Whitelist and AirDrop: what is it and what are proxies for when working with these services

Whitelist and AirDrop: what is it and what are proxies for when working with these services
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You have probably heard about cryptocurrency, but want to know more about how it works. Indeed, for an ordinary user, this is a dense forest – “people are bred for money, you can’t earn money on a crypt” and other fairy tales. The legend that there is no money on the Internet has long outlived its usefulness. In order for the reader to be convinced of this personally, we will talk about two ways to mine cryptocurrency – Whitelist and AirDrop. To get the most out of each example, we need a proxy server that will allow an anonymous connection and the ability to do multi-accounting – creating many profiles. The Proxys.io service is one of the best intermediate server rental shops on the market: prompt technical support, moneyback or product replacement in case of a malfunction, and a wide range that will not leave you indifferent.

What is AirDrop and Whitelist

Despite the youth of the crypt, it is actively used to make transactions and even pay for purchases in stores. There is an opinion that investing in crypto now is a risky business, they say you need big investments, but no. For skeptics, there are ways that allow you to receive cryptocurrency for free.

AirDrop is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a crypto project and a user. The bottom line is that users are socially active in order to draw attention to the product. Most often, this is a repost or subscription to a channel, storage of cryptocurrency on the project, transactions. As payment for activity, participants receive tokens, which can later be converted into rubles, dollars or other currencies.

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Whitelist is a list of participants who have met certain conditions and are allowed to buy coins at an early stage of project development, as well as participate in AirDrop. However, the possibility of buying a crypt is raffled between Whitelist participants, we are talking about a token sale. Token sale is the process of buying coins at the initial stage of sales. This is done with the aim of further resale for a more impressive amount. But the problem is that there are always more people who want to buy coins than the tokens themselves, so the distribution is randomly distributed between all investors.

How to increase income from WhiteList and AirDrop

To get the maximum feedback, let’s resort to using a proxy server, which gives an anonymous connection and the ability to create a number of profiles that are comfortable for work. Additional accounts kill two birds with one stone – you earn more coins and increase your chances of participating in the Whitelist.

Cryptoplatforms are categorically against multi-accounting and ban all unscrupulous participants. This is where the main function of the proxy server opens – this is the substitution of the IP address and geolocation, because of which the protective mechanisms will not find a connection between the grid of accounts and will assume that each account has its own owner.

Which proxies are suitable for Whitelist and AirDrop

The best is a mobile proxy. Since the security mechanisms of crypto projects are at a high level and are constantly being improved, it becomes more and more difficult to outwit them. In the case of a mobile proxy, you get a new, unique IP address at regular intervals, or upon request. This will not work with server proxies – they have a static (that is, not changing) address and differ from the IP of ordinary users.

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