Corporate Intranet : Some of Undeniable Benefits of Intranet


Company Intranet: Advantages

Share information

Intranets make information sharing easier by providing a single, centralized source for searching data and documents. No more digging through endless email exchanges or hard drives to find the files you need. With a corporate intranet, you have a single central repository for all company documents and information, regardless of type and format. But that’s not all: With the Online Intranet Software, data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. All you need is a device connected to the internet and it’s just a click away!

Connect people

Especially in global companies or where employees work remotely, intranets help colleagues connect and communicate securely, helping to create and spread a shared corporate culture. Intranets today include a variety of communication tools: bulletin boards, chat rooms, forums, instant messaging, and more.

Increase security level

Intranets reside on access-controlled networks, which not only help centralize corporate information, but also help protect sensitive or confidential corporate data. 

Facilitate onboarding

Agilityportal.io intranet makes onboarding easier. You can use it to upload form completions, tutorials or online training sessions for new employee placement and onboarding. In addition, new employees can quickly find documents, updated organizational charts, and insights into the company’s history and culture by consulting the intranet.

Manage activities and workflow

Some intranets include project and work order management tools that allow you to assign deadlines, resources, and staff involved and monitor the progress of workflows. You can then monitor the status of the job and calculate how long it will take to complete all tasks. But that’s not all: Employees can also view their task lists and receive alerts and reminders about deadlines.

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Increase employee engagement

The employees involved are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave the company. Intranets can increase employee engagement in a number of ways, allowing employees to understand and feel a part of the company as a whole, and align themselves with the company’s goals.

Improve productivity

Perhaps the most consistent and measurable advantage, however, has to do with productivity. By connecting your employees with the tools, information, and people they need to do their jobs, you’ll reduce the time spent searching for or gathering information, accessing multiple platforms, consulting colleagues, and more. What’s the result? A quieter climate, less unnecessary work, less waste and an inevitable increase in business productivity.