Do cellulite treatments really work?

Cellulite can be a plague, seemingly impossible to get rid of even when you lose weight or tone up. There are many treatments, cremes, exercise routines and diets that claim to benefit those with cellulite and promote the reduction of cellulite appearance. However, many of those may not work, overpromise on results or aren’t quite right for you.

If you have cellulite, and you have tried different things then you might be getting frustrated. But don’t give up. Different treatments have different effects and some may work for you better than they do for others, and vice versa.

Body clinics and local treatments

As new research leads to new treatments, more skin tightening and cellulite solutions become available, and those treatment that are available are becoming more affordable and accessible.

One such cellulite reduction treatment is ultrasound cavitation with assisted radiofrequency. Through ultrasound cavitation fat is released from the fat cells and the radiofrequency strengthens and improves the structure of the skin and underlaying connective tissue. The treatment doesn’t just reduce the appearance of cellulite, it reduces cellulite long-term and improves the youthful look of the skin.  

The treatment is no holy grail, as to experience the best results you must also commit to a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of hydration and exercise, and you must commit to a course of treatments.

If you want a tight and strong skin on your legs, on you back or your stomach, you are willing to put in the effort and go through a course of appointments at a local body clinic, then this treatment may be right for you.

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Bear in mind that treatments are only available to those who are over the age of 18 and are in general good health. Its important to inform your clinician of any health conditions.

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