Bye Bye, Double Chin: Non-Invasive Methods for Effective Removal 

Double Chin

Surgical and non-surgical double chin removal treatments facial liposuction surgery can help diminish submental fat, creating a tighter jawline for a fit look. These options may include facial liposuction surgery procedures.

Fat dissolving injections are one non-surgical option to consider for slimmer jaw and neck contouring, using deoxycholic acid to break down fat cells and dissolve them away. Meanwhile, neck lift surgery removes extra skin to create a slimmer profile around the jawline and neck area.


Liposuction is the premier way for permanent double chin removal. Through this procedure, fat is extracted from beneath the skin using needles, tubes and vacuums and removed permanently – with immediate and lasting results as fat cells do not regenerate over time.

Another surgical option available to you is a neck lift, which tightens skin surrounding your chin and jawline for a more defined appearance. Unfortunately, however, its effects won’t last as long.

A weekend facelift involves extracting excess skin from the lower parts of your face and neck to remove extra folds, double chin fat removal, tighten loose skin, or tighten loose muscles.

Facelift surgery entails making small incisions in order to pull skin taut, often leaving patients feeling tight afterward and possibly needing drains for up to 2 days in order to reduce fluid build-up. Although not painful, you should be back home within several hours after completion.

Approved injectable treatment

An FDA-approved injectable treatment to eliminate excess sub-chin fat. Ideal for those living an active lifestyle and eating healthily but have developed moderate to severe double chin fat, this nonsurgical procedure uses multiple injections of into your sub-chin area in order to dissolve fat cells that store or accumulate fat and improve your chin contour permanently. Patients generally need at least 6 treatments spaced out a month apart in order to see results from treatments.

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For maximum effectiveness, this procedure works best if your skin has excellent elasticity, says our best Dermatologist in Mumbai. In order to preserve the look achieved from this treatment, weight gain must be avoided following treatment so as to preserve your new sculpted profile. Neck lift surgery can be performed either alone or combined with facelift for surgical double chin reduction; it involves extracting excess fatty tissue from the neck area as well as tightening skin over jowls and tightening jowls by extracting unwanted fat cells that cause double chins.


A procedure, reduces double chins by targeting fat cells responsible. The procedure is generally safe and requires no downtime for most patients; you may experience tugging or pinching sensations, intense cold, skin sensitivity, redness and swelling in the treatment area; these side effects should subside within days or weeks, says our best Dermatologist in Mumbai.

A neck lift is a surgical option to address double chins. The procedure entails removing excess skin and tightening muscles in the neck to create smoother results. A combination of liposuction with neck lifting may produce optimal results.

Chin implants may help eliminate double chins by giving the face more defined contours. However, it should not be seen as a weight-loss method and used alongside diet and exercise to achieve results. Furthermore, it’s ineffective at helping those who are overweight – so the key is finding treatments tailored specifically to your needs while working toward maintaining a healthy weight.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is one of the most extensive surgical options for eliminating double chins. Cosmetic surgeons will perform this procedure to simultaneously eliminate fat deposits and tighten skin for a slimmer, more defined jawline and neck contour. It’s often best suited for individuals who have recently shed significant amounts of weight while possessing adequate skin elasticity.

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A platysmaplasty procedure is used, in which small incisions are made near the ears and beneath the chin to allow a plastic surgeon to tighten muscles, remove extra fat deposits, tighten underlying fasciae and close all incisions with sutures.


An effective way to determine your candidacy for a neck lift is meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation visit. He or she can explain all your available options and answer any questions or address concerns you have about recovery; expect some swelling and bruising, but this should pass with time.

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