CulturePOPcorn: Striving to bring back the glory days of the Indian comic book industry


 When and how did you start?

 Comics in India have seen better days and this is a critical period for the Indian comics industry.
Right steps taken at the right time could prove to be a huge turning point for the dwindling Indian
Comics Industry. And that’s the exact thing CulturePOPcorn is trying to do. Mr. Kishan
Harchandani, a serial entrepreneur from a Pink city, Jaipur who is also a lifelong comic book fan,
started CulturePOPcorn in May 2016. It’s only appropriate that India’s leading comics new portal
was founded by a person who is a devoted fan himself and is passionate about what he is doing.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

 In today’s society when people, especially kids have not involved any kind of creative activities,
comics books can be a very important tool to make our kids and young generation, more creative
and open-minded. We have our own comic book industry and people involved there are doing
such creative and great things. Comics are our legacy and it’s our responsibility to preserve it
for next generation. We believe future of comic books is bright because there is lot’s of
happening in the comic industry, new players coming regularly with unique storyline and creativity.
Comic-Con India is Indian POP culture event and it’s very successful every year. Once you attend
a comic con you will really feel, you are in another world. It doesn’t matter whether you read
comics or not, but when you attend one comic con, you definitely start reading comics.

 Brief about organization and founding members

 We are for the fans, from the fans type of organization. Kishan Harchandani is the only founder of
CulturePOPcorn, but we have lots of contributors who are submitting articles on regular basis.
Some of them are well-known writers and have great followings, so connecting these people with
CulturePOPcorn is plus point for us.

What We Do 

 1. Articles are published on a daily basis by serious comic book enthusiasts and professional
bloggers, highlighting the current happenings in the world of Indian comic Industry.
2. Regular reviews are posted for the newest comic book offerings in the market by several of the
emerging publications like Raj Comics, Holy Cow Entertainment, Yali Dream Creations, Speech
Bubble Entertainment, Graphic India, Diamond Comics and many more.
3. These articles and reviews reach a large audience and thus ensures that the folks in the
industry, as well as the fans, are abreast with the latest ongoings.
4. Apart from these, CulturePOPcorn is also supporting publishers in more ways than one. The
exposure that these publications are getting via CulturePOPcorn is staggering, to say the least!

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

We really want to aware next generation of Indian comic books. Apart from International
characters like Batman, Superman, Avengers, Punisher, we want that our kids read desi
superheroes as well as Nagraj, Doga, Parmanu, Chacha Choudhary etc.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

Right now there are very specific people who are interested in Indian Comics, you can say target
readers are very low in numbers. Most of them don’t even know if Indian comics still publishing or
not. So you can say it’s both challenge and opportunity for us because due to low numbers of
readers no one wants to touch this segment but at the same time, there is a great opportunity
because there is no competition or low competition.

Future plans and funding

 We want more user involvement and interaction in CulturePOPcorn. There are lot’s of fans with
great knowledge of comics, so, we have “Become an Author” program on CulturePOPcorn, which
means anyone who has a good hold of the English or Hindi languages, excellent writing skills and
someone who has a passion for comics can share articles or anything related to comics to
CulturePOPcorn. The best part of this program is that the article will be published in
CulturePOPcorn with credit to its original author along with Name, Social handle Link and some
more Information. We don’t take credit for anyone’s work because my primary motto here is not
to commercialize CulturePOPcorn but we want to see this portal as a Haven for all Comics Book

 A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

For me, Comic books are a treasure of creativity. You cannot find this kind of innovation and
creativity in any other medium. For example, if you are watching a movie, you don’t need to
imagine anything, because it’s already there. You just need to watch it and understand the story,
but in a comic book, you need to read dialogues and immerse yourself into the artwork, and
according to the character’s dialogues and expressions, you have to imagine what’s actually
happening in there. It’s a unique and creative medium of storytelling.


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