Eyewear 2023: Aviator Glasses Remain a Classic Choice

2023 glasses trends
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2023 glasses trends are a mix of classic and modern styles. One of its hottest styles this year is its cat-eye frame which creates a sophisticated look that suits any face shape. The round frame, expected to continue to be popular in 2023, has a direction that can be used for everyday use to special occasions. The trend toward sustainable frames grows as manufacturers use eco-friendly materials such as wood and bamboo. Retro square frames in various styles and colors are making a comeback in fashion. On the other hand, Wireframes are still trendy for men, those who wear thin lenses, exuding a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic.

For women, oversized frames with bold and unique designs are trending. Women should appreciate eco-friendly glasses. Men, on the other hand, can look forward to geometric glasses in the shapes of octagons and hexagons for an ultra-futuristic look with attractive texture. Featured matches, sports glasses, and accessories from various brands that one can also add to their collection. To properly care for these glasses, customers can refer to online marts for tips and guides on eyeglass care, spectacle lenses, eyewear styles, and basics. With various trendy eyewear and useful resources, customers can enjoy and take care of eyewear that matches their style. 

A popular option is aviator glasses, originally designed for pilots to protect their eyes. Aviator glasses have existed for over 80 years and are still popular today, according to Lensmart’s analysis of 2023 glasses trends. The timeless design and relevance to the pilot achieve a classic military-style look. This design is versatile and can be used by both men and women. Many eyewear stores have aviator glasses in their catalogs because they fit most face shapes.

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Shape, color, rim, material, and size should be considered when choosing aviator glasses. Aviator glasses come in various shapes: rectangular, round, square, oval, and cateye. Also available in various colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, purple, black, white, pink, brown, tortoiseshell, grey, gold, clear, orange, silver, glazed, and marble. One can also choose a border style such as full-border, semi-border, or borderless. The material of the glasses is also important, and one can choose from acetate, metal, TR90, TPU, and HEMA. A spring hinge is a handy feature that helps keep the glasses safe and comfortable. Finally, one should choose the glass size to ensure a proper fit. The overall width is from 110mm to 200mm.

In addition to opticians, many online retailers also offer a wide range of aviator glasses, making it easy to find the perfect glasses for a particular style and budget. When shopping online, check the seller’s return policy and reviews from other customers to ensure one is receiving a quality product. Overall, Aviator Sunglasses are versatile and classic. A versatile accessory that enhances any outfit and provides essential eye protection for style. 

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