Everything you need to know about playing Bingo online

Everything you need to know about playing Bingo online
Everything you need to know about playing Bingo online
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Games of chance have been around for centuries, and Bingo is no exception. With technological advancements in the digital age making the game more accessible than ever, online Bingo has become a firm favorite amongst players. 

With this in mind, here’s a whistle-stop tour of everything you need to know about playing Bingo online

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A brief history

It’s believed that Bingo first originated in Italy, where it was known as a lottery game called ‘Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’ in 1530. From here, the game can be traced to France, where it became a favorite of the aristocracy, known as ‘Le Lotto’. It didn’t take long for the game to land on British shores after this, and by 1778, popularity had soared. 

Throughout the 18th century, the game began to spread throughout the United States (US), which is where the name ‘Bingo’ is said to have originated. 

It was thanks to toy manufacturer Edwin S. Lowe, who saw the game being played at a carnival in Georgia, that the familiar name we know and love came about. At this time, it was known as ‘Beano’, as beans were used to cover numbers on the cards when called out. 

When Lowe recreated the game back in New York with his friends, it’s believed one yelled out ‘Bingo’ by mistake, upon crossing off all their numbers. 

Dauber at the ready! 

From here, Lowe is said to have printed cards, increased the possibility of number combinations and sold this ‘new’ game under the name Bingo. 

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Over the years, the popularity of Bingo continued to grow, and as World Wars I and II broke out, the game became a good distraction for US troops and British Army and Navy personnel. It was also used to raise funds for communities during this time. 

As time moved on, the game stayed a firm favorite. Bingo halls were built to accommodate the high demand for the game, and the evolution of technology allowed online casino sites to host the game digitally.

Online Bingo

That’s right, you can play Bingo online, in real time! Instead of being called out by a real person, the numbers are announced by a Random Number Generator (RNG) – computer software that creates unpredictable combinations of numbers every single second. 

Plus, you’ll never miss a number again, as online games cross off your numbers if you don’t spot it before the next one is called. 

There’s a live chat feature and plenty of themed games to enjoy. You can even play Slingo online – a new game that combines Bingo and Slots!

How to play online

To play Bingo online, you simply need to log into your chosen casino site and find the Bingo section. Once you’ve chosen your game and purchased your tickets, gameplay will commence. 

The rules remain the same as land-based Bingo, with line and full-house prizes up for grabs. You might even find bonus rounds on particular games.

Now you know everything you need to know about playing Bingo online, do you think you’ll be trying your chances anytime soon? 

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