Comparison of Dedicated Developers V/s Freelance Developers 

Comparison of Dedicated Developers V/s Freelance Developers 
Comparison of Dedicated Developers V/s Freelance Developers 


The immense growth in technology across the globe helps businesses to grow their business by using emerging technologies. For that, they must have successful web and mobile applications. 

To build a successful app, you require a team of developers. They can be addressed as your dedicated team or dedicated development resources who will help you develop a successful application for your respective business. Entrepreneurs who are in need of professional, talented, and enduring software developers to develop such next-gen products should ensure that the challenges they face are served, and their goals are fulfilled. 

Moreover, businesses need to keep their future ideas in mind, and on that basis, you should hire dependable resources that can stay connected with the organization for the long term. I am writing this blogpost about whether you should hire a dedicated developer or should you go with a freelancer developer? Let’s dig in.

Why Should You Choose Dedicated Developer?

Software developers hired for a dedicated project are known as dedicated developers. These developers work full-time for specific projects assigned to them by the respective organization, where they are hired as full time employees. 

The development companies appoint these developers to fulfill the requirements and goals of clients. You should always hire dedicated developers from companies that offer quality or quantity in a minimal time.

Sure Shot Reasons to Choose Dedicated Developers

Let’s look at the reasons why business owners should hire dedicated development team to work on your projects:

  • Availability of Global Talent: One of the best reasons to choose dedicated developers is to get skilled developers. You have the freedom to hire your choice of developer in a respective technology. If you collaborate with globally renowned development companies you can hire Angular developer for front end and Laravel developer for back end and this way you get access to talented full-stack professionals.
  • End to End Development Services: The organization offers end-to-end services starting from application development, to deployment.
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Quality Testing of the product by solving bugs and error occurrences at the time of development.

  • Endless Support: Developers dedicated to one project provides the best possible solution and support to their clients whenever needed. This advantage brings immense trust between the development team and product owners.

Why Should You Choose Freelance Developers

Freelance developers are not entitled under any organization. Because of that, they can work on many business projects at the same time. So from the reliability point of view, it’s not a wise choice. So with the obvious reason, freelance developers are more cost-efficient than a dedicated team of developers. 

When to Hire Freelance Developers

Let’s look at the reasons App owners should consider the hiring of freelancers for their projects:

  • Cost-Effective: Freelance developers are more likely to be preferred by businesses in starting take or in mid-level. The cost of hiring freelancers is much less than a dedicated development team. Freelance developers don’t require dedicated space for their work, which is the biggest cost-efficiency.
  • Fresh Ideas: Developers working as freelancers bring new ideas that can be implemented to develop a product ( web application or cross-platform applications ) to make it more attractive. Sometimes the unique perspective that these developers bring becomes useful in the growth of the company’s business.
  • Quality Work: Suppose you are planning to hire a developer in a specific skill set, then you might think a freelance developer can be a great choice. Freelance developers have one niche skill and knowledge in any technology, bringing quality work. This can be very helpful for companies if they are looking for developers for any specific technology.
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Comparison Between Dedicated And Freelance Developers 

1. Security and Expertise 

When the company decides to hire dedicated developers, working with in-house programmers dedicated to the assigned project is one of its biggest advantages. They either have their secured tool and technologies needed for the app development or get it from the outsourced development company they are working with. 

Freelance developers generally work according to their time availability and use free tools or tools that are not secure or accurate. The companies that want to reduce the cost can hire a freelancer as you are not required to pay extra for the highly expensive development tools. However, if you are more into quality or quantity, you should go for the dedicated development company as they prefer more advanced tools in product development. 

2. Commitment 

When you hire dedicated developers, they only work for the project assigned by you. They give all their time to your design and concentrate on developing your software. They invest their time and use a wide range of resources to develop a successful product. The commitment you can expect from a development company from where you would want to hire developers.

When you hire freelancers, you are looking for the one who can match the job description. The important reason worth considering is that freelancers are not bound to work for a single project/organization, so you want to hire freelancers for your project should only expect that the developer should understand your company’s business model and must fulfill the requirement. 

3. Resources

The development team working for their dedicated clients have in-house development tools and other required resources.

They buy their tools which they’re comfortable working with, and most of the time, the tools they are using are the best in the market. 

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Generally, freelancers have the resources they have learned or gathered from community support offered by many platforms, mainly for any specific niche technology. But at the same time, the tools or technology that freelancers use helps reduce the cost of development.

4. Support

As the name suggests, dedicated developers are devoted to you and your project. Development companies that provide developers dedicated to clients’ respective projects offer long-term support and maintenance. Dedicated developers have immense experience working for one client or one project at a time.

One of the major advantages of choosing a development company is that they will provide dedicated maintenance support if the assigned developer has left the company.

But, freelance developers will provide support and maintenance until project completion. In most cases, after completing the project, freelance developers do not provide the required support to their respective clients or business owners.

Key Takeaway 

Product development ( Web or mobile application ) plays a very important role in business growth. Every business owner must have good research on which type of developers will be the best choice for their business.
If you are looking for long term reliability and support development partners go with an organization to hire dedicated in house resources. If you are looking for short term support- choose a freelance developer.

The above blog has clarified the important points worth considering before choosing dedicated or freelance developers.


Author Bio: 

Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach and founder of Bacancy Technology. His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise and extensive knowledge in the Agile software development services has helped the organization to achieve new heights of success. Chandresh is fronting the organization into global markets in a systematic, innovative and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.







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