Building a Diablo 2 Resurrection Paladin Build Guide | D2R Hammerdin Build

Hammerdin Build
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As the Hammerdin in Diablo 2 Resurrection, you’ll be able to Teleport to your enemies and spam the Blessed Hammer Combat Skill on them with relative ease.

Using this skill, the Paladin summons a hammer that spins around him, dealing massive damage to any enemies it comes into contact with. This skill is particularly effective against large groups of enemies. The damage output for each hammer can easily increase from 12k to 15k, which is a significant increase. You’ll be able to dispatch the majority of enemies with relative ease, even at /Players 8.

It is possible to move through the map at incredible speeds by combining the Teleportation Skill with Max FCR (Faster Cast Rate), which is made possible by the Enigma D2R ladder items. If you don’t have Enigma, you can instead use the Vigor Defensive Aura to increase your walking speed, which is more powerful than Enigma. It is critical that you walk because your Block is greatly reduced when you are running at high speeds.

In order to maximize the damage dealt by your Blessed Hammer, you’ll need to swap your Teleport skill for the Concentration Offensive Aura while attacking. This aura greatly increases the damage dealt by your Blessed Hammer. It should be noted that if you’re using a controller, you can have both of these Skills assigned to separate buttons, so this isn’t strictly necessary.

When starting at Lvl 40, this Diablo 2 Paladin Build is intended to be used for Nightmare and Hell difficulties, as well as other difficulties. You can begin judi bola gila the game with this build, but I personally recommend that you begin with our Holy Fire Build and then respec into this one. Although it is possible to respec into this build after you have already begun your journey, the quickest and most straightforward method of doing so is to claim the Den of Evil reward from Akara at the Rogue Encampment. You’ll be given three respecs, one for each difficulty level, and you’ll have to be on the same difficulty level to use them.

Stats for the Paladin Build Guide | Hammerdin

Similarly to the majority of builds in cheap Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items Resurrected, our stat distribution will be centered on allocating enough points into Strength to meet equipment requirements, enough points into Dexterity to reach Max Block, and then allocating everything else into Vitality in order to gain the greatest amount of life possible.

Your strength is only sufficient to operate your equipment. In large part, this will be determined by the equipment that you are employing, as well as the +Strength that you receive from the rest of your equipment.

Adaptability: You should be able to use your Adaptability to acquire Max Block (75%). This is dependent on your Shield, so I can’t give you a specific number, but make sure to first use your Holy Shield Skill and then assign points into agen 139 slot until you reach the 75% Cap Vitality: All remaining points should be spent here until you reach the 100% Cap Vitality:

If you don’t already have a Hellfire Torch or an Annihilus, I strongly advise you to acquire them as soon as possible. Even though perfectly rolled ones are extremely costly, it is possible to find cheaply rolled ones for a very reasonable price. Keep in mind that you should start with a low-rolling machine and then upgrade when you have enough money.

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Paladin Skills | Hammerdin Blessed Hammer | Paladin Build Guide

The Blessed Hammer Skill summons a magical hammer that spirals outwards, dealing damage to enemies in its path, with Undead enemies taking 150% more damage than normal. After hitting multiple enemies with the same hammer, the hammer spins around you, making a wider and wider turn until it vanishes completely. Because of the spin pattern, proper positioning is essential in order to use this skill effectively. The Teleport skill provided by the Enigma Runeword is the most effective option because it allows you to teleport directly upon enemies, ensuring that the hammer hits them as soon as Diablo 2 resurrected Runewords for sale spawns in the vicinity of them.

Effortful concentration

Shield of the Holy Spirit
This Skill increases your shield’s defense as well as its chance to block attacks. Because this provides diminishing returns, the number of points you’ll need to spend here in order to obtain Max Block will increase. The amount of +Skills provided by your equipment will determine your chance of success. At lvl 22, you’ll receive a +36% bonus from Holy Shield, so this might be a good number to use when doing the math. Simply add up the number of +Skills that you expect to receive from your gear and subtract that total from 22 to arrive at the answer. For example, if your equipment grants you +10 Skills, you perform 22 – 10 = 12. You’ll need to put 12 points into Holy Shield in order to get the maximum amount of block.

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Charge with vigor

This aura greatly increases your movement speed, and while you’re assigning points here to increase your Blessed Hammer Damage through synergies, it’s also a great alternative to Charge for navigating around the map without having to spend any mana to get where you want.
The ability to redeem yourself (optional)
If you’re having trouble with Mana, you can also spend 1 Skill point here to improve your situation. Using this Aura, you can purify your body while also receiving Life and Mana in exchange. The ability to quickly regenerate your mana while also eliminating bodies is extremely useful, but it should not be required if you have sufficient equipment to do so.
Given that this guide begins at Lvl 40, you’ll want to first concentrate on improving your Blessed Hammer and Concentration Skills, and then work towards completing Vigor and Blessed Aim, as each of them increases the magic damage done by your Blessed Hammer by 14% for every level above 40. Your skill points should total approximately 43 when you reach level 40 (39 from levels and 4 from quests).
98 skill points should be available at level 87, with 86 coming from Levels and the remaining 12 coming from Quests.

Paladin Equipment | Hammerdin Build Guide | Hammerdin

You’ll want to try to achieve a 125% FCR (Faster Cast Rate) with your equipment as your first objective. The Blessed Hammer Skill, like the majority of other skills in D2R Runewords, does not have a cooldown of its own. Instead, you’ll have to wait for your character to finish the cast animation before you can begin working on another one.

The amount of time it takes your character to cast a skill is determined by the Class. It will take 15 frames to cast each spell for Paladins if they do not have any FCR equipment on their person. It is true that when you equip something that provides Faster Cast Rate (FCR), the cast animation time is reduced by a percentage, but this will have little effect on gameplay unless you are also able to reduce the number of frames required to complete the animation.

Consequently, in order to reduce your cast time, you’ll need to find the FCR percentage breakpoints for each frame drop when attempting to reduce it. Because of this, the Paladin’s Frame Breakpoints are at 9%, 18%, 30%, 48%, 75%, and 125% FCR. This means that when your FCR is 125%, your casting animation will only require 9 frames to complete and begin a new cast. Even if it doesn’t appear to be that significant, each frame that is reduced will significantly increase the total number of hammers that we can cast in a given amount of time.

However, you can still be effective with a lower percentage of the total (125%), as shown in the example below. Keep in mind that unless you reach the 125% mark, any points you earn above 75% are meaningless because you’ll still be stuck at 10 frames, so making the most of your equipment will be essential. If you are close to the 125% mark, don’t be afraid to upgrade to an FCR ring, as this will significantly increase your damage output.

In order to focus on Chaos Runs, our second goal will be to max out our Resistances. Our third goal will be to either increase our Max Fire Resist or increase our Magic Find Chance, depending on our preferred method of doing so.

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What Mercenary to Choose and What Equipment to Utilize

For equipment, you’ll want to get an Insight Runeword for the weapon, a Fortitude Runeword for the armor, and Andarie’s Visage for the helmet, to name a few things. When you use the Insight Runeword, you gain Lvl 17 Meditation Aura, which significantly increases your mana recovery rate. This will allow you to free up ring slots for either Bul-kathos or FCR Rings, depending on your preference.

Final Recommendations

Your Blessed Hammer will always spawn on top of your left shoulder, regardless of your current location. As a result, it is best to teleport below enemies so that they are hit as soon as the spell is cast. Diablo 2 items my personal preference to run my belt with three Healing Potion columns and one Mana Potion column, but two Healing Potion and two Mana Potion is also an excellent strategy to consider. If everything is set up correctly, you shouldn’t need many Mana Potions. Your Mercenary receives the full benefit of the Concentration Aura, allowing him to hit with incredible force and precision. Whenever you come across a magic-resistant adversary, you can delegate the task to your mercenary. Keep in mind to walk to get the most Block Chance. Because you’ll be teleporting around the map, ‘s possible that you’ll forget to press the walk button. It is critical to do so in order to remain alive, as your Block is reduced to 1/3 while you are running. This build is intended for PVE, but it is also capable of performing well in PVP situations. Make sure to move around and avoid spamming too many Blessed Hammers at the same time.

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