Benefits of a Fiber Laser Machine

If you’re looking for a new cutting machine, you may be considering a fiber laser machine. These machines have a low running cost and energy consumption, which makes them ideal for companies with a limited electrical supply. The benefits of a fiber laser machine include low power consumption, high precision, and environmental friendliness. But what exactly does a fiber laser machine do? Read on to find out more about this cutting machine’s advantages.

Low Power Consumption

A fiber laser has many advantages over its CO2 counterpart. Its high power and low power consumption allow it to achieve higher throughput. Additionally, it has half the operating costs of a CO2 laser and three to four times the throughput. This increased throughput translates to higher profits and revenue. If you’re looking for a low-cost machine, you’ll want to check out the benefits of a fiber laser.

First, consider the speed. High-speed fiber lasers can move more material in less time. They can achieve speeds of 10,000 ipm or 250 m/s. Nonetheless, the speed of a machine will depend on other factors. Inefficient machine dynamics and slow sheet exchange can cause a machine to remain idle for hours. High-speed machines are faster than slow ones. A fast machine is not always the most productive.

High Precision

High precision fiber laser cutting machine adopts advanced technology optical fiber laser and is equipped with a high-precision linear guide rail, advanced numerical control system, and special laser cutting software. This type of cutting machine is mainly used for metal materials, which need high-precision cutting and has a high speed. Its high-precision fiber laser cutting technology applies to a wide range of cutting applications. It has a wide application scope, which covers aerospace, defense, weapons, medical, petrifaction, micro-electron, and automobile car.

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The fiber laser cutting machine has several advantages. First, it has a small footprint, and it is suitable for small-sized production. Secondly, it offers high cutting efficiency and cutting quality. This machine is based on a marble-table base, and its extruded aluminum crossbeam provides good rigidity and strength while avoiding structural deformation. Lastly, it features full closed-loop feedback and a grating ruler to ensure processing precision.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the key advantages of a fiber laser cutting machine is its environmental friendliness. The machine is capable of cutting materials that a CO2 laser cannot. The wavelength of a fiber laser is one micron and is extremely friendly to copper, aluminum, and brass. Additionally, this machine has a two-to-five times absorption factor compared to a CO2 laser. The machine’s solid-state monolithic design helps it cut materials efficiently and has higher wall-plug efficiency. It’s also much smaller than a CO2 laser.

The environmental friendliness of a fiber laser cleaning machine is another key advantage. Because of its environmental benefits, it’s a good choice for cleaning metals. A fiber laser machine has the capacity to clean light, heavy, and complex surfaces. It can clean surfaces with an oxide layer. It’s also effective for removing paint from steel and aluminum, and can even clean oil and rubber mold residue. Lastly, this machine can clean hard-to-reach areas.

Cost Savings

When it comes to cost savings, the use of a fiber laser machine can be extremely beneficial. High-powered machines can be extremely effective in reducing costs while increasing productivity. Medium-powered machines have the same benefits as high-powered ones, but still, allow you to control costs. Listed below are some reasons why high-powered machines can be a valuable investment. They can significantly increase your productivity. And, because they are relatively inexpensive to operate, you can start saving money almost immediately. The cost savings of a fiber laser machine are numerous. Compared to a CO2 laser, a fiber laser requires only a fraction of the electricity. Its cost is lower per part, and the machine requires far fewer adjustments. Additionally, compared to CO2 lasers, fiber lasers can cut up to five times faster than their CO2 counterparts. Furthermore, these machines can produce three to four times more parts per hour, and they have half the operating costs.

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