Failed Marriages of the successful women

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Sherry Dyson rose to stardom as the ex-wife of elite writer Chris Gardner. Her ex-husband has tried his hand at business, stockbroker and many other fields. Even though Sherry hasn’t made a big name in the media, the celebrity couple has carved a very successful path in their respective fields. He is a former educationist by profession.

The same goes to Kathy Ambush, who rose to fame after the infamous controversy of senior most American Judge Clarence Thomas. Just like Sherry, Kathy also suffers from a failed marriage, leaving a hallow space in her life. Let’s discuss their successful career and they’re not so successful marriages with famous or infamous spouses. 

Also, talking about their short-lived marriage, the two married in the late 1970s but it did not last long. They separated after three years of relationship. The previous flames had no children but Sherry did go through a miscarriage.Dyson, who is four years older than her husband Chris, was born around 1950 in Richmond, Virginia. His father A.D. Price Funeral Home. On the other hand, his mother was a high school teacher.

Sherry grew up in the same house her entire life, a gracious colonial home on Haines Avenue, Richmond, Virginia.Talking about his nationality, Dyson is an American and belongs to Afro-American ethnicity.Dyson attended the University of Michigan and earned a master’s degree in education. He also attended Morgan State University.

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What are they doing now?

For the past several years, there has been no update about his latest endeavours. But, in the past, Sherry was a college math teacher. She also taught in the Richmond public schools.The former educationist has also started several service works. Back in December 2019, Dyson launched a Facebook fundraiser for Ciara Armstrong’s birthday to donate to non-profit organization called as Stand Up to Cancer.At first Sherry and Chris don’t take things too seriously but after a while it all turns into an undeniable romance. 

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Although they live in different cities, the lovebirds spend many sleepless nights just talking on the phone to maintain their long-distance relationship. In the above book, Gardner also reveals that his phone bill once reached $900.Earlier flare first appeared in the 1970s. Chris, who is four years younger than Sherry, revealed in his biography The Pursuit of Happyness that the two went to see the 1971 film Summer of ’42. It is a perfect romantic film about a love affair between an older woman and a teenage boy.

Reasons of their failed marriages 

The reasons for their separation are unclear. Their divorce was finalized three years later, in 1984; Ambush lost his mother in the same year.However, their marriage hasn’t always been sweet. Friends explained that Thomas’ drinking problem worsened over time and eventually poisoned his marriage. Root also claimed that he had an affair with Lillian McEwen during his first marriage.

A former Senate Judiciary Committee staffer claimed that she had witnessed Thomas’ alcoholism during their relationship. Thomas used his student loan money to drink at bars, which led to severe financial instability.Eventually, he saw how drinking was physically and financially unsustainable, so he gave it up. Quitting alcohol did not solve his financial problems. Thomas still had a lot of debt, including his student loans and credit cards.

Due to his inability to bounce back financially, he received several eviction notices. According to ABC News, Thomas moved his family to Washington to work for the newly elected junior senator in Missouri. However, his problems in his marriage, alcohol addiction and financial instability followed him there. He finally separated from Ambush in 1981 after a decade of marriage.

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