Difference Between Citizenship By Investment And Residency By Investment

Difference Between Citizenship By Investment And Residency By Investment

Citizenship is considered legally important to verifying a person and the membership status of the sovereign states. Citizenship is always permanent, but residency permits an individual to stay in a specific country under specific conditions. Residency can be either permanent or temporary. Individuals can come across several programs, but they can be variable. On understanding, you can easily conclude the default that accompanies the program. 

Pearl Lemon Visa is famed for delivering residency and citizenship investment programs. Applicants can discover the following program set with them, i.e., citizenship investment programs or residency investment programs. Residency by investment is commonly known as the Golden Visa program. 

What is the Golden Visa Program or Residency by Investment Program?

The golden visa program provides investors with an opportunity to gain. It is associated with many more benefits but is not similar to citizenship in other countries. However, the difference between the two is quite confusing. But individuals must always remember that a golden visa provides residency, not citizenship. The investor selects European countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Latvia in response to their input in the program. This is the visa that comes with several benefits, like allowing the individual to stay, work in the country, conduct business, right to enter social services, and even define your route to citizenship.

What is Citizenship by Investment Program?

Citizenship by investment programmes confirms the investor’s citizenship in a particular country just after immediate approval. Having a new passport means that the investor and their families can enjoy the benefit of citizenship without navigating to residency first. Several countries allow investors to avail citizenship of several other countries Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, St. Lucia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

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Golden Visa is not Citizenship by Investment Program

Some of the advantages offered by a golden visa are found to be similar to the citizenship investment program, but no one can consider it the same. Citizenship by investment provides complete citizenship to the applicant on approval that is found to resemble the benefits that apply to in-born citizens of the country. Golden visa offers investors residency for a certain period. Some countries even permit an investor to route for citizenship with the help of another application process.


Thus, investors get more interested in pursuing citizenship in that country after receiving a golden visa. All governments have their fine line of distinction for applying for citizenship at a higher level uniformly. In the case of maintaining a golden visa, the investor does not need to fulfil any of the residency requirements. However, to get citizenship, the investor must satisfy a few goals, such as staying with the families in the desired country for several years. If this requirement is met, investors can proceed ahead to gain citizenship. For suitable years, investors must achieve other targets like language, history, cultural exams, and residency status to reapply for citizenship.







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