Does Laser Treatment Work For Anti-Aging?

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can provide a youthful appearance for a variety of conditions, including anti aging treatment  and facial scarring. Some lasers are non-ablative, while others use strong wavelengths to superficially wound the skin. These lasers can leave skin red, scabbed and pink for a week to three weeks. These areas can be covered up with makeup. However, these types of lasers are generally reserved for people with more severe signs of aging, such as scars and deep wrinkles.

Side effects of non-ablative laser resurfacing

The non-ablative laser system can produce a similar effect to a pop pimple. The laser stimulates the body’s natural healing process to increase the production of collagen. After each session, the skin will peel. Patients experience some discomfort, but the effects will last only a few hours.

Some patients experience temporary swelling and crusting after the treatment. Others experience itching or crusting for several weeks to months. The skin may also become red or tender for several weeks to months. Patients may also experience reactivation of the herpes simplex virus. While this is not a serious complication, patients should be aware that milia, or small white bumps, are possible. To prevent this, patients can wash their faces with a mild washcloth before the procedure.

Both ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing for aging skin may have side effects. Before choosing a treatment, it’s important to discuss your expectations and the possible risks. Make sure you know what to expect from the procedure, and be realistic with yourself about the time of recovery. In addition, you should take anti-viral medication before the procedure, especially if you’re susceptible to herpes.

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Downtime of ablative laser resurfacing

After the procedure, patients should avoid contact with irritants and cold drinks. It is also important to keep the area in a cool place and apply a cool compress to minimize discomfort. Patients should avoid excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks after the procedure. Additionally, it is important to follow the instructions of the surgeon regarding post-surgical care.

Although there are very few known side effects from ablative laser resurfacing for anti aging, patients should be aware of the potential risks. Some patients may experience mild itching, stinging, and peeling of the skin. However, this is only temporary and can be minimized with oil-free makeup. However, if the redness and swelling are not addressed during the post-treatment period, they can lead to a severe scar.

Results of fractional laser resurfacing

Depending on your skin tone, you may qualify for fractional laser resurfacing. This procedure is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pigmented lesions. While the procedure is safe, there are risks. Patients may experience bruising, redness, and swelling. They may also have some flaking or peeling after the procedure. However, the results of this treatment are estimated to last for eight to ten years.

After undergoing fractional laser resurfacing, patients may experience a sunburn-like sensation for the first 24 hours. The skin will be red and dry, and may peel. The affected area may also experience temporary white bumps. Patients must apply a special cream to keep the skin moist. Results of fractional laser resurfacing are visible between 10 and 14 days, and the best results will be seen after two to six treatments. Some patients may even continue to notice improvements for six months after the procedure is completed.

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Among the advantages of fractional laser resurfacing for antiaging are its speed and minimal recovery time. Moreover, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and surgical scars. This procedure is effective for removing freckles, age spots, and liver spots. It can also improve the texture of the skin.

Cost of Excel V(tm) laser treatment

The cost of an Excel V(tm) laser treatment for facial rejuvenation depends on the condition and the number of sessions required. Treatments for minor conditions usually cost between $250 and $1000. Additional sessions are required for conditions that affect larger areas of skin. Prices for multiple sessions can increase up to three-fold. In addition to anti-aging benefits, Excel V laser treatments can also be used to treat other skin conditions.

While the Excel V laser treatment does not require anesthesia, there are potential side effects, including pain, paresthesia, or thermal burns. The results can be noticeable after a single treatment, but multiple treatments may be required to see maximum results. treatment cost can range from $250 to more than $2,000, but the price depends on the type of treatment, location, board-certified provider, and number of treatments.


The Excel V laser system is a cutting-edge treatment for various skin conditions. It uses a high-powered green laser to remove pigmented lesions and restore skin’s natural tone and color. The laser system is also equipped with several wavelength modes in Mumbai, enabling it to treat superficial blemishes and deeper vascular conditions.

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