Father Joseph Walsh – International Prayer for Eastern Christians

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The international prayer day aims to bring together western and eastern Christians and pray for the Christian community’s prosperity, safety, and success worldwide, particularly for people living in the Middle Easter, Africa, India, and other Asian countries. Father Joseph Walsh invites everyone from Europe and Asia to participate in the annual Day of Prayer on May 22, 2022.

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Why has Father Joseph Walsh been Chosen May 22, 2022?

According to Father Joseph Walsh, the apostles’ doctrine is critical for the eastern and western Christians. It shows Christianity’s most splendid and glorious truths and ushers people’s hearts and souls into worship. The Apostles’ creed allows eastern and western Christians to praise God and guide the church in prayer by praising God’s name.  

Likewise, the Act of Apostles played a substantial role in Gospel preaching, encouraging people to know eastern churches’ origin, history, and significance. Father Joseph Walsh says the first eastern Christians made significant efforts to streamline the teachings of the Gospel and spread its teaching worldwide, including in Europe.

Today, Eastern Christians, especially in the Middle East, experience the worst treatment. Pervasive persecution of Christians is ongoing in different Middle Eastern regions. Sometimes, it amounts to genocide. That’s why the worst experiences of Christians have prompted a migration for the last twenty years.

May 22 is an important date during Easter, and praying for our brothers and sisters residing in the eastern hemisphere is worth everything because Eastern Christians brought us the Gospel and played a vital role in spreading the beautiful teachings of Christianity.

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Christian Unity Through Prayer

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Father Joseph Walsh says the Holy Bible is clear about Christianity’s mission. It is about sharing the Gospel with Christians worldwide, including those living in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Sharing the Gospel with all Christians, caring for people in need, and worshipping together with encouraging, living, and admonishing eastern and western Christians in God’s truth is the primary goal.

Father Joseph Walsh invites all western Christians to pray for peace, prosperity, harmony, compassion, and unity worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, where our brothers, sisters, and children suffer the most. Let us pray together for our Christian community in the Middle East.


·        Heavenly Father, we seek your guidance and pray for peace and harmony in the Middle East. We seek your forgiveness, compassion, and grace.

·        Heavenly Father, strengthen our faith and give us the courage to support our Eastern communities.

·        Father, alleviate their pain and suffering and bless them with peace and prosperity. Inspire us by our Eastern Christians’ dedication to the Holy Gospel, unity, love, peace, harmony, and compassion.

·        Elevate their courage, commitment, dedication, bravery, and valor against all forms of evil and oppression in the Middle East.


Dear Christian Fellows!

I wholeheartedly invite you to the annual international day of prayer for our eastern Christian brothers and sisters on May 22, 2022, the 6th Sunday of Easter. I invite Christians from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and India to participate in the prayer and pray for the peace and prosperity of our Christian communities in the world, particularly in the Middle East.

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Eastern churches teach us the significance of apostolic doctrines, beliefs, and traditions established by Jesus Christ. The bishops of eastern churches are the successors of Jesus Christ’s apostles. These churches practice the authentic Christian faith and pass down the holy teaching and traditions to us.

Therefore, I cordially invite everyone, including families, friends, and fellow Christians, to pray for our brothers and sisters in the East. Father Joe Walsh believes the International Prayer Day for Eastern Christians will ease the pain and suffering of our deprived and innocent Christian communities in the Middle East.

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