Cutting and threshing paddy of 1 bigha land for one taka

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One bigha of paddy will be cut and threshed in Khulna for one taka. Khulna Metropolitan Juba League has taken this unique initiative for the benefit of farmers. The crisis of agricultural labor, increase in the price of fuel oil including agricultural equipment, the suffering of cutting and threshing of paddy due to non-receipt of fair price of paddy and the loss to the farmers.

This exceptional initiative of Juba League will alleviate the suffering of the farmers. Apart from this, like last year, this year also rice cutting machines and threshing machines have been distributed among the farmers in Terkhada.

As a result, where farmers used to have to spend Rs. Five hundred farmers owning 4,000 bighas of land in Terkhadar Azgara Beel will use this equipment to harvest crops.

Alal Mollah, a farmer in Azgara area, said that he has not been able to get workers to harvest paddy in the last few years due to corona. All the paddy would have been destroyed by the Kalavaishakhi storm. The cost of cutting paddy with machine does not increase the sale of paddy. We would have lost. We will benefit a lot from such initiatives of Juba League there.

Farmer Shunu Gain said, I have seven and a half bighas of land. Last year, the cost of cutting and threshing paddy was seven and a half thousand rupees. Adding the cost of seeds, irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, transportation costs, we do not get the production value in the market. As a result, paddy cultivation was about to stop. Now we will gain some.

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He further said that earlier the production cost of one ounce of paddy was around Tk. 750. If we sell 900 to 1000 rupees in the market there, we get some profit. But the price of paddy in the market is not more than eight hundred rupees. Those who come home and buy paddy want to pay 600 rupees. How do we gain? Today, the agricultural equipment provided by Juba League will show the face of profit by reducing the production cost.

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Convener of Nagar Juba League Safiqur Rahman Palash said in this regard, agriculture is our main occupation. Most of the people in Khulna region depend on agricultural work. That is why we have been distributing agricultural implements to the benefit of farmers every year since the time of Corona. To this end, on Saturday (April 30) in Khulna’s Terkhadar Azogara, among the farmers, rice threshing machine Foucault worth Rs. 260,000 and rice cutting machine worth Rs.

BCL leaders Zahir Abbas, Yassin Arafat, Mostafizur Rahman Rubel, Mehedi Hasan, Abdullah Al Mamun and Real Sheikh were present at the time.