Coding Ninjas: Case Study, Founders, Logo, Ratings, Services, Investors, and more

Coding Ninjas
Coding Ninjas: Case Study, Founders, Logo, Ratings, Services, Investors, and more
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Coding Ninjas is An educational portal that provides individuals and learners with computing and other programming training. The business is concentrating on offering classes in C++, Java, Python, Android, Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, getting ready for interviews, tech abilities, and so forth.

The top technical education site for learners in India according to many tech students and professionals is Coding Ninjas, which now holds a dominant position in the country’s collegiate marketplace.

Coding Ninjas has developed a patented virtual instruction environment that perfectly replicates the offline educational atmosphere in online mode only, providing learners with an outstanding learning atmosphere to instruct millions of people efficiently. 

Coding Ninjas has an internal placement cell that continually searches out suitable technology job opportunities and displays Coding Ninjas students’ resumes to help place themselves and build a career in technology.

Coding Ninjas Case Study: 

Coding Ninjas Case Study
Coding Ninjas Case Study (Image Source:

Coding ninjas offers virtual programming training and employment support. It provides classes in subjects including C++, Java, Python, and other applications. Furthermore, it offers help with job placement with employers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others.

Coding Ninjas claims a cutting-edge programming instruction environment and an outstanding instructor. It offers basic and complex programming lessons, including machine learning, data science, web development, etc.

The lessons are offered in both Hindi and English and are entirely virtual. Due to the platform’s high standards and expanded placement options, learners don’t need to worry about the standard of their schooling when registering for a distance learning course. 

In order to close the understanding gap that exists between universities and the marketplace, Coding Ninjas was established in 2016.  The team of instructors at Coding Ninjas is of the highest calibre, and the school uses a cutting-edge educational system with faculty members who have graduated from IIT, Stanford, IIIT, and Facebook.

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More than forty thousand learners and recent graduates, more than 1,000 Campus Ambassadors, 2,000 or more Training Assistants, and 150 or more people make up the coding ninja environment.

Coding Ninjas Company Profile:

Name Of the Company Coding Ninja
Founded Year 2016
FoundersAnkush Singla, Dhawal Parate and Kannu Mittal
Competitors Of the Company Springboard, Galvanize, Thinkful
Website Of the Company
Country Of Origin Delhi, India
InvestorInfo Edge
Services OfferedCourses, Mock Interviews, Career Camps, Placement Assistance

Coding Ninjas Founders:

Feature 5
Coding Ninjas Founders (Image Source:

Ankush Singla: Ankush Singla is the co-founder of coding ninjas. Ankush Singla completed his bachelor’s from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi where he completed his in computer science and engineering in 2008. After his bachelor’s, he went to Stanford University for his maters where he completed his higher education in computer science in 2011.

In his early career, he worked as an occupational trainee at Monash University for 3 months. After that, he worked as a software development engineer at Amazon for one year and one month. Ankush also worked as a software engineer and director at Facebook and 100 percentile respectively. After that, He co-founded coding blocks in April 2014 and founded coding ninjas in May 2016.

Dhawal Parate: Dhawal parate completed his bachelor’s from IIT in in mechanical engineering in 2008. He then went to Northwestern University to complete his MBA but dropped out of it in 2014 only. 

He started his career as an executive secretary at SAE International. He also worked as a consultant, director/ head of business and portfolio change manager at PWC, Cars24 and grassroots business fund respectively.

Besides coding ninjas, Dhawal has founded many organizations like green brick eco solutions and 1001store.

Kannu Mittal: kannu mittal completed his bachelor’s degree from maharashi dayanand university in computer science in 2008. Then he started his career as a director of operations in the KCC group of institutions. After that, he worked as a technical associate and director at zillious solutions and coding blocks respectively till May 2016.

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Coding Ninjas Logo:

Coding Ninjas image
Coding Ninjas (Image Source:

Coding Ninjas Ratings:

Coding Ninjas has earned a great reputation among students and professionals. The company has earned 4.9 stars on Facebook with over 100 plus reviews. It has also earned 4.6 stars on Google with over 1000 plus reviews. On top of that, the company has also answered 5000 questions on Quora. 

Coding Ninjas Services:

Coding ninjas has a lot to offer to many tech aspirants and professionals, the different services offered by coding ninjas are:

Coding Courses: Coding ninjas have a lot of courses to offer for both freshers and experienced. 

A few courses for freshers are – C++ Foundation with data structures, JAVA foundations with data structures, python and more.

Courses for experienced individuals are- system design, operating systems, advanced front-end web development with React and more.

Doubt Resolution: coding ninjas resolve an average of 100 plus doubts per hour. The company provides 1 on 1 mentor support to its students.

Code Studio: code studio is a platform for freshers and professionals to practice tech interviews and prepare for them. The company helps its students with coding questions and gives a curated pathway.

Placement Cell: one of the best features of coding ninjas that attract many students to the company is its placement cell. The company has a separate team just for placement. Coding Ninjas is in contact with 300-plus hiring partners and has provided its students with an average CTC of 7.6 LPA.

Coding Ninjas Services image
Coding Ninjas Services (Image Source:

Coding Ninjas Investors:

Coding Ninjas has only one investor- info Edge with which the company has raised a whopping amount of 5.2 million dollars in the series A round on February 11, 2020. The primary classifieds service provider in India, Info Edge, operates mostly in the matchmaking sector.

The combined company includes the top employment portal in India with more than seventy-five per cent of all visitors,, a matrimonial site called, an investment site called, the biggest realty platform in India, and an education website called

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One of India’s top online businesses is Info Edge employs 4,049 people and has an extensive system of 62 locations spread across 43 locations in India. 

FAQs about Coding Ninjas:

Is coding ninjas on any social media platform?

Yes, coding Ninjas has its presence on many platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What is the contact number of coding ninjas?

The contact number of coding ninjas is 1800-123-3598

What is the email address of coding ninjas?

The email id of coding ninjas is

What are the popular courses offered by coding ninjas?

The popular courses offered by coding ninjas are – C++, java, python, data science and machine learning, data analytics, modern stack, react, product companies interview prep, competitive programming, database management system and more.

Do coding ninjas also offer scholarships?

Yes, coding ninjas also offer many scholarships to reward students. The lowest scholarship is 10%.

Who are the competitors of coding ninjas?

The competitors of coding ninjas are Springboard, galvanize, thankful, and Kenzie.

Who are the board of directors of coding ninjas?

The board of directors of coding ninjas are – Dhawal Parate and Kannu Mittal.

What are the different payment methods accepted by coding ninjas?

The different payment methods accepted by the company are – VISA, PayPal, UPI, no-cost EMI , and Razorpay.

What is the mission of coding ninjas?

The mission of coding ninjas is To radically alter how technological training is provided and to consistently create the most outstanding methods to teach the upcoming generation of programmers.

What space and market does coding ninjas workes in?

Coding ninjas works in the B2C space and ED-tech market segment.


Coding Ninjas is One of the biggest internet-based EdTech enterprises in India which was established in 2016. Ankush Singla, Kannu Mittal, and Dhawal Parate, who have backgrounds in the IIT and Stanford and have worked with prominent Indian firms like Cars24, Facebook, and Amazon, established the company.

Additionally, it provides instruction on recent advances like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), etc. Additionally, Coding Ninjas provides a special instructional assistant that aids in answering inquiries from learners in the present.

Former Coding Ninjas learners can assist current pupils in their lessons for question-clearing. Coding Ninjas has its headquarters in Delhi, india with over 80 plus employees. Different courses offered by coding ninjas are C++, JAVA, python, machine learning, data science and more.

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