Exploring alternative health insurance beyond traditional coverage

Exploring alternative health insurance beyond traditional coverage
Exploring alternative health insurance beyond traditional coverage
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With the rising cost of healthcare in the US, purchasing healthcare insurance is paramount; however, not many can afford health insurance in the current economy. This is why many people are looking for alternatives that will keep them secure in medical emergencies and pay for their medical expenditures without making a hole in their pocket. If you are also among them this article is for you as we have listed the best alternative health care insurance plan that will be better for you than the traditional coverage.

Is Alternative Health Insurance Better For Me?

This question has no clear answer, as everyone has different needs and healthcare requirements. Alternative health insurance coverage’s benefits are based on your personal preferences. For example, you may have different healthcare requirements than an individual in his late 40s has children, and owns a house. Hence, it is essential to weigh the alternative healthcare insurance plans benefits and drawbacks based on your specific requirements to choose the right alternative.

Best Alternatives Healthcare Insurance

Now that we know that alternative health insurance is not a one-size-fits-all, let us look at some of the best health insurance alternatives that will save you a lot of money.

Medical Cost Sharing Program

In this alternative health care insurance a group of individuals will pay a fund that will be used for the medical costs of the members paying the amount. The process is similar to traditional healthcare insurance premiums but the costs will be significantly lower. In a medical emergency you can take out the amounts you have paid in the program to cover the medical expenses. 

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Medical-cost sharing is an efficient option for people who don’t mind religious affiliations and are open-minded to being reimbursed for costly healthcare costs. Always keep in mind that not every cost is shared under the cost-sharing program hence you must check the details and learn about the services that are covered to see whether the program is right for you or not.

Care Membership

In the care membership, you will get access to healthcare by paying monthly fees. Some large primary care providers offer several membership types; however, remember that the membership will only be exclusive to their facilities. 

One of the major alternative healthcare insurance plan benefits is that several platforms offer a revolutionary membership program that gives access to emergency care centers and lab testing nationwide. Some care memberships also give an 80% discount on prescription medications. 

Care membership is ideal for people seeking an alternative to conventional health insurance. These memberships are pocket-friendly and offer basic healthcare that many people require. 

However, this membership is not right for those worried about potential emergency room visits or those living in places with chances of catastrophic events.

Discount Cards

Discount cards offer access to significant discounts on medical treatments and prescriptions. However, you should remember that the services the discount card provides are not basic healthcare needs; the savings you will make are on dentistry, prescriptions, and chiropractic care. Different cards provide different savings; for instance, you can save up to 80% on the cost, which is why the best method of using this card is to supplement other medical services. 

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Short-Term Medical Insurance

Short-term health insurance covers medical costs associated with injury or sudden illnesses. Since short-term coverages are considered temporary health insurance coverage it can be an efficient choice if you want to build a habit of paying premiums for traditional insurance coverage.


If you have a decent salary and are in good health, and you are sure that you won’t be needing any major healthcare, then you can choose not to purchase anything, or in other words, be self-insured. However, remember that you won’t have peace of mind since one major car accident or heart attack can cost you a lot.

Which Is The Best Health Insurance Alternative?  

As mentioned, when choosing alternative health care, the final decision is based on several factors, such as your healthcare requirements, what you can afford, and possible expenditures.

You can choose to take the help of a certified health insurance agent, as they can help you pick the appropriate option that will be beneficial and pocket-friendly. They will assess your health condition and help you strategically plan for health insurance or its alternatives.


There are several alternative health insurance plan benefits for unemployed people who can only afford a catastrophic plan or an individual who can go on without healthcare if they cannot afford a traditional one. The costs of these alternatives are relatively lower than the traditional plan.

However, you must ensure that your option matches your specific requirements. We hope this article has helped you choose the most appropriate alternative healthcare insurance and you have the peace of mind of being medically secure. 

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