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CB Engine Reviews(Pros and Cons)

CB Engine Reviews : (Pros and Cons)

This post was most recently updated on December 22nd, 2021

ClickBank may be a huge library of e-books, software, and other digital products. It contains thousands of products that you simply can freely promote as a ClickBank affiliate. this is often where CB Engine comes in and helps affiliate marketers find the best-selling products on ClickBank.

you’ll easily get a professional membership for $ 27, which is extremely cheap and this $ 27 investment is worth several thousand dollars that you simply can easily earn with the simplest ClickBank products. So surely you’ll try CB Engine.

What is the affiliate market?

It is an area where you’ll find information about various products offered by providers and details about the affiliate program they provide to market their product, the affiliate commissions you’ll make per sale, per potential customer, etc.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you would like to market products on your blog or website in order that you’ll earn an honest amount of cash, then you want to become an affiliate of these products through which you’ll promote and earn.

But, it’s not always possible to look for a product online to seek out it then enroll in their affiliate program individually because it takes an extended time (you take the time to request it individually + the time it takes them to validate your website for control quality then approve).

This is here Clickbank Comes to play

ClickBank may be a huge library of e-books, software, and other digital products. It contains thousands of products that you simply can freely promote as a ClickBank affiliate

Good news: you’ll make tons of affiliate sales

Bad news: there’s tons of competition

This process is time-consuming (time = $$), so if you do not want to waste time, you’ll approach  ClickBank Market Place to maximize your affiliate commission. this is often excellent news for affiliates because you’ll find all affiliate products in one place and even products that you simply haven’t heard of before.

The markets are very crowded now, it’s difficult to urge the foremost out of their products, and that they have also strengthened the approval process within the markets.

Also, if you finish the entire process and begin promoting, there’s no guarantee that you simply are going to be successful in making sales. Because you’ll not know the demand for the merchandise and if you promote the incorrect product, you’re wasting some time (= $$). Let’s start with the Detailed CB Engine Review 2021 which incorporates detailed information on the CB engine.

CB Engine reviews

The good news and therefore the bad news program us a big incontrovertible fact that there’s a market to form money, but it’s also filled with people. If we will find a path that will guide us to a profitable product, then we will easily succeed. it’s possible? This post would answer this million-dollar question.

The answer to the gesture may be a tool that will assist you to filter the products and analyze their sales within the market. additionally, it also can guide you in choosing the very best paying product within the best-selling category to maximize your income. and therefore the tool is CB Engine

This post may be a complete review of that tool to assist you to maximize your income through ClickBank. So, hurry to the subsequent part if you’re a ClickBank affiliate and if you’re not a ClickBank Affiliate then register as a ClickBank affiliate. It’s free and straightforward to check-in for them then start earning through ClickBank with the assistance of CB Engine.

What is CBEngine?

CB Engine may be a ClickBank resource tool that gives you the reports, data, and metrics that ClickBank doesn’t directly disclose which helps affiliates maximize their sales by promoting conversion products rather than being with non-converting ones.

Why doesn’t ClickBank disclose the metrics?

The marketplaces need to satisfy the vendors who are promoting and paying for the markets and if they did disclose the metrics themselves, there would be an enormous impact on product sales because they avoided disclosing the info.

Advantages of CBEngine

The best part about CBEngine is that it makes your life easier by helping you discover and promote high-profit and converting products. the simplest thing though is that it’ll open the doors to the niche, which is usually ignored by many of us thanks to a scarcity of awareness of that niche.

The paid version opens the doors to several other features that you simply can enjoy during your affiliate journey.

Cons of CBEngine

The tools are best in school, but they will still be better, like providing more ways to save lots of a user’s historical product searches in order that they are often mentioned within the future.

• If the tools are often improved to notify users of the foremost popular products rather than users voluntarily checking out them, then it might be an honest solution.

• If some mail activation function is enabled, like when the payment of a product is bigger than $, an alert of the conditions of my email is easy to write down, which might facilitate the work of the users rather than competing with the opposite CB Engine users.

Affiliate product types

If you’re an affiliate then the products you would like to market can broadly belong to the subsequent category

High affiliate commission Paying + Best selling products

High commission + low / normal sale

Low commission + trade book

Low commission + Low / normal sale

It is difficult to understand which product belongs to which category, but CB Engine has the potential to steer you to categorization and from then on you’ll decide which product to market. this will lead you to affiliate treasure.

CB Engine provides the aforementioned functionality through the subsequent tools. I’ll walk you thru those tools now so you’ll get the foremost out of how they work. and the way are you able to make them work for you?

Recent gravity

Vendor Payout

List of latest products

Precise filter

Recent gravity tool

Recent Severity – Chart the shape tool will assist you in easily find the conversion rate and percentage for a selected product. The conversion rate or demand for a product varies widely counting on its type, period of time, and quality; for instance, air conditioning conversion rates would be higher in summer than compared to winter.

Similarly, the frequency conversion is very hooked into the period of time and if it’s not a commonly used product, you can’t estimate the amount during which it’s sold at the utmost and miss out on an exquisite opportunity. This chart form tool lists the merchandise conversion rate within the sort of a chart.

You can easily distinguish between the high converting product and its long converting time. If you’ll fully specialize in that product perfectly, then you’ll easily skyrocket your income through affiliate sales.

ClickBank Market Place Vendor Pay / Commission Calculator

As we’ve discussed, about the various sorts of affiliate products above, if you do not look out of the supplier payment or affiliate commission, then albeit you create tons of sales, you’ll find yourself with minimal income. This tool can assist you to find the simplest paying provider and the way your payments vary.

For example, payments to suppliers very consistent with the amount of your time, to impress affiliates to the market their maximum product can vary their payment. By using this tool, you’ll easily understand payment variation patterns and plan accordingly.

The recent Gravity tool and Vendor Pay should be utilized in combination to maximize revenue as their combination directs you to the very best Vendor Pay product over a highly demanded period of your time.

List of latest products

Knowing the launch of a replacement product are often very profitable because the competition promoting the merchandise is extremely low. If you’ll promote the merchandise well, you’ll easily make an honest number of sales. it’s not always possible to understand the products that are getting to be launched.

CB Engine’s new product listing would take under consideration market trends through the ClickBank marketplace and beyond to spot the likelihood of which product might be released within the near future and supply you with those details. This information can allow you to plan a product review well beforehand of launch, in order that you do not need to rush like most others after product launch; you’ll simply promote your review immediately after launch.

It’s almost like promoting Black Friday deals long before Black Friday to urge the foremost out of Black Friday Sale.

Precise filter

Sometimes you’ll not find the specified product in ClickBank’s search because the search is dominated by the provider’s payment factor. While CB Engine Precise Filter isn’t much, it might list the merchandise you’ve got looked for with no payment parameters influencing the search results.

This tool helps you discover the products of the providers that pay the foremost to affiliates instead of ClickBank to urge your product listed at the highest of the search results.

CB Press Plugin

CB Press plugin is one of the best plugins available in the market for getting ClickBank marketplace to your WordPress dashboard.


According to my, this is the best tool in the market that can help you make the maximum utilization of your affiliate marketplace. The tools it provides make your road very clear on what to promote and what not to promote (which is most important)?

If you are an affiliate marketer then you can for sure give it a try and notice how it can boost your affiliate sales as well as revenue as sales aren’t always directly proportional to the profit.

I hope you found this CB Engine Review helpful! Do let me know your experience with ClickBank in the comments below



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