Everything Homeowners Must Know About Concrete Countertops 

Countertops, drawers, sinks, and appliances make up every kitchen. Countertops are where most meal preparation takes place. 

If preferred, homeowners can even have their meals on the countertop. That said, choosing the best countertops for your kitchen is only right. 

Among all the other types of kitchen countertops, concrete countertops have become prominent over the last few years. 

What is a Concrete Countertop?

The countertop’s surface is made by pouring concrete into precise shapes. These precise shapes can be according to the homeowner’s preference or the space available in the kitchen.

In addition, concrete countertops are frequently used in place of granite or marble ones. 

Concrete Countertop Installation Process

Step 1: Mold Construction 

An excellent concrete pouring mold is essential to a beautiful countertop. By measuring the base cabinets on which the countertop will be placed, Concrete Contractors OKC can determine the size of the mold.

Step 2: Cut Outs 

Measure and mark the base of the mold if you need to make a cutout for a cooktop or a sink in your countertop. 

Further, it is important to consider the thickness of the mold’s side pieces when calculating the cutout’s size. To ensure the correct size, you may dry-fit the cooktop or sink.

Step 3: Support Frame

Constructing a support frame to enclose the outer mold once it’s finished is necessary. 

The additional support is necessary to prevent the edges of the mold from bending as a result of the weight of the concrete. 

Step 4: Concrete Mixing and Pouring 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, the concrete must be mixed with a shovel after adding water.

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Now is the time to incorporate color pigment if the homeowner wants to give the countertop a certain color.

A small shovel or bucket will then be used to pour the concrete into the mold.

A sheet of plastic or damp nylon mesh must be placed over the countertop to shield it from dust and dirt after pouring.

Step 5: Mold Removing 

Give the concrete time to cure for at least a week; the more time it has to cure, the stronger it becomes.

The support frame should then be taken off the mold’s sides and ends.

The screws that hold the mold sides to the base must be removed. To pry each side free from the concrete slab, use a hammer’s claw end and the new screws carefully.

Step 6: Slab Finishing and Installation 

The slab will have flaws when it is removed from the mold. Concrete Contractors Oklahoma City residents trust will sand the concrete countertop while donning respirators.

Finally, the countertop should be placed on top of the base cabinet and gently pressed down to seal the adhesive. This wraps up the concrete countertop installation. 

The Advantages of Concrete Countertop

  • Countertops made of concrete are very durable.
  • It can be modified according to the homeowners’ preference.
  • It can resist scratches better than other types of countertops.
  • It could raise the cost of the property should the homeowner decide to sell the house. 

The Disadvantages of Concrete Countertop

  • It is inevitable that concrete countertops will crack.
  • When compared to other countertop options, they are pricey.
  • Since the concrete is porous, maintenance and resealing are required.
  • The installation is not easy. 
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Concrete Countertop Costs 

Concrete countertops can cost anywhere between $65 and $135 per square foot. This cost typically covers the countertop’s design, components, assembly, and installation. 

The cost of concrete countertops is determined more by the contractor’s creativity and skill than by the cost of the material. Still, the materials and location can still affect the overall price of concrete countertops.

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