Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Malaysia in 2021

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country rich in culture, heritage, architecture, sports, infrastructure, media, and entertainment. Kuala Lumpur is its national capital and it shares borders with cities like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam. Malaysia is also home to many travel, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and digital marketing sectors.

Every country in the world is gradually adapting itself to digitalization and online marketing after the rise of the pandemic. Digital media has not only bridged the distance gap between people but has also eased the level of operations of various sectors. So, let us discover the list of the top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Malaysia in 2021.



Shock Media Studio is a private digital marketing company founded by Vince Tan in 2012. The company consists of 50 employees and has its headquarters in Puchong, Malaysia. Its main aim is to assist every business to achieve desired results and earn maximum profit. It intends to empower more than 10K+ small and medium enterprises, and provide more than 1 Lakh job opportunities. 

They believe that every marketing agency must earn more and more profits so that it can open more branches, hire more workforces, and serve more customers. So far, they have helped more than 600+ business firms in expansion and diversification. The plans and strategies formulated by the experienced team, and the services offered by them, are the main reason behind the success of the company.

Some of the services offered by Shock Media Studio include SEO, SEM, SMM, Website Development, GMB & Facebook Advertising, Retargeting, and Business Consultation. The company has collaborated with many business associations since its foundation and helped them achieve desired results. Some of their prominent associates include Dr. Ko, Eco World, Padini, Maybank, Vista Eye Specialist, Le Cordon Bleu, and Kaneka Malaysia. 



ZoeWebs is a successful digital marketing company founded by YY Lee in the year 2007. It has its headquarters in Penang, Malaysia, and serves both local and international business firms. The company specializes in graphic designing and assists small and large-scale businesses. Their main aim is to constantly improve their marketing strategies and become a strong competitor for the rest of the digital marketing companies.

The company has an experienced team of 50 members who design high-quality strategies and find accurate solutions to the problems of their clients. Some of their specialties include SEO, SMM, PPC, Domain Registration, and Hosting Services, Web designing, E-commerce solutions, Google Ad Words, and Facebook & Email Marketing. 

ZoeWebs also provides services like Copy Writing, Website & App Development, SSL Certification, and Internet Marketing. It has successfully adapted to the changing trends and technologies for the last 12 years after rigorous learning and improvement. Some of their key clients till now are GTP Consultants, JCI Malaysia, Famme Galant, Dr. Lee Clinic, Red Rock Hotel, SGT Food, Suzuki, and Fuji Elevators.CHRONOS AGENCY



In 2017, Joshua Chin founded a digital marketing company and named it Chronos Agency. The company has its headquarters in Midview City, Singapore, and an expert team of more than 50+ members from all over the world. Its main area of operation revolves around email marketing and social media marketing. They have a competent team of email marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters who work together in designing accurate campaigns and strategies for their clients.

The email marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and back-end consultations have helped more than 200+ ecommerce websites to increase their revenue by 30%. The company also assists the clients in creating an email marketing campaign on their own by providing them with essential marketing tools. Some of their successful collaborations include Somme Ray, Keratin, Rossi Nail, Wow Skin Science, Pandora’s Box, Avlon King, and Paul Rich.



Light Up 7 is a famous creative digital marketing company that came into existence in 2014 and has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main aim of the company is to assist its clients in representing their brands digitally. The expert team of more than 50+ member’s creates branding and advertising strategies together. The plans and the campaigns created by the experts help provide a digital presence to the branded products.

The creative advertisements and branding techniques contribute to brand awareness and attract more trusted customers thereby increasing business profits. Light Up7 also provides services like Data Analytics, Mobile App & Website Development, Event Management, Media Buying, and Video & Photography. Some of their distinguished clients include PETRONAS, Astro, Hitachi, and Beats by Dr. Dre, Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Epsom College, and Malaysia Airports.


silver mouse.png

In 2014 Perihal CK Wong founded a digital marketing agency and named it Silver Mouse. It has its headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and focuses on converting retail brands into digital brands. The company specializes in providing consultation, advertisement creation, video production, and e-commerce management. It also provides services to various sectors such as B2B, healthcare, hotel, art & media, and entertainment sectors.

Some of the services offered by Silver Mouse Company include Animation, SEM, SMM, and Auditing & Coaching, Mail chimp Planning, CRM, and SEO Optimization. The company has provided services to various prestigious companies and has assisted them in generating high revenues. Some of their trusted clients include L’Oreal, Epson, Amway, Essano, Kewpie, TechData, Attana Hotels, and Banyan Tree.


nexus mediaworks.jpg

Nexus Media works is one of the leading digital marketing companies founded by Francis Lui in 2005. It has its headquarters in Puchong, Malaysia, and various offices in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. The company helps its clients in developing their website from the origin and takes it to the publishing stage. The plans and strategies formulated by the expert team of the company allow its clients to capture the attention of the customers and generate high revenues.

Nexus Media works Agency offers specialized services like SEO, PPC, SMM, CRO, Website Development, Video Marketing, Google Analytics, and UI/UX Development. It has served more than 1500+ clients all over the world. Some of its prestigious associations include Bonia, Birkenstock, OCBC Bank, SOGO, SIEMENS, Total Image, and MidValley Megamall. It is a certified Google Ad words Premier Partner and has also received the Best SEO Consultant Award. 


Jemmy digital.jpg

Jemmy Digital is a newly formed digital marketing agency by Martin Huntbach in 2019. It has its headquarters in the heart of Malaysia, i.e. Kuala Lumpur. The main aim of the company is to design their client website in a way that not only looks attractive but also has its attendance on the Internet. 

It focuses on allowing its clients to attract customers and generate profits through its competitive website design and professional services. Jemmy Digital serves all kinds of businesses from small scale to large scale. It provides services like Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Website Design & Development, and Google Ads & Facebook Content Management. 


nuweb marketing.jpg

In 2010 Robert Gazda founded a full-service digital marketing company and named it NuWeb. The company has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and focuses on providing a creative, attractive, and user-friendly website. They aim to combine their experience with their modern technologies to provide the best digital marketing experience to their clients. The company serves both local and international clients and assists all small and large-scale firms.

NuWeb offers various services such as Google Ads, Unicart ecommerce, SEO, TSP, PPC, SEM, Website Design, Google Shopping, and Facebook Marketing. It is proud partners with Google, Exabyte’s, and Site Giant, and has been awarded as the best digital marketing and top SEO Company in Malaysia. Some of its prominent clients include IPC Gifts, Symphony, Hotel Jen, Air Selangor, Lonpac Insurance, Network Foods, and OCN International.


jumix company.jpg

Jumix is a web designing and development company founded by Sanz Teoh in 2014. It has its headquarters in Bayan Lepas, Malaysia. The internet marketing and web designing company aim to provide digital recognition to the local brands. They focus on presenting their client’s accurate strategies, compelling content, and the most advanced website design.

The company values the trust of its clients and promises to help them achieve more than they have desired. They offer services such as Google Ad Words, ecommerce website, web hosting, domain registration, Branding, Logo Designing, and Photography & Video creation. Some of its key clients include Nirvana, Arita Group of Companies, Paper rose, Pena Group, Lee Motors, MOONTOON Mobile Legends, WaSports, Dani Watch, and TVB Hong Kong.


AJ Marketing.jpg

AJ Marketing is a recently existing social media marketing agency founded by Arthur Sabalionis in 2019. It has its headquarters in Singapore, Malaysia, and various offices in Korea, Minato City, Bangkok, Thailand, and Vietnam. The main aim of the company is to search for the right influencer for the right brand. It focuses on managing the brand awareness campaigns and meeting the requirements of the influencers.

The company has managed more than 7000+ influencers from all over Asia till now and has 1.3 Billion followers combining all social media platforms. It specializes in Advertising, PR, SMM, Content Marketing, Celebrity licensing, and Mobile App Marketing, apart from Digital influencing. 

The company also assists the fashion, beauty, sports, games, health, fitness, music, media, and electronics, block chain, e-commerce, and parenting sectors. Some of its trusted collaborations include Byte Dance, Apple Music, Facetune2, BMW, Adobe, Landlord Go, Alibaba Group, and Zayed Sustainability Prize.

Digital Marketing Companies have gained a lot of popularity due to the pandemic situation that has arisen all over the world. The companies are providing comprehensive assistance to the local businesses that are suffering financially. They have helped these businesses to create their online marketplace and connect with the customers through websites and social media platforms. Digital Marketing is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for all the business sectors during such a critical situation.



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