Career Options After 12th Commerce: Best Career Opportunities to Pursue

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This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2022

Have you recently completed your class 12 or are about to start and are unsure which stream to pursue? Are you struggling with finding the most suitable career option? Do not worry. You are not the only one. Deciding on a career option as a class 12 student is one of the most important and stressful decisions you will ever have to make.

Science and technology careers possess a unique charisma that often tempts students to pursue their 12th standard education with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, commonly called PCB. Another extremely popular field of study is Humanities which is often identified as the foundation for various respectable professions in society such as litterateurs, historians, social scientists, and many more.

The field of commerce is a duly misunderstood and underappreciated stream of education, despite having numerous lucrative career opportunities. Here, we present you a comprehensive list of various career options you can avail of after completing your class 12 education, with a special emphasis on commerce as your area of specialization.

Career options after 12th science (PCB)

The Science and technology professional area is one of the most overcrowded areas with millions of hopeful students entering the global arena every year. With class 12th education in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you have the opportunity to pursue some traditionally coveted professions, as well as emergent opportunities. These include:

  • Engineer – After completing your class 12 studies, you can always pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. It is one of the most diverse areas of further studies and has numerous career options. For instance, a civil engineering degree will allow you to contribute to the ever-evolving city skyline across the world. As an engineer, you could also pursue a future career in research and technology, and help uplift the human community with your pioneering research and technological innovation.
  • Doctor – The recent pandemic highlighted an extremely significant fact – the world can never have too many doctors. With thousands of new diseases emerging every day, while existing ailments continue to claim millions of lives, the global requirement for doctors will always be high. Thus, your 12th-standard education in biology will help you pursue a degree in medicine and pursue one of the most respected and coveted jobs.
  • IT jobs – The world is currently witnessing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. All over the world, the demand for IT professionals is increasing exponentially, with many emergent specialist areas. One such field is that of data scientist which is one of the highest-paid jobs you can pursue after your 12th degree in science. Thus, after finishing your class 12 studies, pursue a degree in computer science and avail of several lucrative professional opportunities.
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Career options after 12th humanities

Humanities is a rich educational field with unlimited learning and career opportunities. a 12th standard degree in humanities makes you eligible to pursue some highly respectable jobs which may also allow you to make a direct contribution to society. Some of the most lucrative career opportunities following a humanities education are:

  • Historians – If you have a knack for delving into the past and finding out more about the story of humans in the world, the career of a historian is a suitable option for you. After completing your class 12, pursue a suitable graduate degree and set out on the journey of uncovering hidden truths about humanity. As a historian, you also have the opportunity to work as an academician who encourages the modern generation to learn more about their ancestors. Additionally, 12th standard humanities background can also be coupled with a specialist degree in archaeology, which will further enhance your journey to the human past.
  • Lawyer – Although it is a misconception that for a law degree one must have a humanities education, it is a common professional choice for students in this stream. A lawyer is one of the most lucrative career opportunities an individual could ask for. Law is again a diverse field of education and provides various career options. You may either join a corporate law firm or work as a public prosecutor or start your law firm. Irrespective of which way you follow, you have the opportunity to help perpetuate justice in society.
  •  Social scientist – It is a unique professional opportunity in which the learner gets an opportunity to closely observe humanity and its various aspects. These individuals study all present and past aspects of society and correlate them with human behavior. For a career as a social scientist, you are expected to have a commendable understanding of human psychology, economics, anthropology, and history. Thus, social scientists often have the opportunity of becoming policy planners and analysts for government agencies.
  • Psychologists – This refers to a group of experts who have an intricate understanding of human behavior and psychology, which allows them to deal with various psychological anomalies. Nowadays, there is an alarming rise in the number of people suffering from psychological disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Psychologists can help these people find their way back to a happy and healthy life.
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Career options after 12th commerce

Studying in the field of commerce provides a student with the opportunity to learn about the various intricacies of the global field of industry, commerce and economics. As a commerce student, you have the opportunity to explore highly diversified career opportunities in various areas. Some such career options may include:

  • Accountants – With the number of businesses across the world increasing every year, the need for bookkeepers continues to prevail. An accountant plays a crucial role in determining the financial security of businesses and individuals alike. They maintain financial records and accounts, handle taxation-related calculations and file returns. An accountant has a wholesome idea of the financial condition of an individual or an organisation and plays a crucial role in the effective management of invaluable resources. Owing to the highly sensitive nature of the job, accountants are expected to display commendable expertise in their profession for which they bring in a hefty paycheque. It is one of the most lucrative job opportunities for a commerce student and a graduate degree in accountancy and taxation may prove especially beneficial.
  •  Investment banker – This is a promising career opportunity for commerce students.  As an investment banker, you have the opportunity to implement their financial prowess, analytical expertise, and exquisite communication skills. You help your employers make beneficial investments, raise adequate capital or guide them through any merger or acquisition process. Thus, in this career, you get to play a key role in raising sufficient capital and undertaking efficient business expansion and development. Being asked to advise about key financial decisions, investment bankers are required to display remarkable expertise and be handsomely compensated for the same.
  • Financial analysts – These individuals play a diverse and multifaceted professional role. it requires them to gather, organize and analyze financial information to develop suitable investment models. They often make financial forecasts which determine the profitability of investment decisions. A financial analyst prepares detailed analytical reports of stock performance which help potential investors to make the best use of their investment opportunities. Financial firms and investment agencies employ financial analysts to help their clients manage their funds and investments effectively. Expected to have prowess over multiple financial decision-making aspects, a financial analyst brings in a handsome average annual income.
  • Actuarial scientist – This is a newly developing professional field where one is tasked with evaluating risks and ascertaining the economic stability of an individual or an organization. Actuaries use mathematical models and risk evaluation methodologies to help their clients minimize the risks of an unprecedented event. These professionals play a key role in designing and developing insurance and investment policies while minimizing the chances of such interactions for their clients. Thus, actuarial scientists are responsible for effectively managing and minimizing the risks of their client’s financial investments and constitute one of the most in-demand professional roles in the current professional arena.
  • Business Management – After completing our 12th standard education in commerce, a bachelor’s degree in business administration/management is one of the most common educational options. This degree includes various specializations each concerning a different business process. Thus, a career in business management will let you explore managerial roles in financial services, human resources, sales and marketing, communication and public relations, and many more. Get a master’s degree in this field and you will become one of the most sought-after professionals in the world.
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After completing their class 12th education, students have a world full of opportunities and possibilities ahead of them. Making a career choice at this stage is likely to be one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make in your life. Thus, if you have a commerce education background, do not worry for numerous lucrative career options are waiting ahead of you. Relax your mind, take a look at our list, and set out to pursue your dreams. All the best!

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