Beautiful Examples of Modern Web App Design to Inspire You

Web App Design
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A well-designed web app should be as intuitive to use as a website and as powerful as a native app. Many people choose web apps because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide valuable functions like cloud storage and collaboration.

You’ll want to ensure your convenience and features are prominent because buyers can be fickle. This is why having a great design is so important. Here are some Beautiful Examples of Modern web app design to Inspire You.

Why use web apps?

Since the introduction of cloud computing, web-based apps have gained popularity. SaaS businesses are particularly well-known in the online app industry. Businesses find freemium and subscription-based pricing structures appealing, and putting software online enables work. Due to the pandemic, businesses now need to be able to operate remotely, and web apps make it simple for everyone to get on board.

You’ll get a clear concept of what works and how to incorporate your style from these well-known web applications.

Google Workspace

The fact that Google Workspace is one of the most widely used web apps is due, in part, to the widespread appeal of its components as stand-alone applications. For example, Gmail is the most commonly used email service in the entire globe, in part because of its user-friendly and uncomplicated interface. There are a lot of features to look into, but the most important one—your email—is right there in the middle.


Like many other online programs for social networking platforms, Twitter is organized as an ongoing feed of content. What a designer should be paying attention to is everything surrounding the spread. Facebook’s user interface (UI) is among the most maximal, while the UI of Tumblr is among the most minimal. Twitter’s UI falls somewhere in the middle. On the left side of the interface is where you’ll find the search bar, the news feed, and suggestions, while on the right side, you’ll find notifications, settings, and other tools.

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You may have been unaware that Spotify even had a web player, and there’s an excellent explanation. Although Spotify’s desktop client and mobile app are trendy, the company’s web player is compatible with all platforms and provides users with access to the same capabilities. A stream of suggestions appears on its home page, much like it does in the desktop software. Playlists and other functions are located on the left side of the screen, and a player may be found at the bottom.


The “boards” in Trello are designed in the Kanban format, making monitoring your workload simple. You can view your past boards, create a new one, or browse some popular templates from the roomy homepage. Meanwhile, the upper menu makes navigating between different workspaces and boards simple.


As with Trello, Asana may be used without the main page, although it offers more customization options. You can choose the color of the backdrop and incorporate whichever widgets are most helpful to you. Even though most users probably won’t use these capabilities, Asana’s customers will still have the impression that they are in charge of their work management software because of this perception.


Both the home page and app layouts of Canva utilize bars on the top and left sides of the page. The top bar comprises utilities, whereas the sidebar is where content categories are located. Following selecting your preferred file format, you will be presented with a vast selection of pre-made templates and a blank canvas on which you can design anything your heart wants.



The popularity of Slack’s web app, as opposed to Discord, begs the question: why? The fact that each workspace requires its login to the server is a big part of this. When you access a Slack workspace via a link, you’ll be given the option to either download the app or use Slack in your browser, and both have access to the same features.

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