The Environmental Benefits of Mature Trees: Why We Need to Protect Them 

Many people have never really considered the series of benefits that comes from planting trees. Mature trees have many benefits, from adding curb appeal to boosting our mental health and protecting the environment. It is valuable to man, animals, and the environment.  

Even though trees are silent and stationery, they hold incredible power and can improve our lives in many ways. Trees also add aesthetics to our space and provide a habitat for animals. Many people only see the benefit of a tree once it is removed from its vicinity.  

You may have come across the saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. While money doesn’t grow on trees, there are many ways in which the presence of trees around you can put money in your pocket and save you money.  

This article will explore the many environmental benefits of having mature trees: 

They Can Boost the Mental Health 

In a world filled with stressors and various sources of depression, having a means of escape is essential. Thankfully, one easy and tested way to escape is by spending time in a natural environment. A trip to the park or simply sitting down under a tree can provide an avenue to escape life’s many stressors.  

Trees, in addition to their positive effect on physical health, can support mental health. Sitting down under a tree and watching the birds singing or enjoying the shade can boost mental health.  

The Japanese have a ritual known as forest bathing. This involves taking a walk in the forest to clear the head. While going into the forest to clear the head might be impossible for some people, walking in a garden or park full of trees can do the same magic.  

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According to a mega study by the Australian, people living in places where the trees had at least 30% canopy are 31% less susceptible to psychological stress compared to people living in urban areas. In the same way, office workers who can view trees via their windows at work reported mild stress levels, according to a study at the Chungbuk National University, South Korea.  

This makes it important for homeowners and offices to consider planting trees. You can get mature trees for sale online and plant them to improve curb appeal, boost productivity, and help with stress management. 

They Enforce Sustainability  

Humans have been on the quest for a sustainable environment for a while. Interestingly, trees are a valuable element in the hunt for a more sustainable world. From helping with stormwater management, to conserving soil erosion, and controlling pollution, trees can make the environment pretty sustainable. 

It can reduce energy consumption innovatively, and much research has confirmed this. A study by American Forests revealed that residents of Atlanta could save up to $2.8 million every year on their energy bills. This can be traced to the many shades available by Atlanta’s canopy. Another study revealed the value of over 500,000 matured mesquite trees located in Tucson, Ariz. It provides an estimated savings of $90,000 yearly for runoff control and $1.5 million in removing particulate matter.  

It is evident that trees play a huge role in conserving the environment and helping with a sustainable world.  

They Cleanse the Air 

Nature designed humans to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. However, when the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere gets in excess, it becomes a problem. Sadly, humans are not helping matters as our excessive reliance on fossil fuels leads to too much concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. 

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The road is filled with thousands of cars; industries also release toxic gases, and jets release poisonous gases. All these have increased the level of pollution. This action have affected health and reduced the quality of life.  

Thankfully, trees usually suck in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The more trees available around us, the more carbon dioxide they suck in, which significantly helps in filtering the air. This means they perform the work of filtration, which leads to cleaner air and better health.  

Besides, the shade from many trees in the summer can also lessen our dependence on air conditioning systems. This brings down human reliance on fossil fuels, thereby reducing pollution

Trees can Save You Money 

One of the recurring bills many people cannot do without is electricity bills. Electricity is part of life as our lives revolve around it. Yet, electricity bill keeps rising, and the only option is to reduce dependence on gadgets consuming electricity. 

The good thing is that trees around us can go a long way in reducing our electricity bills. With climate change and the hot unbearable summer, shades from trees can help reduce temperature and cut energy use. During winter, many trees lose their leaves, allowing sunlight to have direct access into buildings and warm homes.  

With trees strategically positioned around the house, one can reduce energy consumption. This reduces the dependency on air conditioning systems, lowering energy bills.  

Stormwater Reduction 

Trees have a unique system of reducing rainwater’s erosive action. When rain falls, the leaves serve as a break that captures it and reduces the speed of the droplets so that the ground has enough time to absorb it. This makes it easier for the water to be evaporated and returned to the atmosphere.  

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Mature trees also help absorb rainwater that could degrade the road or end up in storm sewers.  

A tree can perform incredible recycling operations. In addition to the recycling operation, it helps eliminate pollutants and protect the environment. The surface friction of the tree slows down the water so that the root can absorb it.  

With mature tree roots alongside vegetative litter, the soil type is perfect for infiltration. Since most cities have impervious surfaces like concrete and asphalt, pollutant increases alongside the volume of runoff water. This is helpful in cities and various urban environments.  

Mature trees, however, can help boost infiltration, which reduces runoff water and its impact. They also reduce pollution by absorbing nutrients and pollutants via their roots. 


After reading this article, I bet your orientation about trees will have changed. It is essential to protect old trees and also plant new ones. While it might seem like a long time to maturity, the benefits over the years will compensate for the waiting period.  


Rupesh is a self-taught writer who has been working for Exposework for over 2 years. He is responsible for writing informative articles that are related to business, travel, health & fitness, and food.