Benefits of Hiring a Skip for Waste Management

Benefits of Hiring a Skip for Waste Management
Benefits of Hiring a Skip for Waste Management

Working from home and social restrictions have been imposed over the last three years due to COVID-19, and it has led to many of us undertaking tasks we have ignored throughout life, such as major renovation work within homes or gardens. This work leads to an enormous amount of waste accumulation. Getting rid of it can be stressful, especially if you need to know where to dump it and how to dispose of it.

You will create even more clutter in your place if you need to learn how to be organised. Fortunately, skip hire can address this mess, and you can avoid making numerous trips to dispose of your waste. You might be wondering what a skip is! Skips are heavy vehicles with open-top containers that you can hire to store your waste temporarily. Alternatively, you could search online for ‘skips near me’, and it will show a list of skip-hire companies in your area.

Hiring a skip is a simple and convenient process. Make a call to RMS Skip Hire and share your address, time and date of skip that you would like to have your skip delivered. Once the skip you have rented is ready for collection, you need to call us, and our team will take care of the following processes.

Hiring a skip is the most effective way to remove your waste correctly. This blog will look at a few compelling reasons skip-hire benefits waste management.

Protect the Environment

Sorting out your waste is a tedious process. Segregation of which items need to go in which container can also become complicated if you do not have proper knowledge about it; this leads to many errors being made, and your waste will not recycle ideally. All these can cause severe harm to the environment.

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Proper waste management is essential to maintain a healthy and safe environment. It can be avoided if you have a cheap skip hire; your skip company will ensure that all of your waste is compartmentalized and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Your junk is directly taken to the waste disposal facility or a recycling plant.

Keep Things Tidy

Skips may not be aesthetically pleasing items to keep on your property, but they are undoubtedly better than waste covered in a pile of earth and other garbage. It removes the blockages to your driveway and minimises the risks involved. It keeps you properly clean and allows a more straightforward job as your waste will not lie around randomly.

Save Your Time

Hiring a skip can make your house renovation or garden projects more manageable and quicker. Skips are available in all shapes and sizes, and they allow you to store your waste in a convenient place. It eliminates the need to make multiple trips to the landfill to unload your waste. Hence, it will save you time and keep your space organised.

Stay Within Law

Skip hire involves many legal requirements to be met while disposing of the waste. It will help if you refrain from paying heavy fines due to falling foul of regulations.

Fly tipping is a common issue, and it has its repercussions. Government is strict with improper waste disposal, and there are stringent rules to follow regarding waste management procedures. Hiring a skip is the best solution to avoid getting in trouble if you are unaware of the laws. The last thing you need is to pay a hefty fine and be caught in legalities due to improper waste disposal.

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Saves Money

Skip-hire prices are reasonable and affordable to the people; in fact, it is the most economical way to discard waste. If you dispose of the junk on your own, it increases your cost and effort as you will use your vehicle and fuel for it. So, it would be best to hire a skip for your waste management process and save money.

Health and Safety

Some people place their waste into their gardens. However, it can be harmful to your family’s health. Especially if you have children, you must be careful with the items you dump into your garden. Metal, broken glass, or any excess rubbish can be hazards or release toxic chemicals into the environment. Skip services can remove all these unwanted items from your house and keep them safely in the skip. Skip hire professionals are certified to handle these kinds of waste without causing injury to anyone.

Minimise Lifting

You can load your skip yourself or ask your skip hire company to help you load. Their professionals will load it for you and unload it at the disposal site.

It will reduce heavy lifting and can significantly benefit you if you suffer from muscular injuries. Moreover, if you have items requiring two or more people to carry, your skip hire company can help you with it, too.

Versatile Solutions

Skips come in a wide variety. There are many motives to hire a skip, but only some require the same skip size or type for waste removal. Some want to dispose of a considerable amount of waste caused by their construction work, while others will require a small skip to remove household waste. All these are easily possible with RMS Skip Hire.

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We provide both open and closed skips. An open skip is suitable for removing non-hazardous waste, which causes a threat to the environment. At the same time, close skips are specially designed to safely dispose of hazardous materials that may put your health at risk.

Recycle Your Waste

Skips are popular for recycling your waste. It makes it easier for recycling plants to process waste and reduces pollution. You can use skip bins to separate your trash into different categories, such as metal, glass, plastic or paper. Skips are also helpful to compost food waste; they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create nutrient-rich soil that is utilised in your garden.


The first thing you should do when hiring a skip is to decide the duration of it. The company you hire for skip will generally have a minimum hire period; beyond that period, you have to choose how long you want to keep the skip bin. As a general guide, most people find a two-week hire period sufficient. However, it depends on the individual circumstances. Please note that some skip companies will charge extra for weekend skip hire, so it is better to finish the task during the week to save some money.


RMS Skip Hire is committed to providing convenient and efficient skip-hire services for handling waste. Choosing our skips will transform and simplify your waste management process and deliver the benefits mentioned above. 

We have mini skips for a gardening project, small for DIP refurbishments, and an office clearing process. Our team also delivers builder skips in various sizes, which can help you dispose of commercial waste.

Call us on +44 20 8131 0044 to discuss our requirements, or visit us online to learn more about our skip-hire services.

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