Top 10 Construction Companies in Bhubaneshwar {2021}

Top 10 Construction Companies in Bhubaneshwar {2021}
Top 10 Construction Companies in Bhubaneshwar {2021}
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Bhubaneshwar is located in the eastern part of India and is the capital of Odisha. With the help of engineering colleges and the best construction companies, Bhubaneshwar is currently a leading city in the field of construction services. The construction companies in Bhubaneshwar are the second-largest sector and employ more than 35 million people. This sector has a remarkable contribution of 8% of Indian GDP.

Bhubaneshwar has always been a place of historical importance where a movement of urban cities to smart cities took place earlier. As reported by the stats, India’s growth of 75% in the field of construction companies till 2030 and the Government is also investing in the construction companies of Bhubaneshwar. So, here is a descriptive list of the top 10 construction services in Bhubhaneshwar {2021}.  

Odisha Construction Corporation Ltd.:


Odisha Construction Corporation Ltd., in short OCCL, is one of the first public sector construction companies in India was incorporated in 1962 to provide a high-quality infrastructure in the state of Odisha. The company was initiated as a high-level special organization to execute Civil and Mechanical construction projects. In the field of construction companies in India, OCCL provides the best services in Hydro Electric & Irrigation, Thermal Power Projects, Harbours & Marine Structures, Buildings, Industrial Projects, Consultancy Services, Road & Bridges, etc. 

This construction company has positioned itself as a pioneer in Engineering project execution that is operated by a specialized engineering group. Over the six decades, this company has contributed significantly to many important engineering ventures like river valley projects, bridges, etc. At present, OCCL has four Zonal Offices, seventeen Civil Project Offices, Six Mechanical project offices, and one System Business Unit.

OCCL is a leading construction company as well as one of the top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.

R K D Construction Pvt. Ltd.:


R K D Construction Pvt. Ltd., in short RKDCPL, is a leading construction company in Bhubaneshwar, established in 1980. It is instrumental engineering and construction of State and National Highways in Odisha. The state always faced a lot of severe disasters. But RKDCPL has always been there to prove its strong commitment towards civil construction and development across the field of construction sectors.

RKDCPL helps to fulfill the infrastructural network that is economical, financial and business prosperity in the state. This construction company has served the vital construction projects in the state and is synonymous with a complete construction solution provider in building roads, bridges, canals, national highways over three decades.

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The growth of this construction company has been remarkable and with a professional management team and skilled employees. The company focuses on the deadline of any projects prominently. RKDPVL is a trustworthy construction company and one of the oldest and best construction companies in Bhubaneshwar. 

Builtify-Building Construction Company:


Builtify-Building Construction Company is a pillar among the construction companies of Bhubaneshwar that was founded in 2015. The company’s vision lies in helping in basic needs in choosing styles of a building by removing all the boundaries and constraints associated with the construction companies. With the various skilled workmen and contractors, Builtify is able to prove A to Z construction services in Bhubaneshwar. 

Builtify also provides in-house services like building consultant, EPC construction, uPVC doors & windows, electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, false works, fabricator, surveyor, flooring, retrofitting works, etc. This construction company also helps customers to check their requirements in the website and clients can book their appointment with their address and get direct services from the company. 

Builtify has served over 8000 customers and great man like Amitabh Bacchan also promotes this company. The professionals of Builtiy cater to general consulting, designing of a building, construction management, special projects, and building renovation. Builtify is indeed one of the top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.    

ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd.:


ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd. (ARSSIPL) started to venture into the field of construction companies in the year of 2002 in the name of ARSS Stones Pvt. Ltd. With the help of experienced professionals, the company provides services in the construction of roads, railways, bridges, real estate, power, irrigation works, etc. Currently, this company is executing many major Road and Rail infrastructure projects that cost over INR 2500 crores in the state of Odisha.  

ARSSIPL targets providing high-quality construction services in a smooth, convenient, and impressive manner that will in return influence other clients too. This construction company has been slated as one of the top and leading construction companies in Odisha and one of the largest multi-disciplined companies in Western India. 

Oddaka Infratech Pvt. Ltd :

Oddaka Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing and most trusted construction companies in Bhubaneshwar. It has expertise in several construction solutions such as consultancy and construction of residential and commercial buildings along with UPVC doors and windows. The company also focuses on the survey and investigation of a project and repair services.

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This construction company has started its journey as a mere startup but today, it’s one of the well-reputed construction companies in Bhubaneshwar with numerous happy and satisfied clients. With the most experienced technicians and professionals, the company promises to deliver the best services in the field of infrastructure projects.

Oddaka Infratech Pvt. Ltd. has enlisted its existence among the top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.

SPD Construction Ltd.:

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SPD Constructions Ltd. (SPDCL) is a group of 500+ highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide the best construction services in civil construction and management. The construction company has vast experience in executing multi-crores residential, commercial, and industrial civil construction projects. SPLCL has worked with various organizations such as Gammon, Punj Lloyd, HCC, IVRCL, L&T, Simplex Infrastructures, etc.

Within a short time, SPDCL has secured and executed a few contracts from recognizable companies in civil construction projects with a total contract value of 750 crores. This construction company is committed to delivering the best quality of construction services, along with cost-effective construction within the deadline and the total budget. SPDCL is a successful construction company that executed several large projects and thus satisfied the clients and the stakeholders like developers, suppliers, contractors, and other involved workers.

With so many offerings and big projects, SPDCL has been recognized as one of the construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.   

Odisha Udyog Infraprojects Ltd.:

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Odisha Udyog Infraprojects Ltd. is a remarkable construction company in Bhubaneshwar, started as a family business a decade ago and in today’s market, this company also uses the old traditional. The company has built a reputation of trust and quality and the commitment of delivering the same materials, model of construction as shown in the picture. In fact, highly skilled professionals also solve the problems of clients effectively.

Udyog is involved in designing and executing the best and unique homes in the city to maintain the quality of the design. Over the decades they have won trust from enormous clients for being transparent, consultant of a design, and the renovation of any construction. For being the landmark of uniqueness, Odisha Udyog Infraprojects Ltd. is one of the best construction companies in Bhubaneshwar. 

Sri Jagannath Construction Pvt. Ltd.:

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Sri Jagannath Construction Pvt. Ltd. (SJCPL) is one of the growing construction companies in Bhubaneshwar, incorporated in 2004. This recognized construction company is an expert in the field of construction, development of commercial and residential projects, and public-private partnerships. The company focuses on the standards of the undertaken projects that have a strong emphasis on health, safety, and the environment. The reputation is growing because of the best services and constant customer supports for this company. 

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The projects by this construction company are executed by a team of specialists whose professionalism meets the specific challenge of the work involved. SJCPL also promotes the culture of teamwork that is maintained by skilled project managers and upper management who displays a commitment and personal involvement in the successful execution of major projects. 

SJCPL’s track record of the projects explains a special ability to set a connection between values and vision and transfer it to the action. This is one of the leading and top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.   

Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited:


Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited (NCCL) is a private construction company, incepted in 2010 in Bhubaneshwar. NCCL is a verified company that offers a wide array of construction services such as commercial construction, civil construction, building construction, highway construction, and road construction. NCCL is a group of highly qualified professions and technicians who are devoted to the projects operated by this construction company. 

Over the years, NCCL has delivered top-rated services in the field of construction. This company possesses a vision of executing each project with the help of the best professionals and an affordable price range. With such offerings, NCCL is renowned as one of the best construction companies in Bhubaneshwar.   

Mega Builders and Developers:


Mega Builders and Developers are a certified construction company in Bhubaneshwar that was incorporated in 2009. This is a group of highly experienced architects and professionals who provide the best services in construction on the behalf of the company. Mega builders mainly focus on real-estate construction projects and also involves the skilled team to create home for millions of homeless people. ‘The Village’ was the first step towards this noble project of bringing home to the homeless.

This construction company has a work culture of self-discipline, timely delivery, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction that has earned a huge of clients’ trust towards this company.

Mega Builders and Developers are one of the top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar and are involved in reputed construction projects as well as noble projects for financially challenged people.

Final Words:

This is an outlook of the top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar and we hope the entire content helped you to get information about top construction companies in Bhubaneshwar. For more details, please visit the company’s official website.    

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