Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suitable Promo T-shirt Printing Firm

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suitable Promo T-shirt Printing Firm
Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suitable Promo T-shirt Printing Firm

It’s no more news that promotional T-shirt printing is an effective & affordable way to keep your customers and potential buyers aware of your new products. However, for you to get the best results and enjoy all the goodies that come with this cheap marketing strategy, you need to choose a suitable firm.

So, here’s a burning question; what exactly are the best tricks and tips for choosing the right T-shirt printing Auckland services provider? As you continue to read this guide, you’ll find everything you should know about this question. You’ll also find reasons why Custom Branded is the perfect solution to your T-shirt printing needs.

Why should you consider custom T-shirt printing for your brand?

Custom t-shirt printing is a process of designing your clothes based on your personality, style, and taste. For businesses, custom t-shirt designing and printing involve measuring clothing in such a way that allows you to provide your design and your employee’s exact measurements. This approach will offer your brand tons of benefits, including the following:

  • A good t-shirt printing approach, which you can enjoy at Custom Branded, will help you advertise your products and services the right way.
  • This approach will also help you create a long-lasting relationship between your employees and customers.
  • T-shirt printing is a good way to motivate your employees, provide them with a feeling of belonging, and improve their overall productivity.
  • Branding with customized t-shirts can also act as a conversation starter for your employees to better explain your new products and services.
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Tricks & Tips for finding the right custom t-shirt printing company

Types of printing services

One key factor you need to consider before hiring a custom t-shirt printing NZ company is “the types of services offered.” A reliable company, such as Custom Branded, should offer different kinds of services, including AS color t-shirt printing, embroidery, and screen printing.

  • At Custom Branded, our screen printing Auckland service involves forcing ink through a mesh screen to add your design to the selected fabric. This service is cost-effective and applicable to different types of apparel, including t-shirts and hoodies.
  • Our “embroidery” service involves sewing embroidery into your selected garment, such as Beanies, caps, and aprons. As the longest-lasting branding technique, this service is available at a cost. You can learn more about our different high-quality embroidered uniforms.
  • Our AS colour T-shirt printing service involves working with different AS products, especially the AS Colour Supply Hoodies and Block T-shirts. With these products, your workers will be putting on the best basics in the industry.

Quantity & quality

Two other essential factors you need to consider when hiring a custom t-shirt printing NZ firm are “quality” and “quantity.” Yes, the right company, such as Custom Branded, should be able to deliver you top-notch customized tees.

In addition, you should check the minimum number of orders that the company receives. Will it cater to your needs? Depending on the number of your orders, certain companies offer free deliveries. You should find out about this offering before hiring a t-shirt printing Auckland company near you.

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Cost, hidden fees, and offers 

How much do you have for this printing project? You should start by answering this question. After that, proceed and pick a suitable company that can deliver you high-quality services that fall within your budget.

You should also check and be sure no hidden fees are involved. Next, check and be sure the company you’re picking will offer you discounts on certain orders that you make.

Replacement & Return Policy 

What replacement policy do you have in place? This is another key question you need to ask before choosing your preferred t-shirt printing company.

At Custom Branded, we offer a replacement policy that favors our customers. This is especially true if you end up getting something that’s not up to your taste. This rarely happens, though, as our services come with high-quality delivery. You can check our t-shirt printing replacement policy for more details.

Delivery time frame

Don’t hire a company without understanding the delivery time frame they offer. The right company should be able to offer you a standard turnaround time of roughly 5-7 working days, depending on the services you’re interested in getting. Sometimes, the turnaround time can be longer (roughly 2 weeks), depending on the number of products requested.
The bottom line is that you should always check the delivery time frame of the t-shirt printing Auckland service provider before settling for your preferred one.

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