Best Travel Cameras for 2022

This post was most recently updated on May 3rd, 2022

Picking the right camera for your trip is an overwhelming decision. There’s a myriad of options, from high-end mirrorless cameras to compacts as well as action camera. It’s easy to become lost in the shuffle. If you take into consideration the features such as video capabilities as well as screen type and size of the sensor, it can be a bit complicated. All of these options need to meet your photography-related and budgetary needs. Knowing what you want to make use of your images and what’s most important for you while traveling with Camera is the best option to begin when choosing the ideal travel camera. These cameras are suitable for almost every type of traveler.

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Here are our top picks for the top camera for travel in 2022.

Best overall: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII

Action camera: GoPro HERO10

Best DSLR: Nikon D5600

Best mirrorless: Fujifilm X-T4

The best mirrorless for an price point: Fujifilm the X-T30

Best for video: Sony a6600

Ideal for video on a tight budget: Sony ZV-1

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Things to take into consideration before purchasing the perfect travel camera:

When you are choosing the right travel camera for your next trip There are a few of points to take into consideration.

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Your style of photography

It is important to think about what kind of person you are and the way you will use the camera. If, for instance, you aren’t worried about traveling in heavy and would prefer quality over all else, the camera you require will be different from those who prefer to travel swiftly and light. A backpacking trip through the forest could need the use of a different camera than on an expensive cruise. Deciding what your top priority is first, you can limit the possibilities you have with cameras.


It is important to consider the dimensions and weight of your set-up. The space camera equipment takes into the bag is important to maximize the number of cameras you take along. The burden of carrying a camera on your back between places as well as holding it on for extended durations while on the move is tiring, and weight is a factor. A few ounces of weight can be a burden when you are on long hikes.


You’ll need to select one that comes with features that you will actually use, however, it isn’t going to include features that will not be needed. For instance when you intend to snap a lot of group photos or selfies cameras with an LCD that rotates is extremely useful. Maybe you’d prefer to record a lot of videos and then share your adventures. If then, keeping an eye on the capabilities of video recording is a great idea.

Weather sealing and rust resistance

Sand and moisture do not work well with electronics. Hard falls can do even more damage. If you’re planning on taking your camera to the wild or any other dangerous terrain, you should choose an outdoor camera that has strong weather-proofing. Certain cameras have the IP (ingress protection) rating, which tells you precisely how much exposure to dust, water and shocks they’re able to take on. Even if you’re not heading into the wild, traveling can be a strain on cameras, and so toughness is a must.

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Image quality and size

Every photo doesn’t have the potential to be a huge print. If you are planning to use your photos and videos only for social media or to record your travels, investing money on a camera that has outstanding image quality and huge photos isn’t necessary. If you plan to print large-sized prints of your photos or create top-quality videos from video footage, then you’ll require cameras with higher than a few megapixels, and a higher resolution for video. Remember that more pixels will require more storage space which is why you shouldn’t be skimping on the memory cards..


In the majority of purchases the cost is an important aspect. This is true especially with the camera you use for travel as you’re likely to put the equipment at risk of being damaged, lost, or stolen, based on how you utilize it. Finding a camera that’s not exceeding your budget to the limit is a good idea due to the risk. It is recommended to insure your equipment prior to travel. is highly recommended.


Q Mirrorless cameras are more appropriate for travel?

Mirrorless cameras are typically smaller than DSLRs due to their ability to remove all the weight and space required to make their mirror mechanisms. Mirrorless cameras also have smaller moving parts, meaning less things to break on your travels. As we’ve mentioned smaller and lighter cameras are perfect for Travel and mirrorless cameras are a popular choice for cameras used on trips.

Q Does GoPro suitable for photography of travel?

GoPro cameras are ideal to travel with due to a number of reasons. First, they’re built to withstand harsh circumstances, meaning it’s not necessary to baby them in any way. They are also small. They are easy to throw into your backpack or in your jacket pocket and make travel with a lighter weight feasible. Additionally, they are equipped with excellent video capabilities, as well as decent still image specifications. But, they aren’t perfect in terms of exposure control (among many other aspects) as well as the ultra-wide-angle lens may not work for all situations. There are compromises but it’s an excellent choice for traveling.

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Do you think iPhone 12 be used to replace a DSLR? iPhone 12 replace a DSLR?

The camera on the iPhone 12 is amazing, there’s no doubt about it. As photographer Chase Jarvis once said, “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” Based on the goals you have for travel photography the iPhone is a great alternative to an DSLR. If, however, you’d like greater control over your photos or prefer higher-quality files then a dedicated camera whether it’s a DSLR or another, will be the best option to choose.


The editors and writers of Popular Photography have decades of photographic experience across every category and have reviewed and covered nearly every camera available that is available. In deciding which cameras to include on this list of the top travel cameras we considered many important characteristics of travel cameras. We analyzed the different cameras and then looked at the specifications and quality of the video and image. The size and weight, the dimensions of the sensor, autofocus capabilities batteries, as well as lens options were just a few of the aspects we took into consideration. Additionally, we analyzed any distinctive features or settings that are available on cameras. We also sought out models with different price points and include a variety of cameras including DSLR and compact. All of these factors allowed us to make the list of cameras that are suited to a variety of kinds of photography and travel styles.

Last thoughts about the top camera for travel

The best camera for travel will depend on your preferences for your travels (rugged excursions or luxurious stays) as well as your documentation requirements (stills and video) and the amount of control you would like to have in the camera. For the majority of users the Sony Cyber-shot DSC -RX100 VII is a versatile camera which can satisfy a range of requirements. It also offers greater features and quality than phones do make it an ideal upgrade.


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