Breast Augmentation – What is the Breast Augmentation Process?

Breast Augmentation

During the breast augmentation in Mumbai process, a surgeon will make incisions in areas of the body that are not visible. This is to minimize the visible scarring that may occur.

Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring

During breast augmentation surgery, incisions are made to avoid visible scarring. These incisions are made in areas that are hidden and inconspicuous. These areas may include the breast, armpit, and areola. The placement of these incisions depends on the type of implant and the preference of the patient.

For the most part, breast augmentation surgery is done under general anesthesia. However, some patients may opt for intravenous sedation. This is a good option for women who are not well-prepared for surgery.

There are three common breast augmentation in Mumbai incisional approaches. These approaches include the axilla, areolar, and Tran’s axillary approaches. These approaches have their pros and cons.

The axilla approach is a common option because it offers better access to the sub muscular position. The sub muscular position allows the breast implant to be placed in a more natural position. This approach is ideal for women who are not concerned with scarring.

The Trans axillary approach is also good for women who want to avoid scarring. The incision is made in the armpit crease and is well concealed. It has several advantages, including the fact that it does not cause breastfeeding complications. However, it is less accurate when placing the implant. It is also very difficult to work with.

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The areolar approach is another breast augmentation incision technique. This is a small incision that runs along the areola. It blends with the color of the nipple. It heals well.

Complications of breast augmentation

During breast augmentation, the surgeon creates a pocket behind the pectoral muscle and inserts the implant into it. The pocket is then filled with silicone gel. Once the implant is inserted, the surgeon will apply surgical tape to hold it in place.

The surgery can take about two months to heal. The implant may cause pain for a few weeks after the surgery. There may also be some bruising or bleeding. This is usually due to leaking blood vessels into the implant space.

The risk of complications is relatively low. Breast implants typically last ten years before they rupture. It is important to consult with your plastic surgeon if you are experiencing systemic or other symptoms.

Breast implants may cause problems, such as a poor asymmetry between the breasts or an allergic reaction. If these issues are not treated, they can affect your breasts’ appearance and function. The symptoms are usually temporary. You should be able to resolve them with treatment.

The most common complication is the capsular contracture. This occurs when the capsule around the implant thickens. This may lead to discomfort and may require surgery to remove the implant.

Other complications include infection and implant rupture. These complications can be prevented with proper follow-up. They may also be reversed if treated promptly.

The risk of complication was highest for implants used to prevent cancer. However, complications were less common for cosmetic implants.

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Costs of breast augmentation

Getting best plastic surgeon in Mumbai can be an expensive procedure. There are many factors that play into the cost of the surgery. The procedure is a complex one that requires a significant amount of time and attention. However, it can help women achieve the size and shape that they desire.

The average cost of breast augmentation in the United States in 2017 was $3,718. This price is not inclusive of anesthesia and facility costs. It is a good idea to get a detailed breakdown of the cost.

The costs of breast augmentation are influenced by many factors, including the location of the operation. Larger cities are more expensive than smaller ones. This is because they have a higher cost of living and also have more demand for services.

Choosing the right surgeon can also influence the cost of the surgery. Doctors with extensive experience will charge more than surgeons with less experience.


In general, the cost of breast augmentation is higher in larger cities because of the increased demand for services. However, if you live in a smaller town, you may pay less for the procedure.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery will also depend on the type of implants that you get. Implants that are made of sterile water, such as saline, cost less than those that are made of silicone gel.

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