Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making
Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Digital Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2021

Marketing your business online is critical if you want to stand out. With so many businesses out there battling for the spotlight, you must do what you can to make a name for yourself. The problem is, many businesses end up making mistakes where their intentions were right. 

If you are concerned that your digital marketing mistakes aren’t creating the results you expected, be sure you are not making these mistakes. 

Not Using SEO 

Not using SEO is damaging for your marketing efforts. Most businesses use at least a few SEO strategies in order to rank higher, so by not using it, you sink much lower in the search engine ranks. Using the right keywords, producing content, and forming link building strategies will help your site gain more traffic. Don’t just use any old keyword or links, though – do thorough keyword research and use authority links to rank better.  

If you are curious about a link building campaign and finding out what separates white hat and black hat links and how you can make sure to play within the rules when you’re setting up your SEO strategy, a link building service will help you there. 

Ignoring Mobile Users 

Mobile users take up a larger percentage of Google searches, so ignoring them simply isn’t an option if you want your digital marketing efforts to make an impact. Your website should run just as smoothly on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. Compressed images, shorter text, and easy-to-find links are helpful for those smaller screens. 

Trying Too Many Social Media Platforms 

You might think that getting on all the social media platforms is beneficial for your marketing strategies, but it’s not. It’s far better to work hard on just a handle of platforms rather than put half the effort into too many. When choosing which platforms to go with, consider your audience and which ones they are more likely to use. 

Not Defining Your Audience 

Who your audience is should influence what sort of marketing tactics you use. It’s crucial to define them as early as possible so that your online voice doesn’t get lost in a sea of others. After all, what’s the point in marketing to everyone when you can focus your digital marketing efforts on the groups that will actually be interested in your brand? 

Not Writing a Blog 

A blog will tell your audience that you are knowledgeable in your niche while helping you rank higher. Not writing one is a mistake, as you would be losing out on tons of traffic that would otherwise find your website when asking a specific question. So, keep a well-written, informative blog on your website to ensure more users find your site. 

Giving Up Too Soon

Many digital marketing strategies don’t produce results overnight. In fact, many take months or even years to establish a consistent audience. With how much competition there is, that’s just the way it works. What’s important is that you don’t give up. It’s the brands that are consistent with their marketing tactics that end up producing the best results in the end.



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