Fidelity 7DOG is a financial product suitable for everyone, with high yield, no risk and convenience!

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Company introduction

Fidelity investment which has 72 year history , managing more than $7trillon in customer assets and invests $2.5billion a year in a artificial intelligence, block chain and virtual reality technology. 7 DOGE fidelity has established Fidelity Applied technology center and Fidelity Lab to promote innovation in digital currency .Fidelity invested $180 in bitcoin to participate in mining ,so that it competes with other leading digital currency exchange. With the advent of the internet era in 2012 ,fidelity investment with the drivewealth cooperated and develop the core technology AI. In 2015, in the era of artificial intelligence 7DOGE adopt the advance optimization to achieve the profit.

Fidelity is a fourth largest mutual fund company in the world based in a Boston,Massachusetts USA. Participates in 7DOGE established by many wall street investors group in silicon valley’s such as Fidelity fund and coin base. Partner ininstitutes in japan , Mitsubishi UFJ For example:

7DOGE Registration certificate

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Financial certificate of 7DOGE issued by US treasury department

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Consultant assessment criteria

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Fund sale consultants study the all the methods of the 7DOGE and comprehend the operation mechanism of 7DOGE token. Consultant must complete his/her performance task and must take the responsibility to serve the every member of the group and don’t compromise the quality of a service due to small subscriptions ,and will serve the every investor on the principle of equality.

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If any false and illegal registration or operation is found the salary will be suspended or even expelled from the team .


  • On completing the assessment task you will receive a weekly salary of $50.
  • Additional profit of 1.5% to 3% will be given to the qualified members of the team.
  • On subscriptions of the 7-day fund product ,1% of the subscription amount will be rewarded to consultant every week.
  • Those with tremendous performance will enjoy the right of assistant and offline offices
  • At the end of the year those with extraordinary performance will enjoy the global travel package of worth 1000-10000$ at the beginning of the second year.

Rate of Return on the 7DOGE

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7DOGE Arbitrage fund can be purchased freely and redeem at any point .

  • The rate of return of the Arbitrage fund is between 0.5 to 1.8% per day. The recommended subscription period for the investors is 7_56 days. The longer will be the subscription the investor will get a higher return.
  • Investor can redeem the fund at any time but if fund redeem before the expiry date only fund scan will be redeem and the profit generate within the period will not be received .
  • According to personal needs, you can choose the red type dividend type or the daily minutes.
  • Here, you can choose the daily dividend type.
  • There are 2 days of daily dividends and 7 days of daily dividends.
  • Daily dividend products have different subscription amounts of 100; 7-day sub-funds are based on the amount of the day, and the amount of tickets purchased by investors is different.
  • When the subscribed daily dividend fund-subscription fund quick purchase 6 hours button, after you successfully redeem in the detailed redemption column, you will complete the required in the daily dividend fund.
  • Daily dividend fund products apply for redemption for investors 3 hours in advance
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RISK Free Arbitrage

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7DOGE risk free arbitrage is the practice of buying on the lower priced platform and spelling on the highest priced platform when there is a price difference between the various blockchain asset trading platforms .

For example:

Walmart supermarket sells it at 50 yuan per kilogram, and Amazon supermarket sells it for 45 yuan per kilogram. I buy it from Amazon supermarket, and then sell it in Walmart supermarket to make a profit. This is risk-free arbitrage.

How to register

7DOGE is decentralized digital wallet that holds the digital assets of the users as well as allow them to subscribe to low-risk,high-yield financial products. Its currently features Fidelity funds Al Quantitative Arbitrage fund . When person registers they have to keep their mnemonic (password)through this their assets will not be lose .Never take screenshot of the mnemonic always write on the notepad for more safety.

Registration is completely free, once you complete the registration process, you can contact customer service to apply for the new user benefit of 3USDT.You will earn 1 USDT commissions for each invite .you can invite 5 person .Multiple accounts are highly prohibited.

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The Lucky Draw

Their is another great news when you subscribe to the subscription either 7d,28d,or even 56days a login activate user will be enjoy the 1USDT to 200USDT through lucky draw.


For more information, you can add Fidelity 7DOGE Fund Manager via WhatsApp.




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