challenging and precarious. Quite recently, Dr. Savoy Brummer encountered such an experience as he was flying from Miami to Brazil. He was in his seat when his fiancé tapped his shoulder and told him to look behind. A man had passed out in his seat a few rows deeper, and his worried wife screamed for assistance. 

As a doctor on board, Dr. Brummer immediately left his seat and rushed to the man’s assistance. He noticed the individual was having a stroke and was pulseless. In addition to that, his face was drooping, meaning the individual had an acute stroke. He gave him a sternal rub and stimulated him, helping the man regain consciousness. Fortunately, the individual could swallow liquids, so he gave him medicine to thin his blood. Unfortunately, the plane was flying over Venezuela then, and no hospitals were nearby. Hence, the airplane staff had to divert the plane back to Brazil, where an ambulance was waiting to transport the patient to the closest hospital. 

Dr. Brummer’s efforts were instrumental in saving the patient’s life. By the time the plane landed in Brazil, the man had fully regained consciousness and no longer had a facial droop. Moreover, he had also regained his strength and could walk by himself without assistance. In fact, he considers it one of the more impressive feats of his medical career because he had very little equipment and medicine to help the patient, but he managed to get him through the situation. The feat was so impressive that the airline’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) contacted Dr. Brummer about a month later, thanking him for his efforts along with sending him a bottle of champagne to showcase his gratitude. 

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What makes him stand out from the rest is the fact that during his storied career, he has accumulated numerous awards and accomplishments. He graduated from Howard University with a 4.0 GPA before moving to NYC to attend the now top-rated medical school in the country, New York University. After his graduation, he did his residency at an Ivy League School – The University of Pennsylvania. In fact, Dr. Brummer’s accomplishments in the medical world have helped him land director positions on the board of various foundations. For instance, he was on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood. Apart from that, he also served on the Board of Directors of the Emergency Medicine Foundation. 

There is more to this award-winning physician than meets the eye. It is no secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic devastated the world, however, it created a unique opportunity for physicians like Dr. Brummer, allowing them to expand their horizons. We are well aware that Hollywood movie sets faced a challenging time as productions halted due to social distancing regulations. But time is money, especially in Hollywood, where millions of dollars are on the line. Thus, movie sets started hiring COVID Compliance Officers to ensure crew, actors, and extras followed COVID-19 protocols and were safe from contracting the virus. 

Dr. Savoy Brummer has served as a COVID Compliance Officer for multiple films, including King Richard. The Oscar-nominated movie remains a hallmark on his resume and rightfully so. As a COVID Compliance Officer, he was not only responsible for keeping the cast and crew safe by creating protocols, but also he was in charge of hiring a COVID team, organizing testing, as well as creating a safe production environment. As a matter of fact, it was the start he needed to get his foot into the door of Hollywood. So when Dr. Brummer isn’t busy saving patients’ lives, you’ll find him on a Hollywood set, producing blockbusters to entertain the public.

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