FCB Group India Acquire a Majority Stake in Kinnect

FCB Group India Acquire a Majority Stake in Kinnect
FCB Group India Acquire a Majority Stake in Kinnect
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Thursday, 27 April, 2023, Bengaluru, India

FCB Group India is about to witness a greater digital era after buying majority stakes in Kinnect. Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) and FCB Group India are looking forward to starting a new era of digital possibilities after acquiring majority stakes in Kinnect.

FCB Group India Acquire a Majority Stake in Kinnect
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The new brand will be known as FCBKinnect. This partnership will house a daunting team of more than 1200 advertising and marketing experts. This team will consist of 500+ digital specialists who specialize in providing comprehensive solutions across the media platform.

The formation of the new group, FCB Group, will take on challenges greater than before and make the most of its digital prowess. With FCBKinnect at the center, the new group is destined to lead the advertising industry with its unmatched digital-first creative capabilities, scalable content production, and innovative influencer marketing through Kinnect Outreach which is India’s premier data-driven influencer and third-party partnership platform.

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On the acquisition, Tyler Turnbull, the CEO of FCB Global, said, “Since our partnership with Kinnect began in 2020, the momentum FCB has experienced across India has been exceptional. Rohan, Chandni, and the entire Kinnect team have proven they understand how to deliver growth for brands by unleashing creativity across digital, performance, customer experience, and influencer marketing. With Kinnect now an official part of our network, we can help transform brands around India and APAC to deliver timely and timeless results like never before.”

Adding to Tyler’s statement, Rohit Ohri, Chairman and CEO of FCB Group India, said, “Businesses today demand a comprehensive communications solution that seamlessly integrates innovation, technology, and data. In the post-COVID era, digital must be woven into every aspect of our operations and not treated as a separate channel. With nearly 40% of marketing spend now allocated to digital, Kinnect’s deep expertise in marketing technology will further fortify our digital experience in India.

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Kinnect boasts a dynamic team of professionals with a proven track record of delivering truly personalized digital experiences for some of the world’s most renowned brands. By augmenting our group’s digital capabilities at the intersection of creativity, consultancy, production, and operational services across our vast network, we are poised to make a lasting impact and foster unparalleled growth for our clients.”

Rohan Mehta, CEO of FCBKinnect, took this opportunity to embark on the success the new group looks to achieve. Rohan said that he is proud of what Kinnect has achieved in the last eleven years, and its inclusion in global brands like FCB and IPG will only bring more success and achievement. Rohan also added that the new partnership will create greater opportunities for its talents and clients as the new group will work with Kinnect’s expertise in digital marketing and FCB’s unmatched creative capabilities.

“After a decade of trailblazing in the industry, we are thrilled to elevate our game to new heights through our partnership with IPG and FCB – a perfect match for our ambitions,” said Chandni Shah, COO of FCBKinnect as she expressed her gratitude and excitement for the partnership.

Source – Exchange4media

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