Top 7 Trending Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas 

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It is critical that your living rooms reflect your uniqueness and personality. This space should be practically designed and decorated in such a way that it provides comfort and functionality to all residents. There are numerous options for decorating living rooms. You can style your space in a variety of ways, including modern, art deco, simple, or traditional. Wall decor is an important part of creating your designed atmosphere. There are virtually limitless options for modern living room wall decor. What are the top Trending Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas of this year? There are numerous living room design ideas for 2022 and trends to keep your living space up to date. The following are the top seven hottest and most modern trends of wall decor to be seen in the coming year as well as suggested home decor shops to purchase now. Let’s explore them all to determine the best colors, designs, and decors for your space.

  1. Top 7 Trending Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

1.1. Use Modern 3D Wall Stickers For Living Room

There are no restrictions on how you can use 3D wall art stickers to decorate your living room. From nature-inspired 3D wall décor for the living room to modern art 3D wall decals. These 3D wall stickers can add a good mood to your home. These stickers are made of high-quality vinyl that is easy to cut, self-adhesive, removable, and eco-friendly. You can use these adorable wall decals to decorate your interior and exterior walls. Not only can 3D wall stickers be used to decorate rooms, but they are also functional.

1.2. Use Modern Living Room Wallpaper 

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Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to update your living room, whether you want a calming vibe with soft neutrals or a real hit of color and pattern, and there are so many designs to choose from. Contemporary wallpaper is the most popular today; it looks especially great in modern settings. Wallpaper works best wherever you want to make a design statement. It is recommend going with colors you already know you like – bold patterns will feel much more approachable in your favorite color scheme. Muted tones and neutral colors will blend in with another modern decor theme, whereas a pop of color will add a bold design punch.

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1.3. Create a gallery wall with modern art frames for living room

A gallery wall is a great decorating idea for a bare wall in your living room. You can make it as small or as large as you want. You are able to choose to use printed picture frames set for a gallery wall. Wall art printables are easy-to-purchase and inexpensive with a variety of color schemes to decorate your living room. 

You also use your family pictures to create your own art gallery. 

1.4. Hang up mirrors

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Using mirrors in your living room is one way to reflect many things in your living room, such as its beauty, light, and space, which can help increase the room’s look and feel. Mirrors can be used in a variety of decorating styles. They complement any style, and you can use any size mirror or select from simple to elaborate mirrors. If you like the way mirrors look in a living room, here are some ways to incorporate them into your modern decorating scheme.

1.5. Display an Antiques Collection

Antique and vintage pieces can be used to decorate your living room wall. The key is to display a few favorite pieces in each room, mixing older and more modern pieces. When paired with modern pieces, antique furniture and collectibles can appear timeless. Antique dressers, sideboards, and other large pieces of furniture provide a platform for assembling a vignette of modern and vintage items. The top of the sofa can be used to display items of varying heights.

1.6. Go for Large-Scale Paintings

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You can completely transform your living space by adding large wall art (and a few simple accessories). Canvas prints are an excellent way to showcase your personality and sense of style, whether your style is trendy or modern. With many styles and colors, you can easily find the best suitable painting for your wall decor. Using Large-Scale Paintings for living room decor is also an economical idea!

  1. Wall Art for Living Room Shop Near Me
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Do you like some of the ideas we’ve included on this list? If you do, why not call your inner interior designer and start putting some of them into practice? In case you have not picked up any address to shop for modern wall art for the living room, let’s keep reading this part. Below are the 3 suggested online stores to shop for the best modern wall decor for your living you should go and check out!

2.1. Wayfair

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Wayfair is one of the biggest home decor and furniture retailers in the world. Wayfair wall decor collection has an endless range of wall decor including wall accents, gallery wall sets, wall & display shelves, wall mirrors, wallpaper, peel & stick wallpaper, wall decals, wall murals, tapestries, stained glass panels, and memo boards. With updated styles and designs along with many unique and elegant themes. you will easily find your favorite wall decor for your living room as you head to Wayfair. 

As you shop for Wayfair wall decor, do not forget to keep your eyes on Wayfair 10% off coupon and Wall Décor Sale list to enjoy greater savings!

2.1. Ashley Furniture

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One of the well-known furniture and decor providers in the field, Ashley Furniture is one of the must-go shops that you should check out as you shop for home and garden decor. There is a large assortment of Wall Mirrors, Wall Art, Framed Art, Canvas Art, Wall Art Sets, Wall Shelves, Tapestries, Picture Frames, Accent Wall Decor, and so on offered by Ashley Furniture at this time. The Standard wall decor sizes are widely available at Ashley Furniture. Small decor can be anything from a foot to two feet long. Medium-sized wall decor would be anything between two and three feet long. Large pieces range in length from 33 to 40 inches and are typically mounted alone to achieve that classic, museum-style look. Anything longer than 40 inches would be considered oversized, necessitating a large, grand room to accommodate the piece.

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2.3. Kirkland’s: 

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Kirkland’s covers all things you need to decorate your living room wall. With new wall decor from Kirkland’s Home, you can complete the look of your living room in your home. They have a wide selection of the best wall art and decor, from decorative canvas art prints to fun wall plaques, perfect for brightening up any room in your home. View the entire selection of new wall decor and make an order now!

One thing that you should not forget as you shop at Kirkland’s is to check out the Wall Decor sale collection and Wall decor coupon codes from to purchase affordable wall decor items. 

Hope that this collection of modern living room wall art ideas will provide you with inspiration to decorate your living room in a way you’ve only ever imagined. Whether you prefer black-and-white photos or bright paintings, custom wall art adds a personal touch and a little extra love to your blank walls. Do not forget to check out more interesting posts from our site!

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