Dental Tourism in Albania

Dental Tourism in Albania
Dental Tourism in Albania

The best way to save money on dental care is by visiting your dentist regularly. The best way to save money on dental work, if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while, is by pairing treatments with a vacation. This travel option known as dental tourism has grown significantly both in terms of popularity and market. People treat themselves with a holiday and an improved smile without paying an arm and a leg. Where do they go? Those who live in the States opt for Mexico, while those in Europe prefer countries like Albania. 

What is dental tourism?

Medical tourism sounds like a recent trend, but people have been practicing it since 4,000 BC. Later it was during the Roman Empire that travel and treatment in thermal baths and springs known as thermae became entwined. People from all over the empire would travel to the Mediterranean region to benefit from the healing spas and temples. 

More contemporary examples are found in famous novels such as Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain or books by famous authors, protagonists travel to sanatoriums or hospitals across Europe to better their health. The development of cures and medicines for chronic diseases forced sanatoriums to close their doors. However, most healthcare procedures fall under the category of services and services are tradable. As long as they are commodities there will be room for global markets to develop. Dental care, cosmetic surgery, and fertility treatments are among the most sought-after treatments by medical tourists all over the world. 

All the above-mentioned services are part of the emerging medical tourism industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Some countries have been active in the industry for years and new ones are emerging. Their success in attracting medical tourists depends on a various number of factors namely, price, location, the quality of service, safety, and the country itself.

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The cost of dental care started to increase in the late 80s. American countries started to lure U.S citizens who were looking for affordable medical treatments while enjoying sunny holidays. Nowadays, besides the rising costs, the lack of dental insurance is pushing people toward dental tourism. Even in Australia or many European countries that provide universal health care, insurance does not cover cosmetic dentistry. 

How does dental tourism work? 

Crooked, stained, or missing teeth, affect physical and psychological health, self-esteem, and even someone’s dating life. The longer they are left untreated, the bigger the damage to one’s health and finances. 

Here’s where dental tourism helps get to the root of the problem, literally. 

Medical tourism companies offer custom packages that suit the patient’s needs. They include travel and accommodation, transfers, transport to the clinic, and other destinations in-between visits. 

Besides the affordable prices, dental treatment in foreign countries is carried out in a short period. Appointments are scheduled according to the patient’s needs. Thus it cuts waiting time. Moreover, treatments in home countries require several appointments over the months, which result in time off from work, school, or other daily activities. Dental tours make it possible to conclude some of the most complicated procedures in just two visits abroad. 

Patients choose their destination based on the type of treatment they need and the region where they are located. This takes us to the next important question: 

Where to travel for dental work?

People in Europe have the opportunity to pick among many countries that are on top not only for affordable dental work but also as tourism destinations. Spain, Hungary, and Croatia are famous in the dental tourism market, but they are becoming too expensive. 

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Countries like Albania are rising as cost-effective alternatives without compromising the quality of service. Dental tourists in Albania can save up to 80 percent compared to their home countries. The most sought-after treatments include dental crowns, bridges and partial dentures, veneers, implants, gum contouring, teeth whitening, ceramic inlays and onlays, root canal treatment, fillings, oral surgeries, orthodontic treatments, etc.

The dental staff is qualified, certified, experienced, and multilingual and they use the best technology available. Therefore, communication and language are not a barrier. English and Italian are commonly spoken in Albania while French and German are also among the languages that Albanians learn at school. 

Stomatology in Albania attracts the best students. Many professionals study abroad but come back to Albania where they can have their dental clinic instead of working for someone else abroad. 

Albania has frequent direct low-cost air connections with the majority of European countries. The country is small and due to its location in the Mediterranean region, enjoys sunny weather even during the colder months. Tourists can explore some of the most interesting destinations in a short stay.  In terms of safety, people feel safe in Albania.

The country indeed has a not-so-bright reputation abroad, but that has nothing to do with Albania itself. People are friendly and welcoming and people can easily connect with local culture and nature. On their part, dental clinics provide a warranty for their treatments. 

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