EA FC 24 Ultimate Team’s top defenders and wingers can be found here.

image source : Charlie INTEL
image source : Charlie INTEL

It is always a good idea to consider improving your backline in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team by adding some of the game’s best defenders, even though cheap FC 24 Coins may be tempting to spend your entire budget on some flashy new attackers in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, as cheap FC 24 Coins may be tempting to blow your entire budget on some flashy new attackers.

Even though the strikers may get the goals and the glory, your defensive line needs to be solid to keep your opponent at bay. This is especially important when you venture into the vast number of online modes that are available in EA FC 24, as there are a lot of different ways to play.

There is a lot of room for bargaining because the market for defenders in EA FC 24 can be quite unstable. High-rated options can sometimes be found for much less money than lower-rated cards that may have higher Pace or better statistics in other areas. If you are looking for an addition to cover you for a short period of time or if you are ready to recruit a defensive powerhouse at the back, we have you covered.

EA Football Club 24 Ultimate Team’s Best Central Back Defenders
In EA Football Club 24, the central defenders with the highest ratings come from the Premier League and Liga F. The top four cards come from players with the names Virgil van Dijk, Mapi Leon, Ruben Dias, and Irene Paredes, respectively. While the cost of hiring Van Dijk is extremely high, the other three options are significantly more reasonable.
The likes of Marquinhos, Eder Militao, and Ronald Araujo come with hefty price tags, but with cheap FC 24 Coins is possible to acquire highly rated cards like Matthijs de Ligt for a sum that is more reasonable.

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team’s Best Center Backs and Left Wing Backs
Fridolina Rolfo, a left-sided defender for Barcelona, has the highest rating of any left-sided defender in EA FC 24. She is rated higher than Selma Bacha, Andrew Robertson, Sakina Karchaoui, and Joao Cancelo, all of whom have varying price tags. Cheap FC 24 Coins is always a good idea to consider players who can play in multiple positions, such as Milan’s Theo Hernandez, who can provide solid Chemistry links. Arsenal’s Katie McCabe and Sevilla’s Marcos Acuna are two examples of players who fit this description.

The best fullbacks and wide defenders in EA Football Club 24 Ultimate Team
Joshua Kimmich is the highest-rated right-sided defender in EA FC 24, despite the fact that he is primarily listed as a CDM. He should be available for less than 15,000, which is enough to purchase Lucy Bronze and Trent Alexander-Arnold in addition to Kimmich. Both Ronald Araujo and Jules Kounde, who are both currently playing for Barcelona, are listed as central defenders; however, they are also capable of playing right back, and they are two of the most expensive right-sided defenders currently available.

The top central backs are available at a reasonable price in EA Football Club 24 Ultimate Team
There are reasonably priced options available in the Premier League, such as John Stones and Lisandro Martinez, both of whom have decent connections to Chemistry; in addition, England’s captain, Leah Williamson, is worthy of consideration due to her nation’s and Arsenal’s connections. Aymeric Laporte is highly regarded and still has decent Chemistry links despite moving to Saudi Arabia, whereas La Liga is a hotbed for decent central defenders at affordable prices with players like Nacho Fernandez and Jose Gimenez. Aymeric Laporte moved to Saudi Arabia.

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The best low-cost central and wide defenders in EA Football Club 24 Ultimate Team

In EA Football Club 24, Lucas Hernandez is a reliable, high-rated card who is capable of playing several positions and won’t break the bank. In addition, players such as Alex Greenwood, Nacho Fernandez, and Jordi Alba are worthy of consideration due to the Chemistry links they have. Javi Galan, Jose Gaya, Reinildo, and Alex Balde are just some of the names that stand out among the many talented defenders available at reasonable prices in this season’s La Liga competition.

The best central defenders at a reasonable price in EA Football Club 24 Ultimate Team
Although he is ranked among the top ten highest-rated right-sided defenders in EA FC 24, Kieran Trippier can still be purchased for a low price, making him an ideal recruit. Reece James, who plays for Chelsea, is another player who should be taken into consideration. Additionally, Niklas Sule, Nacho Fernandez, Benjamin Pavard, and Dani Carvajal are all excellent choices for a low investment, and they have the potential to be the backbone of your team for a considerable amount of time.

The best wingers to sign in the Career Mode of EA Football Club 24
Players are able to determine the best candidates to take into consideration when making hiring decisions for their team, thanks to the official ratings that have already been revealed by EA FC 24. The following players are considered to be the best wingers in EA FC 24’s Career Mode:

– Mohamed SalahVinicius Jr

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– Neymar Jr

– Heung Min Son

– Ousmane DembéléTokayo Saka BukayoMr

– Rafael LeoMahrez Riyad,Khvicha KvaratskheliaDomenico Berardi

Mohamed Salah is the highest-rated winger in the game, with an overall rating of 89, proving that even at the age of 31, he is still capable of breaking ankles and scoring some bangers. This is despite the fact that he had a rough season with Liverpool.

Given his incredible speed and confident ability to score goals, the youngster Vinicius Jr. is one of the best wingers to sign because he is a free agent. The dribbling and 5-star skills that Neymar Jr. possesses in EA FC 24 continue to be something to admire. In a similar vein, Heung Min Son maintains his position as one of the top five players due to the high level he has shown while playing for Tottenham. Five of the most promising young wingers in this year’s competition are Ousmane Dembélé, Bukayo Saka, Kvaratskhelia, and Rafael Leo. Due to the high potential of these young actors, you will be set for a number of seasons despite their young age and the fact that their ratings are already satisfactory.


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