Can Casinos control crypto slot machines?

Can Casinos control crypto slot machines?
Can Casinos control crypto slot machines?
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There are several advantages to playing <a href=””>online crypto slots</a>. The slots have completely random results, and what’s more, they are unpredictable. You can hit the jackpot, and there is absolutely nothing to do but bet. However, many players still have no idea how these games work.

Moreover, many players wonder “Can casinos control crypto slot machines?” A common answer to this question could be the statement that you don’t have to worry about whether or not casinos control crypto slots if this site has a license. Also, you don’t have to worry if the casino has fair play. Let’s take a closer look at these aspects so you’ll have no doubts.

How do crypto slots work?

To operate slots in today’s world, various programs are used to generate functions and outcomes. Each outcome and round in a slot is generated by Random Number Generator (RNG). This software constantly generates numbers that are translated into a language the slot can understand, and as a result, you see the results of the spins. Whether you play with fiat money or cryptocurrency, the general principle will always be the same.

Provably Fair in crypto slots

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It is worth noting that the round generated is in no way dependent on the previous result. A new, independent number will always be generated. This allows the results to be as random as possible. However, you should be aware that there is only one parameter in the RNG that allows you to factor in the casino’s advantage. For the players to be sure that the RNG works properly and doesn’t generate erroneous sequences, various Gaming Commissions and licensees require RNG certification and audits. This way it is immediately clear where there are deviations. If errors are detected, the casino will not receive a license until these problems are corrected. This will guarantee honesty and transparency for the players.

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Provably Fair is essentially a special technology with provable fairness. It is based on cryptographic functions and allows you to guarantee that BTC casino is operating with integrity. This tool only works within the games and does not extend in any way to the services of the site, protection of player funds or code security. One important factor that helps players trust Provably Fair technology is the various audits from the Gaming Commissions, which help in understanding the degree of compliance.

Provably Fair functions using the SHA-256 cryptographic encryption algorithm. The same technology is used in the blockchain of the most famous cryptocurrency-Bitcoin. This feature in crypto slots means that there is no chance for the casino to influence the outcome of the round, as it is generated before the start of the round and is already determined. The operation of Fair Play is based on three fundamental criteria:

  1. The server Seed is a random number generated by the gaming platform. To place a bet the player can only download the hash of the generated round
  2. Client Seed is a number that has been generated before a bet is placed. This is usually generated on the player’s side
  3. A special crypto value. It will increase each time you place a new bet. When you set the Server Seed to 0, the Special Crypto value will also be reset to zero. 

This is how it works in the case of Bitcoin casino:

  • The cryptocurrency platform uses the RNG to generate a number, which is subsequently hashed and transmitted to the player before a bet is made
  • The browser in which the client plays is randomly created a deviation, which is also hashed and used on the casino website at the time of betting
  • The player in turn receives information that allows all the data about the round that has been generated to be deciphered. The results can then be checked for a match.
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Well-known gaming platforms such as 7BitCasino, Mirax, or KatsuBet offer a special <a href=””>”Provably fair games”</a> page. Here there is detailed information about how each round is generated and under what conditions the result is encrypted. 

Essentially, the validation process itself is based on deciphering the parameters, the correctness of which will indicate the fairness and transparency of the gaming platform. You can compare the correctness of the data by copying the hash from the game and decrypting it in any online service like and then comparing the results with the ones you see in the casino. If you get different data from the generated data, however, it will mean that the algorithms are controlled by the casino.


So it can be summarized as follows. No, casinos cannot directly control crypto slot machines as they operate on a decentralized blockchain network. However, they can program the games to have a certain house edge and payout percentage. Be responsible when choosing a casino in which you play and first check whether the chosen casino has a license, whether the gambling providers on this site have a license, and only then make a decision to play for money. Good luck in the game.

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