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>> Front End <<

>> OTO1 Club  Edition <<

>> OTO2  500 Emotional Characters  Edition <<

>> OTO3 Pro Video Pack  Edition  <<

>> OTO4 Agency  Edition  <<

>> OTO5 Speechdio Edition  <<


Doodleoze OTO Links Above –  What is Doodleoze ?

Doodleoze is one of the first and best apps for making doodle videos. It lets anyone, regardless of their technical or artistic skills, make professional-quality, realistic doodle videos in just a few minutes.

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Product Overview

Doodleoze OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

Club Edition of OTO1

With the Club, you can take Doodleoze to a whole new level.

OTO2 500 Characters with Feelings Edition

Get 1 700 more images of Doodle Sketch characters in meaningful emotional poses to increase engagement and results even more.

OTO3 Professional Video Pack

Want 3,000 HD Videos?

Agency Edition of OTO4

Change to an agency license and start making money.

OTO5 Edition Speechdio

With a few clicks, you can turn any text into the most natural-sounding voice over.

The Player Edition of OTO6

Find out how to make the most of each view to close more deals, sign more clients, get hot leads, and make more money.

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Doodleoze OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only Doodleoze

Doodleoze  – Text From This Video

Today, I’ll show you how easy it is to make videos with doodles. If you don’t know what a “doodle video” is, it’s a video with images, text lines, and a hand drawing the images or the text line. Today, I’ll talk about a piece of software called Doodleoze, which you can see in the background. That makes it very easy to make videos like that. Before I do that, I want to let you know that there is a link in the video’s description. It will take you to my website, where you can find out more about Doodleoze and its prices, which start at $27 for the personal version and $37 for the commercial version. When you click on these buttons, you can find out more. You can see the funnel, and I also want to say something if you got here from my link.

You’ll also get all of the extras I talked about on my website: free of charge To buy Doodleoze, all you have to do is click this button. On my site, Okay, let me show you what Doodleoze is and how you can use it to make videos like this. So. I’ve already used this software a little bit, so let me show you what I made in just a few minutes. So, when I click on preview here, you can see that the hand is drawing this, and then the next slide comes up. You might be a business owner, a plumber, or a chiropractor.

Doodleoze Local OTO

Food is something they all love. Well, this video makes no sense, and it’s only there to show you a bit of the software. This kind of video is so easy to make! So, the two slides you just saw were ones I made in Doodleoze. And I’ll explain how it works. You can see that this is chosen at the top left, so this is my first slide.

When I click on the second slide here, you can see This is the second food-related slide. Now, you can put your own pictures on each slide you make. You can add your own text, images, and other things, so let me just start a new project. This doesn’t need to be saved.

I’ll call this test, and I’ll click and create it. So this is how you close the door. This is what you will see, and on the left side, it works really well. Well, you have a block with different options that lets you add text to your video. You could add dueling to your video, and those two will be used the most. I think bitmapped images can be added.

You can add videos, animated gifs, and audio to your Doodleoze videos, and you can also close the canvas. I’ll show you how it works, though. So, to start, you’ll click on this big plus sign to add a new scene. So that you can add a scene from your own collection. In this case, if you already have a scene made, we’ll make a new one. So, you can add your own text to this scene, or you can see it automatically when I click on this text button. On my screen, the text has been added.

Now, let me move to the left, because you can change everything on this side. So, here is where you can see the text and change it to anything you want. So. Are you in charge of a business? You can change this here. The colors can also be changed.

Doodleoze OTOs Linka

The phone sizes you see can be changed. Your images can also be stacked. So, if you have more than one image on top of each other, you can only move them to the top or bottom because there isn’t enough room. I know it’s small, but I can’t zoom in on this software to look at it more closely for this review. So let me do it.

Like this, But you can see here that you have a few choices. Once you’ve added something to your video, all you have to do is go to the top left. You can add a new effect by clicking on this icon. and from there. You can add a sketch by hand if you want to. So, when I do a sketch by hand, you can see that the timeline has grown, and this is how long it will take to draw this text by hand. So almost four seconds have passed. And if I want this to be five seconds long, I can drag it to that length.

As you can see, the hand will now draw in five seconds. You can also preview this if you’re a business. You can close this canvas, and when you do, you’ll see that it starts by itself. Are you in charge of a business? You can either look at the preview or click here, at the top, on “preview,” which will make a preview of all of your slides. So this is the first one. As you can see, it’s super easy to do and you can add a lot of things.

We’ll open the canvas again, and then, from this menu, we’ll add a doodle instead of text. So, when we click “add doodle,” we can choose to look for an image from a library. So let’s say I want this video to have people in it. I’ll be able to use them here. Then I could do that.

Are you Superman? Then I have Superman in here saying something like, “Well, he doesn’t have the Superman Cape on, but it’s just for this example.” So, let’s keep things as they are. Are you in charge of a business? Because we added the effect, you have more than one choice. Are you in charge of a business?

By clicking on this icon, we added that effect here. Now we can do the same thing with this picture. So, when I click on this icon, I can add a new effect, and I can also say, for example, that I want to fly this in or that I want to fly it in by hand. So, when I fly in by hand, I’ll say, “Look at what’s going on now.”

This. Are you in charge of a business? The hand comes in then. Now, as you can see, the hand came way too early because it was still on top. How do you feel about this top? You are looking at a timeline editor. So, in this editor, we’ll drag this fly by hand and add this person. This superhero or the superbusinessman We want to move this to the right so that we can add the super businessman inside the picture when we finish the sketch again by writing this text. So, when we move it and look at the preview again, it will be right.

Doodleoze OTO AIUpsell

Then, at the end, the hand comes in. Are you in charge of a business? Look at this boom. It’s a bit slow, so we’ll cut it in half. So it moves twice as quickly. So, when we look at the preview again, we can also write faster, and then we’ll move this here. We’re going to go over this again now. Check out this Now, the hand moves a lot faster.

You see that, boom. This could be your first scene, and then you could move on to the next scene and start making a new one with a blank canvas. You can also change scenes. So, let’s draw something here too. So let’s put something together. Let’s get this one from the library. So, the colored one became There are also ones with different colors in here, and this one can be made bigger in here. Are you a businessman? Then, we’ll add some text to this slide as well. But?

This is what we’d like to draw.

I think it would be fun to draw this one. So, once again, we’re going to draw here. You can draw with your hands or without them. Let’s say, though, that we want to draw by hand. We’ve now added the effect to both this slide and the one to the right at the top. You have already chosen hands, but you can also choose different hands. So, different kinds of hands exist.

There are hands of business people there.

There. There are many different kinds of hands, such as hands that are different colors. And. You can just pick whichever hand you want. So, if you want to use another one, you just choose the other hand, and now the other hand is being used for this picture. You can choose the hand for each picture on a slide.

Again, we can add text here at the top, and this time we can say that we want to fly. We’re going to add a new effect and then fly it in, or maybe we’ll try something else. They are also moving. So let’s do that slide or long school starting from the left. Let’S see! Well, school is left-handed, so let’s see what that will look like. And let’s go over this again so you can see what it looks like before you leave.

oom. See how the text jumps in? If we want to talk about everything we’ll do to get to the top, Are you the owner of a business? Then the hand comes and booms. It goes to the second slide, as you can see here. I really, really like how this looks.

Now, you can open a blank canvas inside the slides and draw on it. This is what I just showed you. You can get more images. You can also add pictures from your own computer. You’ll need SVG images, which you can learn about if you don’t already know what they are. Look it up on Google.

Doodleoze OTO Bonuses

Here are some pictures that you can get from the internet and use in Doodleoze.

They are also bitmapped images, so you can add them from your local storage or from Pixabay. You can add video as well, so if you want to add a video, you can do that as well. One of the upgrades is a Pixabay and Pixels integration so that you can implement those videos, or you could add them from a library on your computer. You can upload this, but let me just pick a video so that I can show you how this works. So it’s currently working on this video for me, slowing it down, and I can add it to the background of my slides so that it plays. Play So here you can put up your own videos. So I’m going to say, “add,” and now I’m going to add this to the top here; as you can see here, I need to move this to the background. So, in this case, we’re going to go to the right and say, “Get down and let me look. Go to the bottom.”

Let me check again to make sure I’m doing this right.

I was sure it was here. Let me check. Yeah. I just need to play the video, I think. I don’t know why this isn’t at the bottom of this page right now. Maybe I need to add an effect.

It should work. Let me look at the sneak peek here. Open canvas The video is playing in the background, which you can see. So maybe I need to add my text to the front. Let me once more open the canvas.

Let me see here. I don’t know why that is. You can add a video to the background, and I might need to do it this way because, uh, I should play this video here on the left. You can also add video to a slide, so you could write something like this and then put the text here. So, when I close this canvas, I can also do an animated background.

So I can also make a video of a scene’s background. So I probably should have used this option on the left to add a video here so I could use it as a background for this scene. But as you can see here, this whole left screen has a lot of other choices. So, when you close your canvas, you can use these other options to make an animated background. You could do video backgrounds; you do.

Could you make a background as a gift?

You could give a scene a voice over.

More things could happen. You can add music to your video. This is at the top, where you can see the text and hear the sound. You can change the text again, so that this will be aligned to the left.

It can be put in the middle.

There are many things you can do. This is where you can change the colors. But the slide is cool as well. So, when I go to the first slide, I can also say that the effects are exactly what I was looking for.

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