Different Types Of Best Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Different Types Of Best Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are always the top best choices among a variety of hair extension types available in the market. Vietnamese hair is well-known for being so high-quality and affordable. Importing hair extensions from Vietnam is a real advantage as most of the suppliers are wholesale factories. They guarantee to produce and distribute wholesale hair extensions directly to customers all over the world. Here are more details that help you know more about Vietnamese hair suppliers as well as their hair extensions before placing any order.

1. What to know about hair suppliers worldwide

The hair industry nowadays is very hectic with the growing of a wide range of hair extension brands. Resellers and customers using hair extensions are spreading all over the world. Meanwhile, the real hair factories are located in certain regions. We all have to notice that factories produce and distribute the hair directly while resellers are intermediaries which require more fees to work with.

You can literally find a hair reseller everywhere. They can be presented in the form of a hair store, hair salon or an online hair seller, etc. In Europe, we are likely to see many luxury hair stores with a lot of wholesale hair extensions UK, hair extensions Russia, etc which match Caucasian styles. In America, hairstyles are blended, diverse and able to match all vibes. In African countries, we will find such bold hair extension styles like kinky, dreadlock or bone straight, etc.

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Meanwhile, most hair factories are located in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, India and Cambodia, etc. The tradition of producing hair extensions has been maintained and developed through years. In these countries, women in many areas tend to keep their hair long and natural. Therefore, it is an amazing source for producing hair extensions. In addition, Asian laborers are really meticulous and skilled. As a result, each hair bundle made is of perfect quality.

Among all hair factories, Vietnamese ones are famous for good hair and good prices. Vietnamese hair extensions from Vietnamese hair suppliers are made of domestic human hair. 100% hair sources are made of virgin and remy hair of women living in mountainous areas. The hair is naturally black, smooth and silky. Hair extension products are reviewed to be so high-quality, soft and durable.

2. Different types of Vietnamese hair extensions

When it comes to hair extension products from Vietnam, there are a variety of choices available. Vietnamese hair can meet the demand of all customers. From middle to high quality, all hair offered is of reasonable prices. Below are typical choices for you when buying hair extensions from a Vietnamese hair factory:

  • Raw hair bulk: Raw hair is the one with highest quality among all hair types. Each raw hair bundle is collected from only one donor. The hair is guaranteed to be uniform, same-aligned and intact. This hair type is ideal for bleaching, dyeing and restyling. Buyers of this hair type are usually hair resellers who have a lot of experience in styling and customizing hair extensions. They buy raw hair materials to make the extensions themselves. This is way much more economical and quality-guaranteed.
  • Weft hair bundles: Weft hair or weave hair is usually made into 100-gram bundles. The hair is woven together. The final products can be up to 1 meter long horizontally. The most basic form of human hair weave is the weft hair bundles. They can be used to make a full hair wig or to sew directly on users’ braids. Many other forms can be also created from weft hair bundles. Typical ones are clip-in and halo hair extensions. They are literally weft bundles with added accessories.
  • Human hair wigs: Hair wigs come in a wide range of types. The most popular ones are lace frontal wigs, lace closure wigs, full lace wigs, monofilament wigs, etc. 
  • Hair extension pieces: Hair extensions like fusion, pre-bonded and keratin tip ones are extremely popular. They are available in many styles and colors. Customers from US-UK are really into these items as they are suitable to add volume to their thin hair.
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3. Where to buy best Vietnamese hair extensions

In Vietnam, there are many famous brands that you can trust and place an order with. The biggest hair factory you should definitely work with is K-Hair Factory. K-Hair is no longer an unfamiliar name with customers worldwide. This brand has been established and developed over 30 years, making it the most reliable partner of 1000+ resellers all over the world.

K-Hair has all the strengths of a hair factory like closed production line, well-controlled materials and production, reasonable wholesale prices and top-quality hair. This hair factory manufactures and supplies all Vietnamese hair extensions with different types and styles, including customizing items.

You contact K-Hair via:

  • Address: 10A, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +84967894448
  • Email: info@k-hair.com
  • Website: k-hair.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/cherrykhair
  • Instagram: instagram.com/k.hair.vietnam

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