Care instructions to keep your plants healthy through pruning


Do you ever wonder why some yards look clean all year round? It might be that the owner is a hard-working gardener or some just hire a professional landscaper to maintain it. Nevertheless, as a homeowner, it is your task to ensure that your yard is free from rubbish and that your plants are well nourished.

A garden that looks neat and well-manicured reflects how the owner is at home. This is a challenge to those who want to have an appealing backyard. For those who just had a new house or even transferred to one, a garden seems to be a good idea. Hiring a landscaper to design your lawn is exciting, but how about after the job is done? Maintenance comes after this task.

Mr. Natural is a landscaping company that does not just make your backyard look ravishing. They also offer general garden maintenance services on the Sunshine Coast for those who are unable to do it themselves, or those who want a professional to handle the job. Tasks like pruning and trimming are just some of the procedures they perform. To better understand why your plants need to undergo these procedures, here are some facts to read, and ponder.

What is pruning?

It is a landscaping or gardening procedure where branches or stems are cut out to make those parts even. It is a maintenance and preventive process for newly grown and mature plants. This is an important method in keeping your plants well-trimmed and growing healthy. Furthermore, regular pruning protects your plants from overgrowth, damage, and from pests.

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Types of pruning


This is done to trees that have extended their branches in a low-lying way. This may occupy some space in your driveway or pathway which may cause accidents from stumbling into them. Cutting them will help create more space while improving the visual aspect of the area.


This method is done by cutting selective branches from their origin. This will allow the management of growth and improve light penetration which will make way for healthy new growth of the part that was removed.


This process is mainly done to trees that have grown tall enough to reach power lines. This might be hazardous and dangerous for those who are living near the vicinity. Reducing the length of the tree while preserving it will prevent untoward events from happening. Safety is the priority of this procedure.


If you are planning to grow a tree in the desired direction, this approach is recommended. Topping is done by cutting or removing most of the branches up to the trunk. This is mostly performed for young trees.

Benefits of Pruning

Boost plant growth and health

Pruning your shrubs and trees by cutting or removing dead branches and parts will allow new branches to grow that are healthier. Proper pruning will have a positive effect on your plants as long as it is done regularly and properly. It will also prevent pests from infesting or infiltrating parts of your plants.

Safety for family and property

Your garden should be free from dead branches that may fall at any time which may result in accidents or damage. Regular pruning will help prevent this from happening. Overgrowth of trees and shrubs may hinder proper visualization in your area. Pruning them will not just make your plant neat, but will also improve the path along your driveway or walkway. Lastly, it will help avoid snakes and pests from making your overgrown plants their habitat.

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Maintain your landscape

Every plant in your area is part of the landscape that needs maintenance. Pruning is just one of the processes of maintaining your yard. This method will allow branches to grow healthy and promotes fruit and flower production. It will keep your plants growing in proportion while promoting a good appearance.

It will also maintain the landscaping layout that was done in your yard. The appealing look of your landscape backyard will be maintained as long as your plant’s size and growth are controlled.

Why do you need a professional to prune your plants?

You might think that pruning is easy to do by just following some guide videos which you can retrieve easily on the Internet. A do-it-yourself pruning might result in damage or an accident.

Reaching for branches and climbing is required to do this task. Improper execution of this procedure will result in untimely injury. This may also damage the plant and hinder them from growing healthy, if not done correctly.

Why stress yourself with this task? Prevent injury and damage. Contact a professional garden maintenance services provider like Mr. Natural. Book with them for a free consultation.

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