Caravan Magazine wins the Shorenstein Journalism Award for 2023

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Caravan Magazine wins the Shorenstein Journalism Award for 2023

Friday,5 May 2023, Bengaluru, India

The Caravan, India’s top publication for long-form narrative journalism, has been named the recipient of the 2023 Shorenstein Journalism Prize, according to the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) at Stanford University. Hartosh Singh Bal, the magazine’s executive editor, will receive the Shorenstein Award from APARC at a public ceremony and debate at Stanford in the autumn quarter of 2023.

 Hartosh Singh Bal, the magazine's executive editor
Hartosh Singh Bal (Image source: Stanford)

The Shorenstein Prize, sponsored by APARC, recognizes journalists or media organizations who have made a substantial contribution to a better knowledge of Asia via exceptional reporting on important topics impacting the area.

In line with this goal, The Caravan’s editors and writers have persistently and bravely revealed ground-breaking articles about subjects including the persecution of religious minorities in India, farmer suicides, labor rights, and the growing challenges to democratic institutions. check out a release.

“Despite intimidation and harassment from the government, The Caravan continues to document the erosion of democracy and human rights in India,” said Stanford sociologist Gi-Wook Shin

“The magazine’s team of intrepid editors and reporters demonstrates the highest level of journalistic integrity and excellence. It is our honor to recognize it with the 2023 Shorenstein Journalism Award.”said Stanford sociologist Gi-Wook Shin

The Caravan’s executive editor, Hartosh Singh Bal, who had served as the publication’s political editor for ten years, is also honored for his achievements. Bal is a sharp observer of Indian politics and society who has written for The Indian Express, Tehelka, and Mail Today, in addition to serving as the political editor of Open magazine. Waters Close Over Us, A Trip Down the Narmada, and A Certain Ambiguity, A Mathematical Novel are both written by him. He received math and engineering training.

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The Shorenstein Prize, which includes a $10,000 cash award and is given out yearly by APARC, celebrates the memory of Mr. Walter H. Shorenstein, the organization’s founder, and his dual interests in advancing journalistic quality and understanding of Asia. The Caravan was chosen as the award’s recipient for 2023 by the selection committee, which took notice of the fact that Mr. Bal and the publication were forced to lead the final stand of courageous investigative journalism in India.

The members of the committee are Raju Nari, senior lecturer in audio-visual journalism culture and communication at the University of Melbourne, Louisa Lim, Hearst Professor of Communication and chair of the Department of Communication at Stanford University, and William Dobson, co-editor of the Journal of Democracy, Anna Fifield, the editor of the Asia-Pacific region for The Washington Post and recipient of the 2018 Shorenstein Journalism Award.

The Shorenstein award has previously been awarded to twenty-one journalists, most recently Emily Feng, Beijing correspondent for NPR, Swe Win, editor-in-chief of the independent Burmese news outlet Myanmar Now, Tom Wright, co-author of the best-selling book Billion Dollar Whale and a seasoned Asia reporter, and Nobel Prize winner Maria Ressa, CEO and executive editor of the Philippines-based news outlet Rappler.

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