Factle Maps: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs

Factle Maps: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs
Factle Maps: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs


Providing precise neighborhood border mapping, Factle Maps is a provider of geospatial solutions that improve search and neighbourhood demographic information about neighborhoods that are important for study and analysis. Along with custom geospatial mapping work and consulting services, HyperLocal, and SEO/SEM consulting services, Factle Maps also provides digital map generation capabilities for all countries in the world.

Factle Maps Company Highlights

Company NameFactle Maps
HeadquarterBerkeley, California, United States
IndustryGeospatial Mapping

Factle Maps About

Factle Maps offers geospatial solutions to meet the expanding demands for localization, geo-search, and geocentric analysis. In order to improve search and provide demographic information about communities that is useful for study and analysis, Factle Maps’ primary focus is on precise neighbourhood border mapping.

Factle Maps Industry

The location where others go for inspiration, Factle is mapping out the world one neighbourhood at a time. Factle Maps aims to provide the best neighborhood boundaries and demographic data through painstaking mapping and in-depth research. Our goal is to give our corporate and academic partners the resources they need to advance and have a bigger effect by addressing the questions of what a neighbourhood is specifically and why it is so crucial.

Factle is a truly inspiring initiative that meticulously maps communities worldwide. With unwavering dedication and in-depth research, Factle Maps provides precise neighborhood boundaries and valuable demographic insights. Our mission is to empower our corporate and academic collaborators, enabling them to create a meaningful impact by exploring the profound importance of neighborhoods in our society.

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Factle Maps Founder and Team

Bernt Wahl established Factle Maps. Wahl has more than 20 years of experience in the geospatial field. The team at Factle Maps also includes seasoned experts in geospatial data, software development, and marketing.

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Factle Maps Startup Story:

In 2007, when the geospatial business was still in its infancy, Factle Maps was established. The business immediately developed a reputation for its thorough and precise neighbourhood border mapping data. Real estate firms, urban planning organizations, and transportation divisions are just a few of the businesses and institutions that use Factle Maps data.

Businesses and organizations in need of reliable and thorough neighborhood boundary mapping data could turn to Factle Maps as a beneficial resource. Making knowledgeable choices concerning a range of issues, including real estate development, urban planning, and transportation, requires the use of the company’s data.

  • 1994-February: Bernt Wahl, the inventor of Factle, teams up with Joe Coho and Craig Glassner of the National Parks Service (nps.gov); discussions about a nationwide neighbourhood boundaries map start.
  • Factle started gathering neighbourhood data in June 2004 in preparation for a project to map out neighborhood boundaries.
  • The first US National Neighborhood Boundaries Map is created in July 2005 by 15 U.C. Berkeley interns.
  • In May 2007, Factle Maps was established as a subsidiary of Homegain with a focus on neighbourhood boundary mapping.
  • Factle Maps relocated to its new and present office at the Brower Center in Berkeley, California, in June 2009.
  • 2009-Nov: Factle Maps debuts its updated website!

Factle Maps Mission and Vision

The goal of Factle Maps is to “deliver the most precise and thorough neighbourhood border mapping data accessible.” “Leading provider of geospatial solutions for enterprises and organizations of all sizes” is how the company describes its vision.

Factle Maps Name, Tagline, and Logo

In a manner similar to how Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google called their firm after the mathematical word “googol,” Factle Maps creator Bernt Wahl, who has a background in fractal geometry, chose the name “Factle” for his new mapping company.

The fact that neighbourhoods are smaller, more decentralised units within a bigger entity like a city is also interesting to notice. In fact, neighbourhoods frequently have their own unique characteristics and can even be thought of as mini-cities within their respective cities.

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Factle Maps Business Model

Giving businesses and organisations geospatial solutions is the foundation of Factle Maps’ business strategy. The company offers a wide array of products and services, including:

  • Factle Maps delivers highly accurate and comprehensive neighborhood boundary mapping data. This valuable resource can be applied to various endeavors, such as urban planning, transportation, and real estate development, making it a versatile asset for your needs.
  • Production of digital maps: Factle Maps provides the ability to produce digital maps for all countries.
  • Custom geospatial mapping work and consulting services are offered by Factle Maps to businesses and organisations in need of customised geospatial solutions.
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Factle Maps Revenue Model

Factle Maps doesn’t disclose any specific financial information. Sales of its goods and services are how Factle Maps makes money. For access to its neighbourhood boundary mapping data and digital map generation tools, the company charges businesses and organisations a subscription fee. In addition, Factle Maps bills companies and organisations for specialised geospatial mapping work, consulting services, HyperLocal, and SEO/SEM advice.

Businesses and organisations that require precise and comprehensive geospatial data and solutions might consider Factle Maps as a valuable resource. A number of topics, including urban planning, transportation, and real estate development, can be decided upon using the company’s goods and services. For companies and organisations looking to increase their online presence and connect with their target market, Factle Maps is an invaluable tool.

According to G2 Stack, Factle Maps uses six different technology products and services, including Google Workspace, F5 NGINX, and GoDaddy Premium DNS. According to BuiltWith, Factle Maps uses 5 technologies actively on its website. Amazon, Office 365 Mail, and Google Apps for Business are a few of these.

Factle Maps Products and Services

  • Data about neighbourhood border mapping is available from Factle Maps, and it is accurate and complete.
  • For countries all over the world, Factle Maps provides digital map development capabilities.
  • Businesses can hire Factle Maps to create custom geospatial maps and receive consultation services.

Factle Maps Funding and Investors

Factle Maps has not yet received any funding.

Factle Maps Employees

It has 1-10 employees currently.

Factle Maps Challenges Faced

Factle Maps’ comparable goods and services are provided by a number of other geospatial businesses. It is crucial for Factle Maps to keep its data up-to-date because neighbourhood boundaries can change regularly. This can be difficult since Factle Maps must make investments in additional resources like staff members and technology.

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Factle Maps Acquisitions

Factle Maps has not made any acquisitions.

Factle Maps Growth

A developing business is Factle Maps. The firm has experienced substantial growth in recent years as more companies and organisations have come to appreciate the value of its goods and services. Given the rising need for geospatial data and solutions in the years to come, Factle Maps is in a good position to expand.

Factle Maps Partners

There are no specifics.

Factle Maps Competitors

RadLogics, DataZymes, and Sixfold are potential substitutes for Factle Maps as well as rivals.

Factle Maps Awards and Achievements

Factle Maps does not receive any awards.

Factle Maps Future Plan

In the upcoming years, Factle Maps intends to expand its business even more. Factle company has ambitious plans for the future. We aim to expand our product and service offerings, venture into new markets, and make significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment and talented personnel. At Factle Maps, our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch customer service positions us for substantial growth in the coming years. Your support and partnership are crucial to our continued success.


What does Factle Maps do?

The expanding demands for localization, geo-search, and geo-centric analysis are met by Factle Maps’ geospatial solutions. Factle Maps’ primary goal is accurate neighbourhood border mapping to improve search and neighborhood demographic information about neighbourhoods which is important for research and analysis.

When was Factle Maps founded?

It was established in 2007.

Who is the founder of Factle Maps Corporation?

Owner and founder is Bernt Wahl.

Who is the CEO of Factle Maps Corporation?

Bernt Wahl is the CEO of Factle Maps.

Who are the main competitors of Factle Maps?

RadLogics, DataZymes, and Sixfold are some alternatives and potential rivals to Factle Maps.


Factle Maps is a business in a good position with a promising future. The business boasts a talented team, a great lineup of goods and services, and a burgeoning clientele. Factle Maps is dedicated to providing the finest customer service possible and is well-positioned to expand over the next few years.

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