Features and Advantages of Ruck and Backpack

What do you think about the ruck and backpack? Many people believe that both rucksack and backpack are the same baggage used to carry your belongings. And the others think that they have their significant features and benefits. 

This is why the rucksack vs. backpack debate is going on forever. Now, if you want to know whether there is any difference, stay in this article till the end to learn more about the features and advantages of ruck and backpack.

What Is Ruck?

You can say that a ruck is the bigger version of a backpack. It is more rugged, large, and has more pockets than a backpack. The ruck is more durable because it is made with canvas or cotton waxed, or heavyweight materials.

The term is mostly used for heavy rucksacks soldiers use during military training or in any mission for weeks or months.

What Is Backpack?

Anything you can carry on your back, with two straps on your shoulders, can be referred to as the backpack. In that sense, the kid’s school bag or the bag you carry for your laptop can be called a backpack.

The everyday usable bag is made with premium quality leathers, smaller, and has only a few compartments. But there are also types of backpack that can be used for short trips to the countryside or hiking for a day or two. These backpacks have a hip belt that diverts the bag’s weight evenly from shoulder to hip.

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Features of Backpack and Ruck:

The main feature of a backpack is that it allows you to easily access the things you are carrying, whereas a rucksack is preferable for carrying heavy loads. The other features of them are given below: 

Size and Weight:

The sizes of a backpack can vary with the purposes they are used for. But usually, they are smaller than rucksacks. And since backpacks are not as big as a ruck, they cannot carry heavier weights. 


There are not many dissimilarities in rucks and backpacks regarding durability. Both of them can be used for a long time if good quality material is used and the internal frame is strong enough to support the weight.

In most cases, Nylon (Kodra, Ballistic), Polypropylene, Polyester, Leather, or Canvas is used to make the bags. Recently, manufacturers have been trying to make the bags waterproof, light, and stretchable to carry as much stuff you want while packing. 

But a rucksack is usually more robust because they are made with high-denier nylon or high-weight ballistic fabric as they need to fight extreme weather conditions and heavy load.

Advantages of Backpacks and Rucks:

Rucks and backpacks can be used for several reasons, and both share almost the same advantages. Let’s look at some of them below:


Backpacks have more organized compartments and can carry delicate and sophisticated gears, for example, laptops or cameras, or books for your school, office, short business trips, fishing, hiking, or a day or two. 

Usually, rucks may have one or two compartments for fragile equipment, but there is a large compartment to gather everything in that part most of the time. The military rucks may have few side pockets. 

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Water Resistance:

Although not all the backpacks are resistant to water, most of the rucks are because they are often water-resistant IP tested that ensures the safety of your gears in wet weather. Rucks can be your best option if you go on a long trip for Camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing.


People choose their backpack option according to their purpose of using the bag. No matter where you are carrying your bag, manufacturers always try to make the bag as comfortable as possible with the padded back panel and belts.

Both rucksacks and backpacks contain small belts to support the load. Chest clip, hip belt, sternum straps are added with these bags so that you don’t feel the burden only on your shoulders.


We hope that this article helped you understand the features and advantages of ruck and backpack. Now, you know what you should choose for your next trip.

Keep in mind that rucksacks are used for long outdoor trips or military services, while backpacks are appropriate for short trips, for example, hiking for a day and clicking some photos on the way. 

So before buying a new bag for you, make sure it is made with waterproof material, durable, and has comfortable shoulder straps.


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