Canada Gift Basket Ordering Guide – All You Need To Know

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Over time life has become hectic and very fast. Due to that, we tend to forget things while trying our best to keep the right work-life balance. Still, with several occasions to keep track of every year, managing things can be challenging. 

Gift selection and shopping are among one of those difficulties that everyone goes through. However, gift baskets have made things a lot easier. They are not just very thoughtful gift options that carry the element of uniqueness but are also quite time-saving. 

To help you and make your gift basket shopping experience smooth, here’s everything you need to know about ordering gift baskets online. 

#1: Recipient and type of gift basket

When searching for a gift basket online in Canada,  the first thing to keep in mind is the recipient. Do you want to send a gift basket to someone in Canada? ( this company delivers ) Do they have any allergies or dietary conditions? Are they wine lovers, or do they prefer champagne? Do they have a sweet tooth for chocolates and candies, or would they like savoury gourmet snacks? 

These things will help you decide on the right type of gift basket. There’s a wide range of gift basket options, from wine gift baskets and chocolate gift baskets to spa gift baskets, baby baskets and many more. 

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#2: What’s the occasion 

Instead of choosing a random gift basket, ask yourself, what’s the occasion you’re ordering a gift for? Is it Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, Canada day, a baby shower, a promotion, a corporate event, Valentine’s day, New Year, a housewarming or a sympathy occasion? 

Having the occasion in mind will help you select the right gift basket theme and further narrow down your options, as there are 1000s of gift baskets offered by the top Canadian gift basket companies like GiftBasketStore.CA. Also, this will make the gift basket selection process faster. 

#3: Shop online for ultimate convenience

If you want to buy or send a gift basket in either Canada or the US, the best and most convenient option would be to find an online gift basket store in Canada that offers fast shipping services. The top 3 Canadian gift basket delivery companies offer free shipping over 99 CAD and same-day delivery services along with seasonal discounts. 

You can explore their websites to select the right gift baskets, which will help you save money on the present you want to give. Your recipient is sure to appreciate both the thoughtfulness and savings!

#4: Check reviews

Gift baskets have been very popular in Canada, and that’s why a large number of companies have opened up offering gift basket delivery services. However, not all online gift basket stores offer the same quality of services and products. 

So, make sure to check the reviews and ratings of the gift basket company before finalizing your purchase. You can check authentic reviews on TrustPilot, Google and other review websites.

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#5: Check the delivery time

When you’re buying a gift basket, it’s crucial to take shipping into account. Because some occasions are time-sensitive and you can’t afford to miss the delivery on the right day. 

Also, people tend to forget dates and, as a last resort, want the gift basket delivery right away. Then it’s vital to check the delivery time of the gift basket company and ensure they offer same-day delivery service or not. 

#6: Read the return policy

Lastly, check the return policy of the company. See if they offer any return and refund services or not. The top gift basket delivery companies in Canada usually offer a 5-7 days return policy with terms and conditions applied. 

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