Choosing and wearing a leather backpack

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How to choose a quality thing made of genuine leather for many years? We will consider this issue in the example of leather backpacks – which are increasingly gaining popularity.

Now the backpack has become a popular accessory not only among young people but also among the older generation. Such attention is explained by the advantages of a backpack over other models of bags.

Wear resistance and reliability

Women’s leather backpack is practical and resistant to external influences, so it lasts long without losing their original qualities. Even the most expensive equipment and documents will be reliably protected from moisture, bad weather, and dust. Caring for the accessory does not take much time.


Most of the day people spend outside the home, so they carry a lot of things with them. Several compartments in the backpack allow you to take everything you might need: sports equipment, food, water, and books.


An interesting shape allows you to distribute the weight so that you can easily carry the backpack without loading the spine.

Concise style

A backpack with a romantic look, a bold look with ripped jeans, and sports sneakers will look great. Some models easily transform into a bag suitable for a classic suit. Read more about Hiking Backpack

Secrets of a competent choice

First, decide on the size of the accessory and what you plan to wear in it. The choice will depend on this. In addition, adhere to several criteria:

  • Reliability of fasteners and locks: Before purchasing the product, check the operation of sliders and zippers. If the locks work intermittently and the threads stick out, it is better to refuse the purchase;
  • The quality of the material: It is important to determine how high-quality the skin is in front of you;
  • Seams: They should be even and neatly made. There should be no protruding threads and gaps in the seam. These are the main features of a quality leather backpack. If you plan to carry heavy items, you need to make sure that the handles are well-stitched;
  • The quality of staining: Try to run a slightly damp cloth over the surface. If paint remains on it, keep in mind that it can also easily go on clothing or the body;
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is a mandatory criterion for your peace of mind and confidence in further operation;
  • Place of purchase: You should buy or order online from a trusted store. Do not buy by hand or with delivery. It is advisable not to neglect the possibility of choosing live. This is the difference between buying any leather product from textile;
  • Trying on a backpack on the back when choosing: Trying on is the first thing to start with when choosing from your favorite models.
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The difference between genuine leather and leatherette

To avoid making a mistake when buying a leather backpack and becoming the owner of a good accessory, you need to distinguish leather from a substitute.

  1. Genuine leather backpacks always have a small skin-shaped pattern; its outline is displayed on it.
  2. The cut of the skin should have a short pile, but it should not exfoliate.
  3. The skin absorbs water, so you can put a drop on it to check. Until the stain dries, a speck remains on the skin.
  4. You can put your hand on the backpack; genuine leather will become warm after a while.
  5. You can ask for a product certificate to indicate that the product is made of genuine leather.
  6. The reverse side of the leather (if available) is soft and pleasant to the touch, similar to suede.
  7. Drawing on the skin. The non-repeating pattern on the skin is another plus – the natural surface will always be patterned and individual.
  8. In some cases, you can set fire to a skin sample to ensure that the material is not plastic – but this is an emergency measure that the sellers in the store will definitely not be delighted with.
  9. The weight of leather backpacks will always be slightly higher. Do not chase lightness – this is the opposite of strength.


Well, perhaps you should pay attention to all the points when buying a good leather backpack. In order to protect yourself from fakes and disappointments, it is better to shop in trusted stores that sell high-quality, original products from the manufacturer. You can get various types here, including travel bags for women, military duffle bags, and other designs.

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