How to Meet Japanese Women for Marriage: 7 Best Japanese Dating Sites

7 Best Japanese Dating Sites
How to Meet Japanese Women for Marriage: 7 Best Japanese Dating Sites

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Have you ever met or heard about Japanese women like Kozue Akimoto, Kiko Mizuhara, or Rila Fukushima? These are Japanese ladies with distinctive appearances, Best Japanese Dating Sites and there are many women in Japan who can look like them. Why not find and meet Japanese girls? It’s possible with top dating sites.

Here are the best dating sites where you can date Japanese ladies online:

SiteGood ForGirls RegisteredRating
EasternHoneysSerious relationship with ladies from Asian CountriesMore than 30K9 out of 10
OrchidRomanceSingle men with serious intentions of dating Asian ladiesMore than 600K9.5 out of 10
TheLuckyDateCreating friendships and bonds with women from Asian regionsMore than 20K8.9 out of 10
CuteAsianWomanMeeting and dating Asian women onlineMore than 15K9 out of 10
AsianMelodiesOffering a real chance to meet a woman with the option of arranging a real dateMore than 30K9 out of 10
DateNiceAsianFor American guys interested in meeting Asian soulmatesMore than 4K8 out of 10
AsiaMeMeeting Asian women for dating and serious relationshipsMore than 150K9.5 out of 10

Where to meet Japanese women online?

Planning to date Japanese singles? Before doing so, you need to know what options you have for this. There are many ways how you can do that, from going to Japan to any dating site that can help you. In recent years, there’s been an increase in the popularity of romance tours allowing you to meet beautiful Japanese women. What’s so good about these tours?

They’re arranged by dating agencies who plan everything for you so that you can meet your future Japanese wife in a short time. Simply put, such tours are also great in terms of giving a chance to meet pretty Japanese women who want men to create strong bonds. 

Seeing a Japanese woman can be great, but there are some challenges as well. Such tours require lots of time that you might not afford. Let’s consider other options of how you can Japanese women for marriage.

Japanese mail order brides sites:

Where can I meet Japanese women? Perhaps, the best answer is through a top online dating site offering a chance to meet Japanese women online. But why meet pretty Japanese girls online? What makes such an option better than romance tours? Several reasons make it a popular choice among Western men.

The main factor that makes meeting Japanese girls online a better alternative is the complete convenience. You don’t have to travel to the countries where foreign brides live. You can do that with just a few clicks. 

Secondly, you can access thousands of single Japanese ladies. With searching tools, you can find your ideal soulmate within a short time. Have a glance at the following top dating sites.



  • Informative profiles
  • User-friendly interface
  • A wide range of profiles
  • Great searching tools
  • Streams


  • No mobile app
  • Limited access to free services

Eastern Honeys is a professional dating site offering a chance to meet real ladies from Japan. If you’re not sure how to meet Japanese women, it’s the best solution for you. It’s enhanced with cool features like People and Newsfeed that can help you meet Japanese brides who can be appealing to you.

Besides a chance for you to meet single Japanese women, you can also add them to your favorites. Making interaction with the ladies of your interest is quite easy. Ladies on this website are eager to meet their future life partners. The site is also known for offering a clear refund policy in case of a problem occurring during communicating with ladies online. This is a detailed and full network review.

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  • Convenience in use
  • Practical interface
  • Detailed profiles
  • High profile quality
  • An impressive number of active members
  • Responsive customer support


  • No mobile app
  • Fewer free options

Looking for the best way to meet Japanese women? You should definitely discover OrchidRomance offering a practical yet pleasant alternative to meeting hot singles from Asian countries. You can be sure that you’ll meet many Japanese ladies for marriage who can be interested in creating a serious relationship with you.

Thanks to various features, you’ll never go unnoticed. Never forget to check the mailbox where you’ll get the attention from ladies online. On this dating website, you can send virtual and real gifts to your Japanese lady. If you’re looking for the best dating site to meet Japanese women, this one should be among your first considerations. Here is everything you need to know about the OrchidRomance dating website.



  • Simple design
  • Professional support
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • A wide range of services
  • Dark Mode option


  • Lack of an app

The Lucky Date is one of the best places to meet Japanese women. Thanks to the different age ranges of ladies, everyone can meet their one and only among Japanese singles, so, for example, if you’re interested in older ladies, you can meet mature Japanese women. But that’s not all that’s cool about it. The site is reminiscent of dating apps where you can swipe members to the right until you find someone who suits you more.

If you’re looking for a Japanese girlfriend, it’s indeed an ideal dating site. Besides, the great range of communication tools will facilitate your dating experience. You don’t need to pay anything to create a new account on this platform to start dating. This guide will introduce you to TheLuckyDate reviews.



  • Variety of services
  • Call services
  • Camshare option
  • Professional support
  • Informative profiles
  • Mobile app


  • Limited access to profile galleries

This is another great site where you can meet Japanese women for marriage. Thanks to searching tools, you can narrow down your options based on parameters like age range, habits, children, marital status, and so on. The site doesn’t only offer a chance to chat with your lady, you can benefit from video chat.

Streaming is another option offered on the platform. You can send Say Hi letters to ladies of your preferences, and if the interests are mutual, you can start communicating in no time. There’s a great online shop where you can buy flowers and real gifts for your Japanese girlfriend.



  • Most profiles contain 5+ photos
  • Great media content
  • Newsfeed and People sections
  • Professional customer support
  • Validated members online
  • Welcome bonus


  • No mobile app
  • No options for streaming

AsianMelodes can be the best site to meet Japanese women. It allows you to meet Asian ladies across the globe. What’s more, you can meet Japanese women in the USA as well. The site has been made simple and pragmatic to serve as a bridge between you and Japanese ladies ready for a serious relationship.

It offers several ways you can meet a Japanese girl online. You can sort look through ladies who are online. Or just visit a section of People where you can look through ladies offered by the site. Your information on your profile will be used by the site to offer you better matches.



  • Video call feature
  • Animated stickers and virtual gifts
  • Online shop
  • Professional assistance 24/7
  • Hassle-free registration 
  • Bonus credits


  • Not so many free features
  • Not all profile content is accessible for free

DateNiceAsian is the platform standing out among Asian dating sites. If you wonder how to meet Japanese women online, it offers a practical solution. With the coolest services, you’ll never feel the burden of distant dating, as video chat and call are accessible on the platforms making it easy for you to communicate.

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It’s also an ideal dating site to meet Japanese women because it offers better safety and high-profile quality. This, in turn, ensures that you’ll be dating real Japanese dames without the need to be worried about getting scammed. Read the full review here.



  • Live Cams
  • Call Services
  • Professional customer care
  • Informative profile
  • Sophisticated searching tools
  • Large use base


  • Limited range of free services

AsiaMe is a professional dating site allowing you to meet pretty Japanese women. It offers a great range of ladies from Japan, so you’ll never have a problem like a shortage of women for dating. Besides, it’s a great place to find Japanese brides. The registration on this website is fast and hassle-free.

In no time, you can start looking for your perfect match. Once you start communicating online, you’ll get access to several options. Among them, you’ll find simple text chat, video chat, and call services. Besides, you can request the contact details of your Japanese lady once you’re sure to be with her. Find out the full review here.

Dating online has been a better alternative to conventional methods. It’s hard to meet a Japanese dame if you’re not planning to visit Japan. Thus, dating apps and sites have eliminated the borders of dating leading to an easier dating experience. Still, online dating has its challenges.

With the rise of internet dating, much has changed. Not every Japanese girl you meet online may turn out to be a real person. It happens that on free dating sites to meet Japanese women, you can get just a waste time. Thus, your discretion is a must. What’s more, even professional and reliable dating sites don’t give you a chance to meet your lady in person.

Social networks:

Social networks can be another way how you can meet ladies from Japan. It’s also convenient to follow a lady you can be into on social media accounts. You can use different social media from Facebook to a local one.

The problem with social networking is that you don’t always get a chance to find Japanese brides. In other words, not every charming lady who can be appealing to you may share your enthusiasm about creating a relationship. Thus, if you want to find a Japanese wife, you better try Asian mail order bride platforms like EasternHoneys.

7 things about dating Japanese women for marriage:

When considering these charming ladies for marriage, you should know more about them. Firstly, you should understand what makes them unique. Secondly, you should understand whether they can be ideal for you. Thus, you may find the following information quite useful.

1. Increase in international marriage in Japan

Nowadays, there’s increasing popularity of getting married to foreigners even among Japanese singles? Only in 2020, there were more than 100 ladies from Japan who got married to US citizens.

2. Fewer divorces than in the US

What makes Japanese brides more appealing to Western guys is their ability to keep marriages stable. While the divorce rate in Japan is about 1.8 divorces per 1K population, such a rate in the US is above 3.2. Thus, Japanese ladies can be claimed to be excellent wives and very committed partners who’ll do their best to save the marriage.

3. More charming ladies for marriage

It’s hard to compare ladies from Japan with Western women, but beauty standards in Japan are harsher and stricter. Slim bodies, flawless skin, and expressive and big eyes are among the priorities. Women like Nairu Yamamoto and Safi Kawamura prove that.

4. First age marriage in Japan

Although ladies in this country are diligent and career-oriented, marriage is still considered sacred. While it’s become common for women in Western countries to marry after they’re 30, the average age when women in Japan get married is still below 30.

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5. Smart women for marriage

Did you know that Asian women are very intelligent? But there’s no nation that can rival the Japanese people. They’re known for being one of the cleverest nations in the world. While dating a cute Japanese girl on OrchidRomance, don’t forget that she can be the smartest person you’ve ever seen.

6. Great cooks

While the charm of Japanese women is an undeniably huge advantage, don’t forget that they’re also great cooks who can impress you. If you love such food as sushi, udon noodles, tofu, tempura, and even more, you’ll be on the seventh heaven having a Japanese wife.

7. More traditional wives than most Western ladies

What makes them special for marriage is their traditional approach. Since they come from conservative families, Japanese girls value their husbands. So, it means that you won’t have to deal with feminists. In other words, if you’re into ladies with submissive nature, you better find Japanese ladies for marriage.

5 Tips on how to court a Japanese wife:

When thinking of gaining the attention of Japanese girls, you should know how to impress them. Find out 5 practical ways of doing so.

? Be a romantic gentleman

Manners have always been important in dating. What’s more, in the dating culture of Japan, a woman is always valued and respected. Besides, you should also be able to notice her charm and outfit. So, never forget to compliment.

? Speak Japanese

No worries. You don’t have to speak fluent Japanese. Instead, you can learn some cool phrases to impress her.  It’s quite an impressive way to prove that you’re serious about dating your lady. Your future Japanese bride will appreciate that.

? Learn more about her culture

The more you know about her country and culture, the more appreciation you’ll get. This is because Japanese girls are obsessed with their culture and nation. They’re among the most patriotic women.

? Try their food and tea

Much attention is given to what’s being drunk and eaten. Tea is quite an important drink in Japanese culture, and so is Japanese food. A good date in a Japanese restaurant is a good demonstration that you’re into their cuisine.

? Be a patient partner

One of the best ways of conquering the heart of your Japanese woman is to be patient with her and especially with her family. Patience is valued in Japanese society.

Possible challenges when dating a Japanese woman:

Before you find Japanese women, you should know about some possible challenges you may have. Here are some of them:

  • Language barrier. Although Japan is a country of smart girls, the problem with the English language is present. Only 30% of the population may understand English, but not all of them are really fluent.
  • Cultural differences. Japan is one of the countries that have managed to keep its traditions. Thus, you may find your future wife different from you. Thus, it can be challenging to live with a person who comes from a different background.
  • The shyness of Japanese wives. Another interesting challenge is related to the shy nature of these ladies. Japanese wives can be quite reserved at first but they can reveal their souls to close people with the time.  

How to impress a Japanese woman on a first date:

On a first date, you should be ready to impress your lady, and here are the things that’ll be helpful to you:

  • Surprise her with gifts and flowers
  • Avoid joking about her country and culture
  • Dress well
  • Try to impress her with your knowledge, but don’t take a lot of time discussing things you are expert in
  • Be yourself to avoid pretending or lying

FAQs about 7 Best Japanese Dating Sites:

What makes Japanese brides so special?

They’re smart, interesting, and appealing. While being charming, they’re also hardworking and persevering, which makes them ideal wives.

How much does a Japanese bride cost?

Considering travel costs, online dating services, and other relevant expenses, you might spend approximately $20K.

What kind of men do Japanese brides like?

Commitment is what they demand at first. Then, you should be a romantic and caring person who’ll be supportive and patient at the same time.


You have read it all and I am pretty much sure that there is an app for you to find your perfect future date! Don’t waste time, choose the app that suits you and enjoy a happy relationship, and remember, you only live once!

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